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Mid-Rhondda Musings.

,Treherbert Tags.


Treherbert Tags. Lent'' was strictly observed at Tre- herbert last week, and many people look the better for fasting. Yet, some have been borrowing" this week. rti. natural that they should want to have hack what they" lent." Still, we have a large number of "erring" and sinful "souls." This sounds a bit fishy, but maybe we could find more "cod" about our "niaice" than anything eLse. It makes our hearts hake." A branch of Lloyds Bank has been established in Bute Street, and two of our shops seem to be doing exceptionally good business. At any rate, they have the bank between them. A certain young chap is very much alive to his own importance lately because he is the proud owner of a watch. He no doubt has the time of his life. Let us trust he will always find it a going article. -+-, At one of our draper shops in Bute Street there is a clearance sale, and the placards in the window, read: No reasonable offer refused." Does this apply to the young ladies, behind the counter? 'Treherbert N.U. were much tlie bettei* team against Badry on Saturday. A draw seems altogether the wrong result. The last ten minutes of the game was fairly exciting and Treherbert had very hard luck. Many Treherbert enthusiasts declare that Barry ought to have been more successful in kicking penalty goals, but that there must have been to much dough on the ball. The field was dry, therefore whence came the dough ? Barry ? ? A rather heated discussion took place at Treherbert lately as to the mental superiority of the East over the West. One sided the question by saying that the wise men came from the East. Why, that is the wisest thing they could do." The leek seemed to have died out from what was seen of it last Monday. To be up to date, many Rhondda P.T..s wore cabbage leaves instead. But high- class opinion says, "They are idiots!" Their motto is below. --+-- Then be not coy but use your time, And while ye may go marry, For having lost but once your prime, Ye may for ever tarry. -Herrick. The above comes in their study. They have learned it with a vengeance.

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