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.. The Coming Struggle.

J -..-----------Wheezy Coughs.


Wheezy Coughs. V Clu'ónio-Asthma cured by S LIGHTNING COUGH CURE. 1\{ ve Alfred Harrould, of 64, London <Vr-hout + i oi'tsmouth, writes: — Alter', aIi y,ears ago I contracted ? ^ad to o-i" ma' and I got so bad that +?v*ral d<wILUp r?y AYork- 1 went to remedy Kn+tried evei*y adver- ^°d- Then51 triAeri^d no permanent °%h Cure and J! .Yeno Lightning found tint +i 6 n a ^air trial, and i bad n A coushmg was nothing ■LVe,r. I^nK, now I am as well as )}0UtSe, t keep a. bottle in the e a r»^i i • that one dose only will ^y family >> 111 any of t^Le niembers of i for Cough Cure can be 'e,"el'YWhe:. 9!d., Is. Hd., and 2s. 9d.

Freaks of Nature-

Treherbert Nursing Association.


Ton=Pentpe Police Court. -

New Hospital for Upper Rhondda.