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* The Girl who Lost her Character'…

" Pirates of Penzance."

Palace, Porth.


Palace, Porth. The Seven Eccentrics, a troupe of ex- ceptionally clever and varied dancers, are accorded a hearty welcome to the Palace this week, and are greatly applauded. Caban's French Circus, a turn introducing some well-trained ponies, form a very interesting item and display evidences of much patience and study by Mr Caban, Massona, the great comedy juggler, is a veritable master of the art, and unques- tionably one of the finest in that line that have visited this district. Mona Garrick, as an impersonator of charac- ters, is great. The characters imperson- ated are taken from The Bondman," and also from "Faust." Fine horizontal bar performers are Elton and Elma, who are accorded great applause. Georgina Leno, the daughter of the late Dan Leno, is very artistic and charming. Oliver Conroy, the comedian, is fine, and is re- sponsible for considerable mirth and ap- plause. Hughes and Elliott, vocalists and dancers, who are also exceedingly clever —their dancing especially so—are also heartily appreciated. The Palascope pic- tures are, as usual, well up-to-date.


Opera House, Treherbert.

Cardiff Empire.



Miss Hook of Holland.


Refuge Assurance Co.

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