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Welsh Topics.

Y Parch. O. R. Owen, Lerpwl.




------Musical Success at Tonypandy.


Letters to the Editor.




— *> «> *» *> ■■ -» j Revolution in the Furniture Trade < i] ■' ► f ] > I SPECIAL SALES by Public Auction j i! By Mr. LEWIS FINE at the | COLISEUM AUCTION MART, Tonypandy J k ■ Mr. XiEiariS FINE2 j, > Has reoeived a consignment of ■; j !•HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE 1 > j « CONSISTING OF > I 50 Bedroom Suites in Oak, Walnut, Black and Satin Walnut, and Mahogany. 100 Black and Brass Bedsteads, Feather Beds and Millpuff Beds, < Spring and other Mattresses, Straw PaJiasses in all sizes. > Dining Room Suites in Leather, Saddlebag and Velvet. 4 feet and J 5 feet Sideboards. Solid Oak and Walnut Extending Diningroom ¡ Tables in 5, 6 & 8 feet. Handsome Drawingroom Suites. Black, I Chippendale and other Cabinets, Chippendale and other Over- i mantles. Black & Brass Kerbs, Fenders, Brasses and Fireirons. I 12 Pianos by well-known makers, Hall Stands, Kitchen Tables, Chairs, Arm Chairs, Leather Couches and Sofas, Large Chests of • Drawers, Carpets and Rugs. Other Goods too numerous to mention, making the Largest and most Complete Stock of Furniture in the Valley. YOU MAY VIEW THE GOODS DAILY FROM 9 a.m. <1 Note the Address-The COLISEUM AUCTION MART (back of Cross Keys). Old Brewery Buildings, Eleanor Street, TONYPANDY. 1, t Sales to commence on SATURDAYS at 7 p.m. MONDAYS, z.-o and 7 p m J Private Sales all the Week. 1 I 4 — k » ir 1 i Good Fruit for the Table. Indifferent fruit is valueless. Good fruit is invaluable to health. 1 The wise housewife cair always be cer- I tain of getting the best fruit if she buys from us. W. ROSSER, Fruiterer j (Late Hopwood & Co.), Pandy Square, TONYPANDY. COAL! COAL Best Steam Coal delivered to any address 91 per ton. Half Ton, 10/6. Charles Roderick, 5, Victoria Street, TREALAW. COAL YARD-Behind Hopkin Morgan's Bake- house, Trealaw. 4665 Dr. Barker's Pills FOR FEMALES. The best remedy for Aenemia, Giddiness, j Nervousness, Depression, Hysteria, and all similar disorders peculiar to ladies. Full directions with each box, 113 and 2/9 post free. A better medicine cannot be obtained. g- THE BARKER MEDICINE Co. WHOESALE AGENT: W. JENKINS, M.P.S. Dispensing Chemist, 92, Llewellyn St., PENTRE, Glam FERNDALE GENERAL JJ OSPITAL AND EYE JNFIRMARY Patients admitted fiee on recommendation of the Governors .004 CTm «<u. TTTi" VT? V r» A VI ps. A. 1 THE LARGEST STOCK^IEST VALUE s Piafaoa froq_^5t__Uraaiv» 1 S" J. BRADER & SONS. 1I I I I ■*• £ &■ 9.WIND STRICT, SWANSEA.) | I g J I Stndkrm>"tnl*l Cteky** j I i -*a-Si r low 19, r mm mm mm mw mw -mm mm- mm y' 'die MONTI[)$ It's a fact that crowds ara Ir T±H3 I profiting In pocket and satisfaction JmL <i jtfjWu/ Ai I y and securing the most sensational value jSfijSSrr gtfaQ t PLATE, CUTLERY,' Etc., MARKED PRICES I Alr. R. POWEIL, of BaUan- STOCK. TAKING trae, Ayr, writes:- 11 25 years ago I "TheTamou^™ 1 SALE. bought an Acme' J >0: "ACME" It still In ^50,000deth I fjl J"" 2>ooo"oooinuesre- Ring 1™* 1 the most perfect the crowds who havei „ I 4 Reai Diamonds, j /».. Watch at the put cashjn their pocket through j and ? Fjne Stones jMPy-.y 1 /TttPIm^ V price human skill the SALE, CALL MOW I "ft has ever pro- ALL PRICES PLAINLY HARKED! iW» SAMUgl^PS 7, St [FJII a r y Street, CAROIFFE W One Bottle Relieves when all Remedies Fail. PPDRVI O The New Ei CLllU I La\^j Discovery. Avoid the dangers of STARVATION Treatment and Operation. Save Expense, Risk and Suffering. Mixture, 2/9. rositive-y cures Dyspepsia, Gastritis, Stomach Catairh and Ulcerated Stomach. Used at Castles, Mansions, Courts, and Nursing Institutions. TABLETS, loilid., 1,111 1 2/9. The Unfailing Cure for Indigpstion, Constipation, Billiousness. Sick Headache. Liver and Nerve Complaints. Speedily removes Wind and that Giddy, Swimn-ing and Falling Senkation. Letters as follows daily come to hand:—A Rev. Gentleman from Pontypcol, writes January 27th, 1909 Enclosed please find 2/9 for further bottle of Eerbylo. Glad to say I feel much better after taking first bottle." Sold by Messrs. Bt-OTd, Cash Chemist: DAVID GEORGE, Chemist, Bute Street, Treherbert; or any Chemist or Stores or direct from Proprietors—BRITISH MEDICINE Co.. Laboratory, 70, Walter Road, Swansea. FREE-Samples, Pamphlet R, and Still Diet LSst-Enclose Id. stamp. PIANOFORTES. The Sole Agency for Cardiff and district for The World's Greatest Makers. BECHSTEIN. BROAD WOOD, BLUTHNER, SCHIEDMAYER, STECK. NEUMEYER, WALDEMAR, PIANOLA-PIANOS & EOLIANS, IS HELD BY R. J. MEA TH & SONS, Cardiff, Pontypridd, Penarth, and Port Talbot. Who also Stock Pianos by BRINSMEAD, COLLARD, KIRKMAN, STEINWAY, IBAGH, RITMULLER, &c., from 15 Guineas Cash, or 10 6 monthly. JRGANS by MASON & HAMLIN, BELL, DOMINION, &c., &c. tledui.ed Instalments, Special Oiscounts. Nat. Tel. Cardiff 01199 Pontypridd 20 150

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