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.. The Coming Struggle.


The Coming Struggle. Socialism and the Workers. Wealth the Reward of Laziness. Comrade Gee, of Northamoton (Parlia- mentary Socialist candidate for Ashton- ynder-Lyne), addressed a meeting at the •Theatre Royal Tonypandy, on Sunday flight, on Socialism and the Class Struggle." Mr. Noali Recs, Clydacli Vale, presided. The speaker said he did not think there was ever a time in the history of the Socialist movement when so much spurious rubbish was disseminated as there was now. They had reached a. stage "Of .development which was extremely ■critical for the movement. The country was scoured with adventurers, who would make them believe that Socialism, instead ?? being a militant system making for the complete destruction of capitalism, Was a big Co-operative Society or Band Hope. Socialism was a science, and, "ke other sciences, it was a scientific form materialism. It was useless to try to humbug themselves that there was no *o°m in the English mind for materialism. was essential, when postulating truths, ,"e.as clear and as possible, if in their future researches after truth it was necessary to undermine outidations which had hitherto been °oked upon■ as sacred and inviolable, they not to shrink or fall back, but press ,u b°Wly. As a matter of fact, they now new that the earth was not made by a uPern3tural Creator, but was the pro- ject of a long series of evolutionary ,in early periods from a mass of th ?' ^u-the course of time they had 6 planetary system, which was now the i °'r|,er °f tire astronomic world. Thanks an i r'es ^arw'n> they now knew that imals and plants were not made by a pernatural agency, but that the father wh l! or £ an*° matter was the substance l°h .modern science taught as the iiomic basis of all animal life. roceeding to deal with the evolution s^ety, the speaker said that when the came together to constitute society, aiift+1 came, no't because they loved one tie 1pr' because of the stern necessi- wi+v 0 the material problem of existence tyi.- ^v'ucli they were face to face, and In r*1 comPeHed them to come together. Und )11S<^Uencxv of being brought together t]l6 er .C1.rcuinstancos of black ad versity, 71 "P""t of comradeship evolved itself. had + ,ered from the comradeship they the • a-Y i" that it was genuine. In CQniit was not competitive but c°mrr!Un-St-c' anc^ the members of these ind' uiustic colonies could not understand dijj ^^lisni at all. The forms of society Were, °i c.°me into existence because they Hltin but as a consequence of of development. The new forms of gH i'X were based on the new modes life ac'*cing nature for the necessaries of Peonl8! were superior to the old forms. Qew r t° adapt themselves to these to a„'ornis. and the penalty for failing death themselves was always! continued the speaker, could not lut:a .socialist without being a Revo- ^l^nst. Socialism had no< meaning it was revolutionary Socialism. It •of the reform of the present system Win!°Clety t^iey ?° mi,ch required as the as away of it. The most ridiculous, as the most ciiminal, mistake ^ficw o/f Wias reflls;e to preach the on .struggle, and Socialism was based that there was a class ti-c evolutionary Socialists Jere, consequently, to the limine SocS J&t a,s margarine was to hn+W i _}t was stated there wis wwl' J 6,1 it exhibited that the mo-n w i <J™^le & statement <uide,-sto™M t er^'n S r ch 5 S ift king^ betw /)etw'een Republicans ^twewi Tn!' ■J'rolies and heretics, I>i"ot««+' 1(:>s aiK^ liberals, or between »»d Tma«5rSS the <<T a"(1 Labour. between the « llf ii V liave nothings," and .^alfh an^ (1° nothings." All "health the reward of industrv. wwas the reward of laziness. It Saineri Ie nermanentlv unemployed who Was nK, and the man who worked <lesti'+„+^ays i" a state of poverty and ^°Urs f' The masters reduced the i<3ea /I labour. not because they had any i benefiting the workmen bv so "that a • because thev had found out pW.- I'f 00 was being produced which was ^•s • 1,11 ft to carry out that which }e.<ison 2?11:e4 it- Tliev had learnt the less ,ia 1t was better to give a little nn.ej) 1,1 order to> have better work- have more work out of him. had to goi by the board. Tlieir phiji„ ^,</re 110t in Germany, Russia. i.°r ^'het, but here, and thev would thft ° fight shoulder to shoulder with this °rkmen of the world over against (cli-3O0'rxUel and unjust capitalistic system "-el'8l)..

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