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To Combat Non-Unionism

Funeral cf Telynfab Gwalia.

j Not a Welshman.




Royal Pensions Attacked.


Royal Pensions Attacked. Mr Keir Hardie and Queen Alexandra. On Saturday a hundred thousand miners visited Durham for their annual gala, and a mass meeting was addressed by Mr Keir Hardie and others. Mr Keir Hardie, M.P., said when the circumstances altered he ventured to say, in spite of the momentary em. barrassment caused by the Osborne decision, there would arise a greater workers' party. In building up this party they had all the trades unions behind them, and they were bound to .succeed. There was a power growing up which would be greater in maintaining peace than all other powers put together. The chairman referred to the late King as Edward the Peacemaker, but he was there in presence of a greater power for peace than all the Kings and Emperors that ever lived. He hoped to see the time come shortly when an organised working class would frake its place in the politics of the world by declaring that on the day war was declared, all tools and wheels would stop in all countries affect- ed by the war. Before this year was out, arrange- ments would be made for beginning a great campaign against war by getting the working classes to declare that the time had come when the great working man, Jesus of Nazareth, should not have His name and principles disgraced and brought to naught by men murdering each other (In the field of battle. He was glad that they bad subscribed to the fund for the widows of White- haven miners. A few days before the Whitehaven disaster another widow was created by the death of King Edward, and what happened in her case ? They did not send the hat round begging a few pounds for the widow, but the House of Commons voted Queen Alex- andra £ 70,000 a year so long as she lived. (Shame.) Not one penny was voted for the widows of the colliers whose lives had been sacrificed in build- ing up the wealth of the country, but X70,000 a year was voted for the widow of King Edward. Proceeding, Mr Keir Hardie said he did not care what services King Edward rendered the State: they were noi one whit greater or more honestly given than the services of the colliers who lay entombed at Whitehaven. Referring to the large number of colliers killed, he said that if a director of a colliery were hanged every time a miner was killed and the leg of a, share- holder broken every time a miner was injured the pace at which legislation got through Parliament would be materially improved. (Laughter.) Mr Keir Hardie concluded by saying that all they needed was a larger Labour representation to end a system which enabled the rich to exploit the people and grow wealthy at their expense.

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Shot-firing With Safety.


....--"! I——,Letters to the…


Heolyfelin Baptist Chapel.

Pars en Passant.

Services Recognised., -I

Training School, Aberdare.

Wales and Music.

Musical Successes.

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Fire at Aberdare.

' Musical Success.i