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NATURE is a powerful mistress, but she is a merci- ful one. If you violate her laws, she will punish you; but have recourse to her again, and she will reinstate you. Some- times Nature is violated involuntarily. We cannot always lead the life which would please us; our occupations will not always allow it. Some men have to work in places where the life-giving air which Nature has given us is robbed of a large proportion of its most vital component- Oxygen. When this is so, the blood becomes impoverished, and disease germs, which are ever present in the air, step in and cause innumerable ills. Languor and Lassitude take the place of Health and Vitality, and life is robbed of its sweetest blessing—good vital health. Nature has been violated in the struggle for existence. How is it possible to regain that lost Vitality? You must return to Nature for the remedy. Herbs are man's Natural Remedy, and to them you must have recourse. They are inexpensive and reliable, and quite harmless, which is more than can be said of most of the advertised patent medicines of to-day. I will send a packet of herbs composed of Sarsaparilla. Tarabaci, Sasafras, Burdock and Liquoaise, proportionately mixed and enough to make three pints of excellent blood medicine, post free with instructions for 1/6. Female Herbs, composed of Pennyroyal, Southern- wood, Mugwort, Tanacetum and Ruta- graseoleue, 1/6 per packet, post free. Only address: — PROF. DEAKIN, Herbalist, 4266 Swansea.



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