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! Aberaman.

Mountain Ash.


Mountain Ash. OVERWOUND.—On Friday afternoon a rather serious case of overwinding oc- curred at the Deep Duffryn Colliery. The cage full of men was taken up into the sheaves and one man fell out and was slightly injured. ST. JOHN AMBULANCE.-The Moun- tain Ash Corps were up for drill at the Drill Hall on Monday evening, with Captain Cooper putting the members through their facings. Several new re- cruits put in an appearance. The Corps is asking for a benefit performance from the Workmen's Institute Committee. PARISH CHURCH.—There were cele- brations of Holy Communion in St. Margaret's Church last Sunday morning at 8 and 11 o'clock. The celebrant on each occasion was the Rev. J. Sinnett Jones, M.A., assisted by the Rev. J. Aur- elius, B.A. At Matins the Kyrie Eleison was sung to Mendelssohn's setting from the Elijah; the Te Deum to Oakley's quadruple chant, and the Benedictus to Garret. The evening service was con- ducted by the Vicar, who preached from I St. Luke xviii., 14. RETURN OF THE TERRITORIALS. —On Sunday afternoon the Mountain Ash Detachment of the 5th Welsh Terri- torials returned from Camp. The annu- al training has this year been more business-like and less of a holiday. The work done by the detachment is highly spoken of, and has won praise on all sides. The officers were Lt. Col. M.organ Morgan commanding; Capt. F. N. Gray, Capt. Gwilym A. Evans, Lt. David Mor- gan, Lt. R. Dowdeswell, Lt. -Arnold Evans, and Lt. Windsor Prichard-Evans. The Mountain Ash Volunteer Band (Mo. W. Greenwood conducting) played inci- dental music during the wait, and then iilaved the soldiers back to the Drill Hall. FUNERAL.—The interment of the mortal remains of Mrs. Mary Mellin, relict of Mr. Thomas Mellin, 28, Victoria- street, Miskin, took place at Caegarw Cemetery last Saturday afternoon. The deceased lady was 73 years of age, and was an old and respected inhabitant of the district. The Rev. D. E. Roberts, M.A., conducted the service at the house and the graveside. The chief mourners were: Mr. Morgan Mellin (son), Mr. and Mrs. John Rosser, daughter and son-in- law; Mr. and Mrs. David Mellin, son; Mr. Thomas Mellin, son; Mr. Samuel Mellin, son; Mr. and Mrs. James GilJard, sister-in-law; Miss Lizzie Rosser, Mrs. Weekes, Mrs. Esther Edwards, sister-in- law, Penygraig; Mr. Samuel Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bartlett, Mr and Mrs. John Gillard and Maggie (grand- daughter). Floral tributes were received from Mr. and Mrs. John Rosser and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Gillard and family, and the neighbours. The coffin was polished with brass fittings, and the was polished with brass fittings, and the funeral was furnished throughout by Mr Frank Mills.








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Ex-Vicar of Aberaman and the…



I Mems from the Mount.

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