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Special Value in Groceries and Provisions- AT K! & THE CASH GROCERS, CAERPHILLY CHEESE, good vAlue PINEAPPLE CHUNKS, small sixe' from 5.d. per Ib., whole 3d per Tin. from 5.d. per Ib., whole 0 3d per Tin. BUTTER, the iinest ti.e World pro- Best Cuts WILTSHIRE BACON, 10d duces.deiicious favour, per Ib. reiib. Splendid BACON from 7?d. per Ib. NEW LAID EGGS 1-per dozen. TEA, SPLENDID VALUE at. 12 NEW APRICOTS, large Tins, 6?d. pe:. ib. ???' OUR TEA at 1/3 per Ib. is unequalled TOMATOES, small size, 3d. per Tin. at the price. .Notetheaddress: § ?7 ? ? D?F?c?e? St., To?yp??dy ? The Ninth Annual Chaii."II Eisteddf:c:rd WiIIbehe!dat GaSE N, Blaenclydaolt Good Friday, April 9th, 1909 Adjudictors of Music—D ROBERTS. Esq., L.T.S C., Bargoed, J. T. JONES, Esq. DowMs Adjudica.tor ofVioliu Solo3-HERBEHf WARE. Esq., A.C.V., Tonypundy. Adjudicator of Literature—Rev. J. DYFNALLT U\VEN, Pontypridd. Adjudicator of Bread-Mrs. SHEPPARD, GeUi.Ystrad.' Adjudicators of Fancy Work—Mrs. TOM THOMAS, 44, Thomas Street, Tonvpandy, and Miss M. J .EVAN8, Ernlyn Cottage, Wern Street, Clydach Vale. Accompanists—D. R. James, Esq., Penygraij', and Gwilym Davies, Esq., Tonypandy. CHIEF CHORAL—"Ar lan lorddonen Ddofn (Deep Jordan's Bank I Tread (Gabriel). Prize -EIO and Silver Cup, value jEi Is. Od. to successful conductor (given by Mr Kinstiey, JeweIIer.Tonypandv). JUVENILE CHOIRS—"Awn yn miaen" (On v.'e go) (Rhedyuog Price). Prize £3 and an Umbrella, value 6/11 to successful conductor (given by Mr. D. Melvil!e Davies, Hatter and Hosier, BIaenciydach). PRYDDEST-(Chwe'ugamHineII). Gwol)r -.Cl lls 6d a Chadair Hardd(rhoddediggan Mr. Tom Rhys, Cambrian Furnishing Co., Dunraven Street, Tonypandy), Also Juveuue and Adult Solos, Uuetts, Instrumental Sotos, Essay, Recitations, Englyn ;,]](1 Fancy Work and Bread Competitions. For fa)l particulars see Programmes, post free nd., from Secretaries, W.J. Htighes, 33, Thomas Street, Tonypandy, And Enoch Jones, 7, North Terrace, Biaencfy dach. 4650 33rd Annual Eisteddfod! Will be held on Good Fi-iday,AprH9bh, 1909, at BALEM BAPTIST CHAPEL. H&ntwit Vardre President-The Ria;ht Ron urable Lewis Morg'm (Lord hyor of Oa.rdift). Conductor—Rev. T. Richa.r'ds, Llantwit Vardre. Adjudicator of T. Esq, L of Literature- Prof. T.'D. Edwards. A.R'.C.M.forth. ''° CHIEF CHORAL—"Ar Ja.n lorddonen ddofn" (Deep Jcrdan'" Ba.nk), (T. G .tbnel); prizo .ES, and 10/- to the nnsucceS3fu! conduetor, JUVENILE CHOtH'S-"Ga.wn m fyn'd i'r nef i ganu (ShaH we go to heaven's bright ITansiotis), pri7.j £3, and 5/ to unsuccessful cond i¡ctor. .lsG 3uh'3tantin.l priZ28 for 80103, e. Secre?a.ry. (H., p.?t/Ud.), John Hu?he?, Ton?e'j: Gbm, THE SEVE\r£tNrH ANNUAL EX T DD JF Wh¡tTucsday, Jw-¡e 1st) 'i3C'9.' CHIEF ITEMS: :Ltle nJi nitnU111 "The DestrucLion of Gaza." Pnze. Second Priza?n. Mixed Choirs. minimuLn 40 Yf Ha.f'' (G. Gwent) £iO andGotdMedai. 3u nJíje UIDie (own selectioJI), £5. Action8öng (own Solos, £1 Handsome Prizes fer Recit-atiopg. Programmes ]"d, each, post free, from the Secret J. THOMAS, Mdwin, L!anh;tra,a. 4713 Eisteddfod Week at Ahergavenny. THE STEDDfOD Easter !J. !)Pl: 1 '12thJ C"vç Æ"l;.l. A. ,t: GORSEL'D CEREMONY Nme Chora.i Con-!) C', ORCHE:.STRAL & BAf¡JD CONTESTS Vocal, h'1f,Í,'rU!}1'ØntaJ and Triple HarrJ Sol;) !¡f1usic C{)m!Josition a.nd NurtJerJ.us LliteraÙ.re and Art Tes£'s. CHAIRING OF THE BARB' Band of Ve;)h Harpists. ANOTHER BATTLE OF THE GIANTS; Over SOChou'.s and Bands entered. Splendid FETE Attractions.! Grand Displays of Fh'eworks 0,vebh Devic.ja). V FNn. !N\UGUi?Arj CONG'?E?S, EASTS? WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY, Imluding' P?griinag-ea to C.?rshua.nawc'a To'nb a,nd LJanover Hall. o-,i of WE.LSE CONCERT. BANQUET, &c. E.H. JAO&?ON Absri?veMY, ?720 D ? W?! L!4?S a.? e A < j& e ? ? & s.? ?-? t <. A t. ? A ??? a and PubHc Auditor, BRYN GELLI HOUSE, AND LLOYDS BANK CHAMBERS, TONY.PANDY. Tr3.de"!uen'8 A.coouuts written up, BfJ&Qced, orAndited. 3' Afa.;ig3tapat, an.d o* f'r,rpertie;¡ lIe:otj ],Ù Ba,uk:.aptcy a.'id'Pi'obate of 'WU! Accounts Prepared '9'j''a,o9. Hauae asd E"te Ren: CoitMtt'd. '!RJ cr- BETHANIA, FORTH. TIlE SECOND ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD Will be l1eld at the above Chapel on EASTER TUESDAY, APRIL 13th, 1909- CHfEFITEMS..6s.d. MALE YOIOR On the Ramparts (Silnti:.) 15 0 0 Minimum of 50 voices MJXEUVOIOKS: "Y Gwanwyn" (Nu!ier). 500 Minimum, 35 voices. JUVKK{LE CHOIRS (J\vnSe!fCMon) 300 CHAMPION SOLO (Own Selection) 2 2 0 Duett 25" 8010s and 21s, each. Novice Solo, 10s 6d. Essays and Letters, ate. GRAND OHtLDREN'S PROGRAMME Alusic, Dan Esq" and J.T. Jones, E-'q.L'R.A.M., TreoTcby. Recitations, and Rev, R. 8, B.A., Mountain Programmes can be from the Id each, by pGst 1kd Mr W;, H. JOHN'' 6-2, Bir?hg;ûve, Forth, and Mr JOHN DAVISS65;Bir.g'<-ove,Porth.. 166.; -_n_ Ch!s'aa., Ea¡.thenwa-e, and 6d. Bazaa Goods. TeM, 9/8; Breakfast,, 2/- Plates, 4:L Dincar Plates, I/; Fluted Teas, 1/3, AU other Goods as Clle J.p. Senti of saiii pie, £4 Shorthouse and Co" China and garthenWlIre Manufacêurers, Chan- cery Lane, or South Wales Warehouse, 39 and 4]!, Westgate St,reet, Cardie (Opposite 'the Qc'nercd Po,t Lists free. c21j89

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