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Foresters Flourish at Aberaman.


Foresters Flourish at Aberaman. Saturday last was a great day in con- nection with the Court Bailey and the Court Duffryn Cynon of the Ancient Order of Foresters both of which have their headquarters at the Griffin Inn, Aberaman. An idea of the present posi- tIon of the Courts may be judged from the following statistics: Court Bailey: Accumulated funds, over < £ 1,000- receipts in contributions for 1909, < £ 80sick pay (1909), = £ 27; funeral allowance, nil. Duffryn Cynon Court: Accumulated funds, upwards of £ 2,000; contributions received during 1909, = £ 330; sick pay (1809), =6446 17s. 4d.; funeral allowances, £ 50; Both courts are in the Aberdare District of Foresters, the secretary of which is Brother James Phillips, Pleas- ant View. The total funds of the courts in the whole district amount to £ 10,954. They paid out during 1909 zCl,250 in sick pay, and 255 funeral allowance. Saturday s proceedings commenced with a monstre joint demonstration of the two courts. About 60 young girls and boys who are members of the Duffryn Cynon Juveniles Court, attended the pro- cession, which paraded the principal streets. The District Chief Ranger (Bro. W. Harding, Trecynon) was absent owing to illness, as was also Bro. John James Rees, secretary of Court Bailey. The following officers were presentDistrict Sub-Chief Ranger Dd. Rees Jones, Past District Chief Rangers Edwards Howells and Fred Griffin; Brethren Jas. Phillips, dictnct secretary; E, W. Owen and Thos. Prestwood, district trustees; Past Chief Rangers Samuel Jones and John Thomas of the Courts Bailey and Duffryn Cynon respectively; and the following officials of each court: Sub-Chief Ranger George Grant; Mrs. Dd. Jones, secretary of Duffryn Cynon and Victoria (female) Courts; Chief Ranger John Palmer, Sub- Chief Ranger Thomas Price; George Croker, treasurer; J. P. Thomas, E. Howells, Tom Parfitt, and Thos. Lewis, Court trustees. Each one wore his regal- ia of office, while the members wore badges. Selections were given by the Aberaman Silver Band, under the con- ductorship of Mr. Robert S. Howells (Ap Gwynalaw). When the Griffin Inn was reached, a splendid banquet was held, at which a company of 180 were entertained, Host and Hostess Howells catering. At the subsequent convivial meeting the chair was taken by Councillor and Bro. Wm. Thomas, solicitor, ex-High Con- stable of Aberdare. In his opening ad- dress he remarked that he was proud of being a. member of the Duffryn Cynon Court, and was pleased with the success of their joint function that day. His subsequent address dwelt upon ffThe superiority of Friendly Societies over the Workmen's Compensation Act." Bro. John Phillips gave an overture on the pianoforte, and songs were contributed Toy Brethren Rees James, J. G. Jones, D. Price Howells, Geo. Phillips, Dd. Wm. Griffiths, and Councillor D. Jackson Thomas Bros. James Phillips and E. W. Owen, and Bro. Griffen, secretary of Courts Robin Hood and Royal Albert, Aberdare, spoke. After Councillor W. Thomas' departure, Bro. Dd. R. Jones took the chair. A vote of thanks to the chairman, artistes, and accompanist (Mr T. J. Phillips) was passed. The secre- tarial duties were carried out by Bro. Dd. Jones, 5, Pleasant View.

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