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THE CWMBACH MOTOR HALT. Sir,—Will you permit me to place be- fore the residents of Cwmbach a few reasons as to why no action towards ob- taining a station has taken place with any good results so far. I think it would be better for the bene- fit of those residents who have not the time, and perhaps neither the inclination to attend our meetings, but who are con- tinually grumbling at the delay, if I state the case as worked from the beginning up to date. Last November I personally inter- viewed Mr. Keir Hardie, M.P., and placed before him the position of Cwmbach as to railway accommodation, and can hon- estly write that if all parties concerned had only worked with the same energy as he has done we should by now have seen the station approach road being made. I also secured the assistance of Mr. A. C. Fox Davies, who personally inter- viewed the G.W.R. Directorate upon several occasions upon our behalf, and I believe that the work of these two gentle- men resulted in Mr. Hardie receiving from Mr. Inglis, the general manager, the following, viz.: "That his Directors had granted the necessary expenditure for erecting a Motor Halt for Cwmbach in conjunc- tion with a service from Swansea to Newport; also the erection of Halts at Llwydcoed, Rhigos, and Pontwalby, on condition that a way of approach WilS constructed at Cwmbach." Last April, upon receiving that letter, I called a public meeting to discuss and adopt action thereby, at which state- ments were made by our Ward Coun- cillors as follows "That the Surveyor and the P.D. Co. had bean corresponding for the erection of a footbridge over Llettyshenkin Sid- ings, and that if we appointed a deputa- tion to the Council upon the approach road question, the Taff Vale Co. might smell a rat and upset the intended plan of the Surveyor." I am afraid that the Councillor fails to give Mr. Beasley the credit of being I. what he is acknowledged to be, one of the keenest business gentlemen of to-day. Another statement was that the Coun- cil intended cleaning the bed of the River Cynon, and repairing the river bank at a cost of £ 500, while another Councillor stated it would cost « £ 4,000. Just a little disparity between two Councillors, but what We want to know is this,—Is this repairing of the river bank—that people may have a decent road to walk to work—to take as long as the erection of the Gasworks Bridge, viz., :1 years, or is it to be 33 years ? If the Councillors really meant looking after our needs and requirements this work would have been started. It is so easy a matter to inform the electors what you are going to do for thpir benefit, but how soon it is forgotten once outside the meet- ing rooms At this public meeting a deputation was appointed to appear before the Trades Council, Chamber of Trade, and the Aberdare Urban District Council to- wards giving effect to the resolution una- nimously passed, viz.: "That the Council construct a road from: Bridge Road to a point near Cross Row, thus meeting the requirements of the G.W.R. for the erection of a Motor Halt at Cwmbach." Each body pledged their support, and the Surveyor or the Clerk (which, I am not "quite sure) was instructed to lay the question before the Taff Vale Directorate and secure the right of approach over their sidings. This was at the Council meeting in. May. At the June meeting I and a few others attended to hear the result of that letter, and great was our disappointment at the reply, which was simply asking the Surveyor to forward the information as to what the intended scheme was. What we want to know is,—What could have been written in the first letter that they should make that request, which meant the delay of another month? The Chamber of Trade deputation at- tended at the June 13th meeting in sup- port of our application, while many Councillors of other Wards stated it was a standing disgrace that Cwmbach had "been neglected for so many years, and the Surveyor was instructed to immedi- ately forward the particulars required by the Taff Vale Co. To further the question I wrote to Mr Beasley asking him to consider the volun- tary concession required, thus saving the cost of Parliamentary powers. On June 26th I received a letter from Mr. Beas- ley containing the following: The Directors have asked for a plan showing what the proposal really is, and wKen that is received they will be able to come to an early decision." The officials of our Council are public servants, and the Councillors are elected to overlook their work. What was the Surveyor doing that he could not attend to the orders given him on June 13th until July 9th? If he was otherwise engaged, what do we pay an assistant surveyor for if the work ordered to be done is neglect- ed? To me and others it appears there is a great laxitude on this question. Why it should be so we do not know, but if our Ward Councillors desired to push it for- ward what prevented them calling at the Surveyor's Office to see that our demands were attended to? By this neglect no answer could be pro- duced at the Council meeting on July 13th. Last Monday a Council meeting was supposed to be held, at which we might have had some information, but the members attended so well that there was no quorum. So apparently neither the officials of the Council nor the Ward Councillors worry themselves over our requirements, but only over their own petty schemes. If the residents of the place will take my advice and change the lot there may be some hopes. For about 30 years you have been agitating for a station, and you will never get it until you have men to represent and work for the views you place before them. In furtherance of the movement I in- terviewed Mr. G. G. Hann, and asked for hrs support, and placed a scheme be- fore him, with which he was pleased. He made a statement that if the Surveyor would -all upon him at his office he and his Company would do all in their power to assist us in our request Will our Councillors see that he does so? We have the Trades Council, Chamber of Trade, P.D. Co., and the Aberdare Urban District Council unanimous that our request should be granted, but through the neglect of officials and our Councillors for this Ward, we have al- ready lost four months during which period the road could have been started. As a clause has been inserted in the Tramway Bill for compulsory power, if required, which, in view of the fact that every person is in favour, will be granted. why this delay before the road is started to the suggested site for Motor Halt as agreed by the G.W.R. Co.? Where there is a will there is a way. and I seriously ask the residents of Cwmbach to consider the advisability of changing their representatives, if these gentlemen will not work for us. If we cannot obtain any gentleman outside tlie Labour Group to represent us, are there not some fighters in their group willing to be elected and fight for the require- ments of the most neglected area in the Aberdare U.D. Council?—Yours respect- fully, E. H. REES, Cwmbach. Hairdresser.


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