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Ton=Pentre Police Court. y ,M?nday-—Before Mr. T. P. Jenkine \cha-iiTnan), Alderman Richard Lewis, J. IX Williams and Mr. Enoch Diaries. THEFT OF TOWELLING AT TRE- HERBERT. Benj. Hitchins, collier, Treherhert, was charged with stealing a roll of towelling, Value 7s., the property of John Powell, draper, Bute Street, Treherbert. .Louise Parry, an assistant at the Coun- cil School, Treherbert, said that when she saw defendant taking the towel from a aIl outside prosecutor's shop, witness Conned prosecutor. Maud Hopkins, an assistant at the S" £ P, said that she caught prisoner about 3- hundred yards from the shop, with the towelling under his arm. When asked to Return it, he declared that he had bought the roll. Defendant at the Court, admitted the offence, and a fine of El was imposed. SERIOUS CHARGE AGAINST PENTRE HAULIER, Joseph Thomas, collfery haulier, Pentre, charged with doing grievous bodily «arm to his sister, Mary )dwards, widow, Llewellyn Street, Pentre. Irene Edwards (14) said that she lived With, her mother, grandmother and-pri- soner, the latter being her* uncle. On Saturday night, 27th February; she went jo bed about 11.30, accompanied by her wttle sister, aged 8, and her grand- mother. About three hours later witness neard her mother calling her by name, ^4 when witness got to the foot of the stairs, she saw her mother on the floor and prisoner standing over her in a fight- attitude. Witness' grandmother, who followed downstairs, igot nrisoner away. Later in the day, witness saw that her Mother's head was very red and swolen, I alid there was a lump on the right side. Witness added that she had heard her Uucle threatening to kill her mother Several times. Prisoner said that he did not remember striking his/ sister at all. She falls from ",er feet without touching her," he de- clared. Supt. Cole asked for a week's remand, a the woman was in a very serious con- dition. Prisoner applied to be released on bail, frut Supt. Cole said that he objected to as prisoner had threatened his sister ny times, and had even beaten her since the offence he was now charged With- had been committed. A few months |@o he was ordered two months' hard ^oour for beating his sister. Mr. T. P. Jenkins (to prisoner) Bail IS out of the question. You will be Te.Inanded for a, week. ¡ DECAMPED WITH HIS MATE'S PAY. Wm. Thomos, collier, Mardy, was charged with embezzling £6 Os. 8d., the Monies of F. Haggett, collier, employed at Locket's Merthyr Colliery. Prisoner had been entrusted with prosecutor's pay- ticket, and having received the cash, Went to Bristol, where he was arrested. Prisoner, who acknowledged the offence, Was sentenced to two months' hard labour. MATRMONIAL INTERLUDES. Wm. Henry Squires, collier, T'reher- .txJ.rt, was summoned by his wife for per- sistent cruelty. Mr. M. 1. Walters, soli- citor, Treherbert, appeared for com- plainant, and Mr. Jenkins (of Messrs. aUt^ Pontypridd) +« that she was married nine years ago, and there Ufi11 en the marriage. Defen- tba+ r three months ago, and since toward11116!, only contributed £ 2 5s. "er maintenance. Detailing wi+vf cruelty on her husband's part, that her whole married life ~een rather unhappy. He knocked I about badly, and one night before he eryh r' a^ter they, had gone to bed, he got out, and going into his trousers ?° sa^d he would cut off her head, .that man did in Abertridwr," On another occasion he said that he would put her head on the mantelpiece clock &nd arrange her hair to fall down on each side of the timepiece. Complainant attri- buted her husband's conduct to the influ- ence of his and declared that was quite willing to return to him if would get away from his family. Complainant was subjected to a very severe cross-examination at the hands of Mr. Jenkins. She vigorously denied that she and her husband had lived a very happy life until she took to drink. She also denied that she had been seen in the public street in a semi-nude condition, and had to be carried in to hei* own house by her brother, or that she had been in the habit of selling coal to get drfnk. After corroborative evidence had been given by neighbours as to certain marks upon complainant's face, # which they attributed to defendant's violence, defen- dant stepped into the witness-box and gave evidence on his own behalf. He said that he lived very happily with his wife until about eighteen months ago, when she took to drink. After that it was his common experience to come home from work and find her drunk, and utterly unable to prepare his meals. On the day she left him, she was drunk, and after he had prepared his own and chil- dren's food, she disappeared. e Questioned with regard to the incident when he was alleged to have gone to his trousers pocket and threaten to cut off her head, defendant caused roars of laughter by declaring that these were the sort of things she saw when in booze." Mr. T. P. Jenkins said that the Bench were perfectly satisfied the woman was of drunken habits, and the husband's threats were perhaps directed more to frighten her than anything else. She was not a proper mother; she neglected her children, and the Bench thought it advis- able that the two elder "children should be given to the custody of the father. He, however, did not think it proper to take the baby out of her charge. Under the circumstances he would not make a separation order, but he would order defendant to pay 7s. 6d. a week towards the maintenance of his wife and child. DRUNKS. Wm. Edwards, Gilfach Goch, 15s. David Lewis, Llwynypia, 10s. Mary Ann Da vies, Trealaw, 5s. Wm. Farr, Blaenclydach, 10s.

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