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St. Patr ck's Day in London.

Eozema on Chest and Face.


Eozema on Chest and Face. SPRING PIMPLES AND BURNING SORES BANISHED BY ZAM-BUK. An experience by no means uncommon at this season was related by Miss Lena Sandham, of Queen's Square, Lancaster, a well-known local singer, to the Lancaster Observer." Some time ago," said the young lady, my skin became rough and small red pimples came on my face and chest. The pimples were so irritable that I could not help scratching them, with the result that they rapidly increased in number and size, especially on my cliest, and were 80 painful that I could not sleep. In fact, I became quite ill and went to the doctor, who told me I was suffering from eczema. I used his ointment and medicine for some time without avail. The eczema continued to spread, and ni/tle eruptions were repeatedly breaking out. Naturally, with my face and neck so badly disfigured, I kept indoors a great deal, and the consequent lack of fresh air, coupled with my daily sufferings, pulled me down and made me unfit for any work. I greatly feared that the obstinate eczema would spread to other parts of my body. Fortunately, I read of Zam-Buk's great success in curing obsti- nate skin-diseases such as mine. A trial of the balm soon convinced me that it was no ordinary preparation. After only a few applications of Zam-Buk. there was a distinct improvement in the condition of my skin. The awful irritation was ended, and I now got plenty of sleep, which I needed badly. For washing I used only Zam-Buk Medicinal Soap, which seemed the light thing for a skin like mine. I persevered with the regular appli- cations of the balm, and in a little while longer all the horrid eruptions and eores were cleared away from my chest, neck, and face. My skin has ever since kept beautifully soft and clear." The first signs of Spring, skin-sickness are now showing themselves in unpleasant pimples, blotches, and irritating rashes. Eczema, as in Miss Sandham's case, frequently develops from a trifling skin eruption, and obstinate ulcers have often been born in a simple pimple; but if Zam-Buk is now applied to the skin these disfigurements will be avoided. Zam-Buk is entirely free from rancid animal fats, oils, and coarse mineral poisons, and the fact of its being; kept handy in every up-to-date home is conclusive proof of its unique merit.

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