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.d>.: Glamorgan County Council


--Dr. Tribe andhis Traducers

The Coming Elections,


Meeting in Ward 6.


.d>.: Glamorgan County Council


Alderman E. H. Davies, in acknow- ledging the confidence reposed in him, said that every person connected with taxation and finances was always open to criticism. He, personally, always invited and never objected to criticism, provided that it was fair and with the intention of finding out the inequalities that prevailed in connection with the administration of county business. GROSS: AND RATEABLE! VALUE. The Assessment Committee considered the returns that have been returned from the several Union Assessment Committees of the methods by which they are guided in making deductions from the rents to ascertain the gross estimated rentals of various tenements, and of the further deductions made to arrive at the rateable values. They found that these varied considerably between the Unions', and further, that in applying the same rules to parishes where the rates varied materially, very unequal results were obtained. This Committee, or the County Council which they represent, are powerless to enforce any system on Union Assessment Committees. Whenever a new County Rate basis for the whole of the county is undertaken by order of the County Council, uniformity of procedure would be adopted in preparing it, but even then it may quite possibly" not be adopted by some of the Union Committees for their own purposes in some or all of their parishes, and thus inequalities of treat- ment would remain. The Committee did not think the pre- sent time opportune for undertaking either to form a new basis for the County Rate as model, or to attempt to persuade Union Assessment Committees to revise their valuation lists on a uniform system, inasmuch as the Government has announced their intention to introduce into Parliament a measure for establish- ing a uniform valuation of property for all purposes, and the Royal Commission on the Poor Law has recommended reforms that would undoubtedly involve ) the abolition of the Union Assessment Committee as at present existing. It can, therefore, be hardly expected that these bodies, whilst such proposals are pending, would undertake the considerable trouble involved in altering the system they have hitherto worked upon. The County Rate Basis, as revised, will be as follows;- Unions. Rateable Value. Increase. Bridgend and Cow- bridge £ 461,779 £11,766 Cardiff 678,820 13,950 Gower 63,112 1,602 Merthyr 342,968 1,132 Neath 394,305 9,877 Pontardawe 97,471 1,816 Pontypridd 1,264,787 110,608 Swansea. 120,311 4,285 Decrease Llanelly 25,200 649 £ 3,448,753 — Nett Increase £ 154,387 Minor reductions were made -from the above in some parishes at the annual meeting.