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Labour Topics,

St. Patr ck's Day in London.

Eozema on Chest and Face.

Presentation at Porth.I

------I Eisteddfod Week at…


I Eisteddfod Week at Aber. gavenny. Unprecedented Programme. Never before in the history of the Abergavenny Eisteddfodau has a more complete and startling programme been prepared than the one now nearing com- pletion for Easter Monday next. From the outset this year, the com- mittee were determined to produce a pro- gramme and conduct their proceedings in strict accordance with eisteddfodic ideals and traditions and the requirements of progress, with the result that the pre- liminary programme is the most complete and represents the highest standard of efficiency ever reached bv any provincial gathering. The proceedings of Easter Monday will commence with a Gorsedd ceremony in the morning in the historic grounds of Abergavenny Castle, from which a pro- cession will be formed to the eisteddfod hall, in which several Lord Mayors and Mayors will take part, with the Bards of the Cymreigyddion y Fenni and other notabilities. The programme will com- mence in the eisteddfod hall at 10 a.m., mence in the eisteddfod hall at 10 a.m., under the presidency of the Mayor of Abergavenny (Alderman W. Williams) in the morning, and that of Major-General Sir Ivor Herbert, C.B., C.M.G., M.P., of Llanarth, in the afternoon. There are nine choral competitions, orchestral and band contests, numerous vocal and instru- mental solos, including the triple harp, the chairing of the bard, in which several bards will take part, and several recita- tion, literature and art competitions. Over 60 entries have been received in the choral and band competitions, including the most famous organisations from all parts of England and Wales, from Liver- pool in the North to Portsmouth in the South, and there is no doubt that many of the competitions will be veritable I battles of the giantsi. Another important attraction, and one that has not taken place at any eisteddfod since the early meetings of the Cymreigyddion y Fenni^ is that a band of triple harpists has been arranged by Mrs. Gruffydd-Richards, of Llanover, to take part in the afternoon opening and during the chairing ceremony, and play Welsh airs on the national instrument of Wales in the true Welsh style. A splendid fete programme has been arranged at the Castle, together with dis- plays^ of fireworks during the afternoon and at night, when special Welsh designs will be introduced. The Inaugural Congress! of the Cymreig- yddion v Fenni will also be held on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Easter-week, when many celebrated bards will deliver lectures on many important I national subjects, including The Original Development and Influence of Bardism," The Cymreigyddion y Fenni and Its Work," "The Evolution of Welsh Charac- teristics and Ideals," The Welsh Cele- brities of the Neighbourhood of Aber- gavenny," "Suggestions of Remedial Measures to Stem the Tide of Anglicism in Welsh Towns," The Influence of Industrial Conditions: on the Character of Welshmen during the last Century," and An Appeal for the Revival of the I Nationality of Wales, Its Language, Literature, Arts and Industries." There will also be pilgrimages to Carnhuanawc's tomb and Llanover Hall, a Welsh banquet, and on the Wednesday evening a Wel-sit concert by Madame Hughes-Thomas' Welsh Ladies' Choir, the band of triple harpists, Mrs. Gruffydd-Richards, and a Welsh Glee Party. These meetings will be of great importance and give a deep inspiration to the national life of Wales.

Funeral of Mr. J. G. Morgan,…



--Temperance Meetings at Treorchy.


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