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.d>.: Glamorgan County Council


.d> Glamorgan County Council Annual Meeting, Vicious Charges Against Aid. E. H. Davies, J P. Assessment Committee Chair- man Vindicated The statutory meeting of the Glamorgan S;0Unty Council was held on Thursday, 18th inst.. at the Town Hall, Ponty- rndd. Alderman R. Lewis, J.P.. moved the Selection of Councillor J. Blandy Jenkins, J.P., to the chairmanship of the Council, R. post which that gentleman has held 'll" dignity for the past- fifteen years, j Councillor Robert Forrest, J.P., secon- "ecl the motion, which was carried unani- mously. Co Councillor Jenkins, after taking the air, reminded the Council that he was getting very old, and might not be able o carry or.' WOrk for more than one year. ..Alderman E. H. Davies, J.P., proposed of Alderman T. J. Hughes .y.V'ce-cliairman for the ensuing: year, and j|lst w»s seconded by Alderman W. Wgan, J.P.. and unanimously carried. Aiderman T. J. Hughes acknowledged e honour the. Council had done him for ninth, time. nl* J?8-. v*«ous Committees were then re- nted and agreed to. OPPOSITION TO BILLS. oll the motion of the Chairman, it was n jlllniou.s.Iy agreed to oppose the Ponty- P-i Waterworks Company's Bill, Cardiff n Bill, and Llynfi Valley Gas cos+6i' £ .^°nfirination) Bill, and that the tlia'r? Opposing should be borne out of bounty Fund and County Rate. GRANTS TO AGRICULTURE. T \r ^'Committee. consisting of Dr. Cn,,r' nMori-is. Alderman J. Morgan and Con#1 Forrest, were appointed to C *jth Principal Griffiths, of the arrQ University, in regard to making cLi ail' as to the allocation of a vj f from the Agricultural Board, with of t° deducting these from the sum in r~, agreed to be paid to the college 6sPeot of courses in agriculture. NEW COUNTY BUILDINGS. »r ^nh-Coi i mittee dealing with the are] County Offices reported that the of ects had submitted a revised sketch ei&ht e'e.Tation of the hall to be raised ieell inches above the level specified is ftif- c°nditionis of the completion, which to co-st £ 50.000 or more. lIs Was agreed to. ^LICIOCS ALLEGATIONS REFUTED. r Ovfti. Vlew the attack made upon tlie alleiSeierS of Ystradyfodwg Parish for ftai-r6 under-rating of their parish, and J p lc^arly upon Alderman E1. H. Davies, As«'' Chairman of the Pontypridd Union w Committee, and also Ohair<- BiiH tite' Countv Rate Assessment Com- tin interest centred in the deli hera- Hn County Assessment Committee the allegations referred to them, at HT,? lnsti;gation of Alderman Davies and } Sp T. Griffiths, J.P., and other over- ri^ of the above parish. W 16 County Rate Assessment Conimit- W of County Councillor F. •shiVu l'^ (High Sheriff of Glamorgan- 4e,i%r lTman ,JA J?';dari (assistant lC4r' T F,vU,l0tK c Howell, D. T fy ETva™> County Councillors JOIK-Tet J A £ ms' C Sibbering and una'itrn; 6 ,C?un,cal Office, Cardiff, report'. — <nuved at the following, A 4- March t1, meeting of the Council last «U<1 r-* t'*ie_^valuat:on of the Bridg- ,vard frv- ?UCiPe ^!uon was brought for- 8eer V Assistant Over- ■i heferA +1 1{",Kiyi0^vg was permitted to lay of ex.iie t-ouncil certain alleged instances Pavid, r-°5?r under-valuations in the had stradyfodwg. The Committee Ovei-^ a reP°i't of the Ystradyfodwg ^alnnf;e!s 011 these allegations of under- stat»r.1051f' anc^ finds that in all cases the {'rQ ^nts made were without foundation, ^ll 1, tnc circumstances in which these 0VJptions were made by the Assistant tlle' See,r of Liaii.dyfodwg it is plain that I c-ior, Were not oniy unrounded, but mali- I tL+S"the Committee thinks it right I the *•" !t- of their investigation of [ h].0l1 statements should be as publicly iTipuP -1 before the Council as the state- l shouri themselves, which they regret | r,1 have been permitted to be made." i He ^'nc:1Wor Hop kin Morgan, Neath, said ^I'riJ18! Vei'y pleased to note the conclusions lw„ ec' HI, by the Assessment Committee, 0V U,S6 reflections had been cast upon the s of Ystradyfodwg Parish and the (Au mari °-f the Assessment Committee rinan 1^- Davies, J.P.) at the last 0rll^al meeting by the Assistant Overseer Ajlajidyfoclwg, the accuracy of which i ^'derrruu! there and then challenged I ..emphatically. It was all the more | of added Mr. Morgan, in view Aid great and valuable work that Davies had clone, for the county MtlC°Unw*t*ou with inequalities of rating he ^,ut fear or 'favour of criticism, and that, the Council express its cWr 1 a^ous that the matter had been Ai,j 11P so satisfactory (hear, hear). kn6fr e,^man Morgan Williams said he ^rrivpi t no otlier conclusions could, be iia(]B aritl added tnai tne attacK verv unfair, and no doubt hy mischievous intentions the A); eii-' colleague. He was glad that Vttan- w^'° was doing so much that }> G!"ei'ent ways, had lived to prove hear) 6 VVas right and unshaken (bear, ."r ( ] "el1ki ) 1" U'1l1an (Councillor J. Blandy /served that nobody for a *tian T\ c.a^puted the integrity of Alder- Al i Vle^- §veat eiflait Jordan, stated that he had thp, in noting that the finding e cha- Cr:lm''tt(,B was unanimously that ^tualV- vVore not only unfounded, but Ij '^alioioits, and that Alderman lpoueh •V^es' character, as everyone 7lriOU^. expected, emerged unscathed ^,n -.Ued in the discharge of his a- which they all recognised \e'at and valuable to the county 'l'h-) Ilear). Cf)Vrigcj of the Committee was acclamation.


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.d>.: Glamorgan County Council