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.d>.: Glamorgan County Council


--Dr. Tribe andhis Traducers

The Coming Elections,


Meeting in Ward 6.


Meeting in Ward 6. Labour Candidate Throws Down Gauntlet. A meeting to further the candidature of Mr. William John, who is a candidate for the vacant seat in Ward 6 at the forthcoming Council election, took place on Tuesday evening at the Trealaw Boys' School. Mr. Mark Harcombe occupied the chair. At the outset, the Chairman read a telegram flom Mr, D. Watfts Morgan stating that that gentleman had missed the train and would be unable to be pre- sent, but he wished the candidate every success. Mr. Harcombe said that the meeting was being held in the interests of Labour. The lights: of the labouring class should be made known in every sphere of government. All questions con- cerning the working classes were very important, and they should know where they were standing. The time had come, he said, when their own kith and kin should be on the public bodies. He realised that great opposition had to be fought _ro against. Touching on Council matters, he spoke on officials drawing huge salaries from three or four sources, and urged that, if economy was to be practised, it should start at the right end. Mr. W. John, the candidate then addressed the meeting. He said that out of the three representatives in that Ward there was not one whom could be claimed as a Labour representative. They were not of the labouring class. Right along the annals of history, said the candidate, a certain class had been looking after No. 1. Why was the Labour cause so backward? Was it not because they had allowed themselves to be dominated by others? It was time that they should rise up and claim their rights, and if they did not do so, they had no one to blame but themselves. A chance had again come along. They had laid hold of two chances before that, but had not suc- ceeded. ''But," said Mr. John, "there are three tries for a Welshman," and if they were only united in this third chance, he had no doubt that Labour would be triumphant. He advocated the adoption of the Housing Act, and spoke on over- crowding in the Rhoiidda. The Un- employment Act and the Children's Feed- ing Act were" also spoken on by the can- didate. The Rev. J. Nicholas then spoke, and in a very enthusiastic address upheld the principles of the candidate. He dwelt at length on the recent report of the Auditor, and reading extracts from the Rhondda Leader," the rev. gentleman said that everyone ought to feel thankful to that paper for bringing the report before the public. He also denounced the excessive rate of pay given to officials when sent out of the locality on special business, and considered that 13s. 6d. per half-day when at PontyDiicld was very exorbitant. He advised all present to do their best for the candidate, and to speak to their fellow-workmen and enlist their support1. At the close of the addresses, questions were submitted to the candidate and answered.


.d>.: Glamorgan County Council