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Ninn Years' Torturø! r'^Uk' Gz-avel and Rheumatism Entirely Cured by Madame Reinecke, The Herb King's Daughter. 'V,. .——— ■—— ,«* £ > „ y Passed Blood Not •*• Blood Poisoned Thumb Cured ''$(■■&'m Fainted Away with Agonising Pain. £ 100 REWARD (still deposited with Lloyds Bank) will 1 JJ jj be given to any person or persons who can prove 1 alii??. „ „^1L *«<• 'J the contrary. Madame REINECKE, Daughter of the Famous Herb King. TESTIMONIALS. 105, Jones Street, Blaenclydach, 2. Anderson Terrace, March 19th, 1909. j To.,ynanJy, To MADA.w^KwsrgKE^IUuuinEE OF.T11E March 9tli, 1809. Dear Madame,—For close upon nine years I have been a To MADAME REISECKK, DAUGHTER OF THE sufferer from Gravel, Chronic Rheumatism and Dyspepsia. FAMOUS HERD KING. first started with Gravel, suffering terrible pains in the groin, and Dear Madame,—I write this Testimonial to thank you for the instead of water I passed blood. My appetite was completely grand cure you have made of my daughter's blood poisoned thumb, gone, and the pains in my Back, Chest and Stomach were almost ) it started from a small cut on,the end ofithe thumb, which swelled unbearable. I could not rest,_ and was obliged to stay at home 0Ufc to such a very large size, the bone being fractured. She ex- as much as three weeks at a time. 1 got so low spirited that [ perienced tremendous pain, and every now and then fainted away. almost wished the Almighty would take me away. I tried several Day and night she could not sleep for it. She could not attend to doctors and remedies, but without gaining any benefit. I came her work, and was obliged to stay home for about five weeks. to you after reading of one of your marvellous cures about two _<\t last I brought her to see yon, and she obtained relief and months ago, and I felt wonderfully better before I had even taken ease from the very first time she started with your treatment. half of the first bottle of medicine. I came to you on the Friday, I think in all she only had two bottles of medicine and two boxes and I was able to go to work on the following Monday, and I of ointment. Your treatment has done her the world of good, have not lost a day since. I only had three bottles of medicine, her thnmbbeillg cured within three weeks. I am very pleased and one bottle of liniment before I was thoroughly cured. If I with your treatment, and could not wish to have it done better. an do you any good in return, I shall only be too glad to do so. ns I caii assure you that you have done me a world of good, and I faithfully ^ave great confidence in you. • Yours gratefully,—THOMAS PHILLIPS. I Mrs. PRICE. John J. Reinecke, Botanic Specialist, Pandy Square, Tonypandy. Caution to all SufFerers. Almost every day I have sufferers come to me for treatment who bitterly complain of being taken in by market quacks. They have b;en fleeced of a good sum of money ranging from £ 5 to £ 10 (and even more) and derived not the slightest benefit. I caution all sufferers to beware of these quacks and their curatives which are chiefly soap pills and coloured sv eetened or bittered water Man always apes his superiors, and these people are no exception. Some of the women dress up in nurses' fashion, and some of the men don top hats and frock coats imitating the medical profession. Ask yourselves, If a man or woman could really cure you, would they stand in public markets, squares, etc shouting themselves hoarse trying to foist worthless concoctions on the British public ? I, myself, stand entirely OIl my own marifc. and I am always to be found at my place in Pandy Square. I don't charge fabulous sums, but my price is from 2]- per bottle, according to the nature and state of the case, and a sing e trial of one bottle of my medicine will give you sufficient proof of the virtue of my Herbal mixtures, which are made from the fiaest medicinal herbs, roots and barks in their green state herb juices- and not made of dry, withered, old herbs, roots and barks, which are useless. Remember I don t come to see you on Pay Saturdays only, like some of the market quacks, but I am iu Tonypandy all the year through T r Yours faithfully,—J. J. REINECKE. The Ninth Annual Chair Eisteddfod Will be held at GOSEN, Blaenclydaoh Good Friday, April 9th, 1909 Adiudictors of Music—D. ROBERTS, Esq., L.T.S.C., Bargoed, J. T. JONES, Esa. Dowlais Adjudicator of Violin Solos—HERBERT WARE. Esq., A.C.V., Tony\ianuy. Adjudicator of Literature—Rev. J. DYFNALLT OWEN, Pontypridd. Adjudicator of Bread-Mrs. SHEPPAIiD, Gelli, Ystrad, Adjudicators of Fancy Work-Mrs. TOM THOMAS, 44, Thomas Street, Tonypandy, and Miss M. J .EVANS, Emlyn Cottage, Wern Street, Clydach Vale. Accompanists—D. R. James, Esq., Penygraig, and Gwilym Davies, Esq., Tonypandy. CHIEF CHORAL—"Ar lan -Iorddonen Ddofn (Deep Jordan's Bank I Tread (Gabriel)- Prize £10 and Silver Cup, value J61 Is. Od. to successful conductor (given by Mr. Kinstley, Jeweller, Tonypandy).. JUVENILE CHOIRS—"Awn yn mlaen" (On we go) (Rhedynog Price). Prize 23 and an Umbrella, value 6/11 to successful conductor (given by Mr. D. Melville Davies, Hatter and Hosier, Blaenclydach). 1. PRYDDEST-(Cliwe' tigain Ilinell). Gwobr f.1 11s 6d a Chadair Hardd (rhoddedig gan Mr. Tom Rhys, Cambrian Furnishing Co., Dunraven Street, Tonypandy), Also Juvenile and Adult Solos, Duetts, Instrumental Solos, Essay, Recitations, Englyn and Fancy Work and Bread Competitions. For full particulars see Programmes, post free 1 id., from Secretaries, W. J. Hughes, 33, Thomas Street, Tonypandy, and Enoch Jones, 7, North Terrace, Blaencly dach. 46;)0 I Briqg in your old Bicycle! TO jvap) BLENKINSOP'S. > We can make it better than new by OVERHAULING, REPAIRING, RE-PLATING, RE- 9 v ENAMELLING and Fitting with RBI BRAKES, COASTER or VARIABLE A SPEED GEAR. < V 1 U- This work cost-i little, and will make your old cycle a more perfect vehicle of 0 pleasure than ever before, enabling you to ride easily up all hills, and more > speedily everywhere. Now is the time to carry out this work before the riding I season opens. II RE-ENAMELLING from 7s. 6d. Rhondda Cycle Works, Ystrad <" PENTRE BRANCH: 32, LLEWELLYN STREET, PEN TRL 4709 | 0 Notice to Hotel Keepers, Householders and Dealers. i# Great; SALE lay Public Auction. Linoleum, Rags, Blankets, Sheets, Lace, Curtains, Furniture, Marble Clocks, Sheffield Cutlery, Boots, Shoes Dinner, Tea, and Toilet Sets, Clock Sets Fine Art China of all kinds Genuine Oilpaintings, by well-known Artists Over 500 Gold and Silver Watches, consigned from some of the best Pawnbrokers also a few English made Pianos. A Guaranteed Receipt given in writing with every lot sold as Gold and Silver, to prove that the Goods sold at this Sale are Genuine This is undoubtedly the finest Stock of High-class Goods ever shoAvn in Wales. IL. U. C. "W'ILSON, Auctioneer Valuer Will SELL by AUCTION the whole Stock of the Largest Bankrupt and Job ot Buyers of Lordosis, at DAMIXIS SALE RGGSV1, Tonypandy, To-Night at 6, and evesry even'm^ '•: LAST FEW WEEKS *™™,F3R r- GREAT BARGAINS will be SOLD TO SAVE RE-PACKING & CARRIAGE. No Reasonable Offer Refused! All Goods must be Cleared. Grand Opportunity for those about to furnish. A visit will repay you. Trams pass the door. 33rd Annual Eisteddfod Will be held on Good Friday, April 9th, 1909, at 8ALEM BAPTIST CHAPEL, Llantwit Vardre Preaiilent-The Bisj'it Honourable Lewis Morgan. (Lord Mayor of Cardifl) Conductor—Rav. T. Richxrds, Llantwit Vardre. Adjudicator of M isic—J. T. Jones, Esq L R A.M., Treorchy. Adjudicator of Literature- Rev. J. Edwards, B.A., Ynysybwl. Accompanist- Prof. T. D. Edwards, A.R.C.M., Porth. CHIEF CHORAL—"Ar Ian lorddonen ddofu" (Deep Jordan's Bank), (T. Gabriel); prizo P-8, and 10 ti the unsuccessful conductor. JUVENILE CHOIRS—" Gawn ni fyn'd i'r net i ganu "(Shall we go to heaven's bright Mansions), (John Hughes): priz-j Z3. and 5/ to unsuccessful conductor. Also substantial prizes for Solos, etc. Programmes and particulars to be obtained from the Secretary (Id., potit, lid.), John Hughes, Tontesf, Llantwit Vardre, Ulam. 4023 BETHANIA, PORTH. THE SECOND ANNUAL. EISTEDDFOD Will be held at the above Chapel on EASTER TUESDAY. APKIL 13th, 1909. CHIEF ITEMS £ s. d. MALE VOIC; On the Itainparts (Stintio) 16 0 0 Minimum of 50 voices MIXED VOICES Y Gwaiiwyn 11 (Muller). 5 0 0 Minimum. 35 voices. JUVKNILE CHOIRS (Own Selection) 3 0 0 CHAMPION SOLO (Own Selection) 2 2 0 Duett. 25s. Solos and Recitations, 21s. each. Novice Solo, 10s '6d. Essays and Letters, etc. GRAND CHILDREN'S PROGRAMME Adjudicators Music, DAXI Davies. ESQ., Merthyr, ADD J. T. Jones, Esq, L.R.A.M., Treorehy. Recitations, Essays and Letters, Rev, R. S. Koge-s, B.A., Mountain Ash. Programmes can be obtained from the Secretaries, 1d each, by post 1 Jd Mr W. H. JOHN. 62, Birchgrove, Porth, and Mr JOHN DAVIES 65, Birehgrove, Porth. 4662 A Boon to Mothers. r MOTHERS ARE WARNED IE D against giving their babies me cines which weaken their system* and stultify their growth. But don't try to stop their JPa.ixi.fuLl Cries by forcing them with food. Tbeir crie indicate ailments which can be rapidly ly relieved and cured by JONES' 1 Red Drops THE HEALTHFUL REMEDY FOR Wind, Gripes, Convulsions. and all kindred infantile complaints. ItSiT One dose decides its unique value, g ensures healthful babies, and enables 1 Mothers to have <juiet days and restful jf g Mothers to have quiet days and restful jf g nights. B Keep a Bottle Handy. 1/11 per bottle g 2 I To be had from the following Agents— B Pontypridd—from all Cheiuists. j| Po.-th—Mr. D. W. Davies, Chemist. H Porch—Mewrs. Davies Brothers, Chemists. ji Porth—1T. Divies, Bridge Pharmacy. § To.-iyp.indy—J. I'avies, Chemist. Dunraven St. 1 Tonypandy—Mr. Emrys Richards, Chemist-, |I If'enyaraig—Mr. Lloyd, Chemist. fi Llw.vnypia—Mr. J. W. Richards, Chemist. 8 Ystrad'—Mr S. S. James, Royal Stores. S Ystrad—Mr. David George,' Cheiulst, B Treo'chy—Mr. Prothero, Chemist. n Tre- rehy—Mr. Davies. Chanisfc. g Treherbert—Mr. Evans, Chemist. B Ferndile—Mr. BnrgewrChenrat. | Ynyshir— Mr. Lewis, Chemist. H Ystr"ci.Mr S. S. James, Royal Sto, d3. S Ystmd-Mr. David George,' Cheiulst, B Treo'chy—Mr. Prothero, Chemist. n Tre- rehy—Mr. Davies. Chanisfc. g Treherbert—Mr. Evans, Chemist. B Ferndile—Mr. BnrgewrChenrat. | Ynyshir— Mr. Lewis, Chemist. H Tviort0wn-Mr. Williams, Chemist., jl and from Chemists all over South Wales. H If you fail to get it send 1/3 StampJ to the |l Proprietors for a bottle, post free. B JONES & SONS, I Manufacturing Chemists, I LLANIDLOES, MONT. 4587 I


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