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Meeting of Ratepayers at Treorchy.


Man's Relation to the Unseen.

Refuge Assurance Company,…


Refuge Assurance Company, Ltd. The annual report and balance sheet of the above company fol- the yoalr eiidiiig December 31st, 1908, which appears in oiir column#' this week, must,. for all- round excellence, be admitted to be the best ever issued by this progressive insti- tution. The year 1908 was one of almost un- paralleled depression in the commercial world, and thousands of families must have have suffered intensely through the lack of labour throughout the country; yet notwithstanding such serious and deter- rent iiifltieiiees-factor,,3 which are so hostile to the work of the life assurance representatives—the "Refuge" manage- ment are able to report the large increase of £ 127,129 0s. 7d. in the premium in- come as compared with the premium income of the preceding year, and thus producing an aggregate premium income of £ 2,467,169 7s. 6d. Our readers will undoubtedly be interested to know that the total revenue for the year amounted to L2,677,078 17s. 8d. These figures con- stitute in themselves most unassailable testimony as to the great popularity of the "Refuge," and this is further sup- ported by the fact that 3,397,202 policies were actually in force on 31st December last. On turning to the credit side of the balance sheet it is ii-iipossible to trully appreciate the great comfort which must have been secured to vast numbers of families by the large sums paid in claims. Under this head in the year just ter- minated the sum of £ 1,043,076 17s. 5d. was paid away, giving a grand total of £ 12,199,898 7s. 6d. during the history of the Company. These figures speak for themselves, and do not can for further comment. Now after providing for all the various items of outgo, the total additions to the Life Assurance Fund for the year amounted to P,645,785 Ilsf., the aggregate funds thus amounting to zC6,180,294 6s. As a, result of the Company's up-to-date practice of instituting annual valuations, the actuary reported a surplus of £ 400,833 6s. after providing for all liabilities. For a number of years the Company has been in. the position of declaring a bonus of P-1 10s. per cent. on the sum assured—a splendid rate—and this has been maintained on the present occasion. And what is of inestimable importance in connection with this matter, the reserve or contingency fund has been substan- tially augmented and virtually guarantees the maintenance of this handsome rate. We cannot do better than adduce the following statistics as affording an indi- cation of the remarkable development of this Company:—1898: Premium income, £ 1,188,936 15s. 7|d. funds, tl,391,205 18s. 4d. 1908: premium income, £ 2,467,169 7s. 5d. funds, 96,180,294 6s. This Company paid over E63,000 in claims in South Wales alone last year, and made an increase of income in the division of over £ 21,000, thife showing its popularity in the Principality. Further information can be obtained at any of the local offices: -Tonynandv. 26. Ely Street—Mr. E. Jones, superin- dent. Treorchy 74, Stewart Street—Mr. E. Thomas, superintendent. Trealaw: 276, Brithweunydd Road—Mr. J. Wil- liams, superintendent. Perth: R-osedale Villa, Fairfield Terrace—Mr. T. Perrott superintendent; and 9, Tynewydd Crescent—Mr. J. H. Lewis, suipermten- dent. Ferndale: 13, New Villas, North Street—Mr. W. J. Evans, superintendent.

Mid-Rhondda Orpheus Glee .Party.

-'The Blind Man of Judah'

[No title]

.,-;./,' From Socialism to…

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