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"Breaking Up the Happy Home."


"Breaking Up the Happy Home." Ferndale Wife's Smashing, Campaign. A singular case was heard at Porth Police Court on Thursday, when Ellen Pritchard, a married woman living apart from her husband, was "charged with doing wilful damage to furniture owned by Mrs. Florence Marsh to the extent of E5. Mr. Horatio Phillips appeared for the com- plainant. Mrs. Marsh said that she acted as house- keeper to defendant's husband at Fern- dale. In August last, while witness and her master were absent from the house, defendant entered and completely wrecked a quantity of furniture belonging to her, including three large pictures, mirrors, dinner service, clock, pair of bronzes, and many other small articles. When spoken to, defendant admitted her guilt, and said that she. would smash more next time." Mr. Phillips said that he would not go into further particulars, as divorce pro- ceedings were pending against the defen- dant. Defendant now declared that she smashed the furniture because her own things had been refused her. Inspector Williams gave Mrs. Pritchard a very bad character, and said that most of her time was spent in drinking in public-houses with men. Mr. T. P. Jenkins: You smashed every- thing breakable ? Defendant: Yes, sir; I did. Mr. Jenkins: We have taken your case under consideration, and I believe we are dealing very leniently with vou. You must pay a fine of P-1, including costs and damages. Defendant: ,1 cannot it. I get my living In an honest and respectable way, and I can only just keep myself. Mr. Jenkins: Well, we'll take an un- usual step. We'll reduce, the fine to 1Gs., or ten days' imprisonment. Defendant: I'll take the ten days.


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