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Rhondda Place Names.


Rhondda Place Names. Ynysoedd y Rhondda. Ynys. This word enters1 largely into Celtic place-names, and possesses a peculiar tenacity and wide interpretation and wide application. It discloses to us a phase of the mind of the Celt and the manner he was able to apply a word to a. tract of land similar in character to one which bore the primary meaning of the word. In its strict physical sense it means an island" n piece of land sur- rounded by water, as, for instance, Ynys Mon, Ynys Manaw, Ynys Prydain, Ynys yr la, Ynys Enlli, &c. v When applied to tracts alongside a river it means a quasi-island, or rather, a flat meadow near a, liver, or partly sur- rounded by a river; and it is in this sense it i.s generally found in Welsh place- names. Every valley and its river' have their ynysoedd. Occasionally it may mean land along the sea-coast, as Moel Ynys, Ynys Cyn- felyn, Ynys Las; and in the Bible the word is found to mean a dwelling-place or habitation in contradistinction to waste land, water, seas and rivers, as the following quotations will show:—11 Mi a wnaf y mynvddoedd a'r brynian yn ddiffaethweh, 'a'u holl wellt a wywaf; ac a wnaf yr afonydd yn ynysoedd, a'r llynnoedd a sycliaf" (Esaiah xlii. 15). "Efefl wareda ynys y diniwed" (tir) (Job xxii: 30). The inhabitants of Tyrus are dwellers of an "ynys." Cf. Esaiah xxiiii. 2, 3. Generally speaking, the word ynys is a river-meadow, and in the rest of this article the word meadow will be used alone. In the Rhondda, there are several I of these:—Ynysyfeio or Ynysfeio, Ynys- y.en;, Ynysfach, X'ilynys, Ynysgou, Ynys- yfelin, Ynysonos, Ynys Cwmbwll, Ynyshir, Yr Ynys, and Ynysgrig. The word is equivalent to "inch" in Scotland, as Inchcolm—the island of St. Columba; inis, innis, or ennis in Ireland, as Enniskillen and Ennismore (Ynys 1 s mawr). Ynys governs the soft mutation when the following word is an adjective, as — Ynys bach—Ynysfach. Ynys du-Yjivsddu. Ynys. llwyd—Ynyslwyd. Ynys gwen—Ynyswen. This tells us that it is of the feminine gender (cf., yr yii37s lion). But if the following word is a noun, then it governs the radical, as Ynystawe, YllYS Mon, Ynys Manaw.

Ynysoedd y Rhondda.




Ynysoedd y Rhondda.