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Notes Here and There.


Notes Here and There. BY "ONLOOKER." One of the effects of the Mines Eight Hours Act which I have not seen men- tioned in print before came to my notice quite by surprise the other day. Within a local butcher's shop a crowd of cus- tomers was waiting prior to the hour of two, when the colliers would come home from work. A. succession of queries for meat to fry" made the worthy sales- man very angry, and he declared that there would not be a frying-pan left in Aberdare in a few months' time. This evidently means that the ladies have no time to boil meat now. n A Hian was weeping piteouslv in Cardiff Road on Bank Holiday night, "and attracted a fine crowd of spectators round him. No explanation could be got as to his conduct but he kept on attesting con- tmually, I'm going to leave this place altogether." When an anxious enquirer presumably his "girl," ventured to ask where he was going to, he dramatically said, 1 m going out of this world-I will commit suicide." This was too much for the crowd, who were convulsed with laughter, although they had been svm- pathetic a moment before. A certain lady from Aberaman went on holidays last week, and found on reach- mg her destination that she -had left one or two" things behind. These in-' eluded hair-curlers, seaside clothing, and numerous other bric-a-brac which are essential to every lady's outfit. A long letter was sent home, and the list of arti- cles required were written on an accom- panying foolscap theett Needless to av, the extra luggage was even greater thari the amount originally taken, and we are looking forward with apprehension to that lady's return visit. "Early to bed, early to rise" is evi- dently becoming a popular motto with a number of local motor-cyclists. They are to be seen puffing towards Aberdare as eti y as morning, and are able to give vent to their Jehu-like pro- penalties without any danger to pedestri- ans. The only draw-back is that when the engine fails, as it often does, there 's no one available to give that handv 'push behind. The members of the Aberaman Swim- ming Club came out with splendid results at the Park Aquatic Sports last week. Those who once pooh-poohed the idea of a club ought now to see that much good is done, for the men are kept in splendid fettle by constant practice at the local baths. With the departure of the Rev. Morgan Powell from the Vicarage of Aberaman. the number of places of worship in the locality without a pastor in charge will be many. Beulah and Salem Baptist churches, Aberaman, and Bethanv Cong. Church, Godreaman, are without a shep- herd. Libanus C'.M. Church, Aberaman. and the Cong. and Baptist Churches o'f Cwmaman are also in a similar position. Neither is there a resident minister in Aberaman with the Primitive Methodists, AV, elsh W-'esleyans, or English Wesleyans. I hear that Aberamanites practically monopolised the town of Carmarthen on Bank Holiday. The large number of ex- cursionists accompanying the Male Voice Party made themselves conspicuous to the farmers as a boys bach or giveith- We had heard of chocolate bobbies before, but one wag's designa- tion of the Carmarthen policemen as broken-down haulierz" caused much merriment.

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-.¡ Coal Conciliation Board,