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:;{!¡, (i}: :fi: J I J't Terrible Suffering from Bad |i ^Me M j?' Leg.—In Hospital 3 times. Doctors said Amputation was *W38i00^I!'? f j\l~j\" the only Hope, but Zam-Buk IpP^ <?■ !'? ( | Healed and Saved the Limb. IGHTEEN years ago," said Mrs. Toole, of 4, Orford St., sP "E Porthill, Staffs., to a Crewe Chronicle" reporter, "my legs became very painful and the veins much inflamed. Ulcers WBr formed on my right leg and one sore spread to another until my leg from knee to foot was a mass of discharging ulcers. W "Adoctor gave me ointment and lotions, and I afterwards tried all jfjjslp^ kinds of ordinary preparations but my leg got so bad that I went f llpSF int<? ^ie infirmary. After lying on my back for weeks in the I —s "!Wff 1 infirmary,undergoing special treatment, I was allowed to go home. I ^§f) jS%> I When I got home I was put straight to be.d, and after another 1 jBr J private doctor had attended me without any good result, I was | n 5]p I taken back to the infirmary. I had further special treatment, and B V I waa then sent home again, but in a little while I was back in the B J infirmary a third time. I was told that mortification had set in, and B "y that my only hope was to have the limb taken off. I was taken home Bt^V almost broken-hearted and haunted by the fear of amputation. "I* occurred to me that as I had often heard of Zam-Buk *"—^ I should at least give that bairn a trial before consenting to the proposed operation. I smeared Zam-Buk all over the mcers, and that night I slept for the first time for many weary weeks. Slowly l 8u/eIy checked the disease, the mortified and discoloured tissue was cleared away, and new healthy flesh was made to grow. The great holes in my closed up and were then covered with a new flesh and skin, until the limb was completely built up again." rin Zcjm'SuJi- to? renowned cure for cuts, bruises, burns, scalds, piles, ulcers, eczema, ETEU C K? f S 7nfHl' £ n?' i^SerinQ sores, abscesses, pimples and spring rashes, is prepared onlybythu £ iL a S r £ s g~ Co-> an(l soId by chemists at i// £ S/9, or 4/6 a box. Direct at same B [3u k Co., 45, Co, Pt'lces from the Zam.lJuk Co.. 45, Cow Cross St1'eet, London. E,O" A free sample wiil be sent to anyone who sends this coupon and rd. stamp (for to the Co" Grek Leeds. J April 3rd, IOOH. I J -="====-=.=.=:=:=:_=:=-==-=-=-

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