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Mid-Rhondda Musings.


Mid-Rhondda Musings. The District Council elections are fast drawing upon us, and already we hear the distant sound of the ratepayers' artillery. Chief among the battle-cries this year will be the Government Auditor's Report upon the District Council doings during 1907. The publication ofl this report has aroused a tremendous feeling in the dis- trict, and meeting of various bodies have already been held to consider it. Its contents were discussed at the meet- ing of the Mid-Rhondda Chamber of Trade on Tuesday night, but as that body did not possess the actual report, the j subject was dropped pending its obtain- ing. -'+-- A Dinaa correspondent, who has an un- due amount of cynicism in his nature, infornis us that the big drum politicians or the Trades Council are on the war- path, and that they are marching on inas. with the intention, of robbing its inhabitants of its local representation. He advises these bold fellows to see to their armour that it is bullet-proof as l/masites are Itnown to be sharpshooters, and the spoil they clamour for will not be easily taken Now that we have published our corree- i*>ndent3 warning, we trust that the Irades Council will pay heed to the advice. We would dare anything our- selves rather than raise the gorge of a single Dinasite. The same correspondent writes us of a 6hpmthlS,columllSOI,ll,e time ago. He declares that Missioner Davidson's fight- ing propensities were displayed on Din as Bridge, and that there are no dark streets at Dinas except at the time the Rhondda Council's gas is burning. For which information, much thanks. Yours is a burning wit, friend. But have a care. Much less things have pro- v-oked war and stripped nations of their glory. --+-- A correspondent sends us the following •' Will there be any taxes on the Williams Memorial Hall, Trealaw; if so, who will be responsible? I Wondrous cuteness. Will the ground landlord, who is the donor of the build- ing, charge ground rent, and who will he charge it upon ? It is an interesting problem, and we pass it on to our readers. Here is another cracker. "If it takes a tramcar half a second to get off the lines near Trinity Chapel, Tonypandy, herbert! UP ^re~ If our readers find this rather difficult i they may probably get some M; from those members of the werft ;+n^a Orpheus Glee Society who tion insW^ hatching the car in ques- n lllsd of attending practice. A there our responsibility ends. We Cry hands off this week, at any rate. Pentre Pellets. A Pentre young lady has spent some time in word-playing; for instance, she has tried to find a pair of words like widow and widower, but the only valu- able result is this: Can Ruth become a Ruther ? If so, she will be happy ever afterwards. The WeMi vocabulary of many a young Welshman was increased after Tuesday's meeting. It yas fortunate that ESnglish versions were printed and mixed up with Welsh ones. One person was heard to remark that he had heard much about « The Italka Salad/' but it was not on the menu card. -+- Oonsnmpiion has been termed the white plague. Medical science has made great advance in the last few years towards the elimination of this fell disease. Perhaps this aocounts for the long life of a particular joke about the consumptive lady's chance of going to a better world. -r> Wex with "The Little Jieauty y) which has recently been the subject of judicial enquiries; we have previously noticed her wandering ways etreete01S7 traveIli"3 aIonS our main Now that recruiting for the Tfrriers is active, is it possible for our genial major to be promoted ? He would have been Field Marshal long ago if he had lived in Holland, which is famous for "dykes."

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