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Y Parch. O. R. Owen, Lerpwl.




AN ARMY MARCHES ON ITS STOMACH. This is (ne of the great- Napoleon's picturesque sayings. He meant that a soldier, to be effective, reliable, must be fed properly, and able to digest his rations. His remark applies1 to every man, woman and child in every-day life. If the organs, nerves, muscles, of your body are to work properly they must be fully nourished. And it is not merely what you eat that nourishes, but what you digest. Indigestion weakens your system, fills: your blood with impurities, and renders you liable to all iii,-Awiier of diseases. You grow dull, weak, and ailing, work of any kind becomes a, task, and life itself a burden. Take Mother Seigel's Syrup. It restores stomach, liver and bowels tOI natural activity,enSlutres perfect digestion, per- fect nourishment, and therefore perfect health. Mr. J. S. Morton, of 233, Lymington Avenue, Lordship Lane, N., writing; on June 17th, 1908, says 'ilie, pain I suffered after eating was unbearable, and the bilious attacks increased so much, and were so bad while they lasted, that my sight was affected, and things became blurred and confused. I was advised to try Mother Seigel's Syrup, and before I had taken half of the second bottle, the pain after eating had left me. The con- tinued use of this medicine- steadily im- proved my health until my ailments com- pletely left me. Indigestion is now no more to me than a painful memory." Mother Seigel's Syrup is now also prepared in Tablet form, and sold under the name of Mother Seigel's Syrup Tablets. Price 2/9 per bottle. One Size only.


------Musical Success at Tonypandy.


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