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IT PAYS YOU jfer to buy your Furniture direct from m the Manufacturer! f If it's VALUE for MONEY you seek Ujft The Value WE give is unique! W A walk round our Store 3]J Will convince you far more Than mere words can.-Please call in this week r Deal with the Actual Makers—The R.F.C.—and save pounds i £ j ffi. Wholesale Prices to Cash Buyers Easy Payments to suit all incomes Jrji Mfc Goods delivered Free in Private Vans. IP D The ROATH Furnishing Co. | jRh IAFF STREET (opposite Penuel Chapel), PONTYPRIDD, ALSO AT High St., Bargoed & Church St., Abertillery. Headquarters: 42, City Road, Cardiff. Gross Brothers, Ltd. LAST WEEK OF SALE FURTHER REDUCTION OF ALL ODDMENTS 15 per cent. allowed on all Gash Purchases. THE CARDIFF IRONMONGERS, 3 & 4, ST. MARY STREET "1 ,¡' I' I' 7 ll Would you like U9 f 11 I I to introduce you to J J II I I New Customers? If If I We can do to in a lure and certain way. Our offer is hit, 5 BB ■ II you are prepared to consider them. we will submit to you 9^^ flB free of cost, designs of advertisements which are belter than |H M any you can obtain from any other source and equal in every H ■ respect to the advertisements used by the large national advertisers We will submit IH H these to you in type, ready (or use. illustrated or not. as you may wish. These H| ■ designs are prepared for us. at great expense by an expert London Organization. they H are the worvof the best designers and copy writers of the day. We are doing this fl| ■ because we want to prove-to you that advertising does pay when the detigA it mads wJB»V to aitcb the eye of the public and the copy written to convinco i!<BS!)r H f.' .O¡. I W TotheMMtterot H c«i iflU Coupfle ovf utd Bvodii in THE RHONDDA LEADER. t I ■j 18 u — >l'» well: ■ ww £ '«• J Please submit to me. free of cost, advertisement dnig&i suitable t» H| advertise my business Without ptacing myself under any obligation I j shall be pleased to consider your eropoui I :i. Addrew t T- >' ■ ■' :f ■ « EMIGRATION AGENCY, Messrs. W. THOMAS & SONS at the TOWN HALL CHAMBERS' PONTYPRIDD, are AGENTS FOR ALL THE PRINCIPAL STEAM SHIP LINES to America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Lowest Fares Apply personally or by letter. The Bristol United Furnishing Company, Complete House Furnishers. °Ur f\T] D Don't Terms \J U XX Hesitate! crldH Special Line P'a0Z*™r t„:rslst Leather SUITES w"cha™- ottered c-c2 19s. 6d, or In Terms the Trade. SEEIMfi IS BELIEVING. Arranged. NOTE THE ADDRESS The Bristol United Furnishing Co., 34, Pandy Squ; re. TONYPANDY. ¡ Send Post Card for Catalogue. 48 That Cough. At any time a cough or cold is a bad > companion, and there are always some I after effects, no matter how slight, that are damaging to the body; for just as > the constant dripping of water wears < away the hardest stone, so in time .will coughs and colds undermine the strong- 1 est constitutions. | Don't trifle with a cough or cold any ( < longer, but take DA VIES COUGH LINCTUS, I which is a palatable pharmaceutical I preparation, and owes its largely in- 1 creasing sales to its sterling worth. i It removes coughs and cures colds in I a short time, does away with that con- i tinual handkerchief use, huskiness of the throat, removes phlegm, and I strengthens the chest. Its price is 1/1 J, post free. 1 Bit E. DAVIES, 2 Chemist, Treorehy. 4653 a A Profitable lnvestnleqt Means favourable results, combined with security. Tosn&,qtR »r you know, aiwdys mfJm ii tt BOX of ii tt BOX of KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS first, because-they are worth more than face value, and secondly, because the yield in impioved health and bonny looks amply repays the first outlay many times over. Thousands have proved this, and always recommend them for Headaches, Dizziness, Indigestion, Liver and Kidney Troubles. Sold by all Chemists and Stores in nd" Is. l £ d., and 2s. 9d. boxes. Ask for .P Kernick's Vegetable Pills, and see that you get them. Theatre Royal, Tonypaqdy 011 Sunday, Feb. 28. WM. GEE (Socialist Parliamentary Candidate for Aehton- u er-Lyne) Will deliver 'he tenth of the Marxian Club Lectures. Subject Socialism AND THE Class Struggle Chair to be t kenLt 7.30 p.m. by Mr. Will ohn, L'wy ypia. ADMISSION FREE QUESTIONS & DISCUSSION INVITED. Rhondda Young Wales Liberal and Labour League. A BANQUET To celebrate St. David's Day Will be held under the auspices of the above League, at the WORKMEN'S HALL, Ton-Pentre, On < ning, March 1st. Chief Guests. W. LLEWELYN WILLIAMS, Eeq., M.P. W. ABRAHAM, Esq. (Mabon), M.P. Tickets, 34.6,1. each, can be obtained f om the Sees., Messrs. R. T. WILLIAMS, I, Arthur Street, Yscrarl, and W. J. JOXBS, 87, Ystrad Road, tnt>e. The Proceeding will be National, but strictly Non-i'o itical. 4693 Setchfield & Sons Saleroom-HAYS BUILDINGS, The Mayes, Cardiff I MESSRS A. S'ETCHFIELD & SONS 1 sell by Auction at the above address on Mondays and Thursdays at 2 t).m., and Saturdays at 7 p m. large assortment of useful Household urnitu" sold nt. each S I IH. which are removed fron. various reside c^^ f 11.) a OHM Nat 45.-s


Children's Concerts at < Penygraig.


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