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The Welsh Coast.

Merthyr Board of G«ar*dl&ns.

- -------!A iYSIEBY SOLVED.


A iYSIEBY SOLVED. For years the medical profession has been seeking a cure for eczema, the most common and most stubborn of skin diseases. Some said it was a blood disease some said it was the result of indigestion. It remained for one studi- ous chemist to settle beyond any ques- tion that eczema in all its forms is a skin disease and related in no way to a disordered condition of the blood. This same chemist experimented with, many antiseptic, healing and soothing agents, I but it was not until he formed the com- pound Caduen that he at last realised he had given to the world something that would bring relief or cure to millions of I sufferers. Cadum ranks to-day with the great discoveries of the medical I world. Its action is so positive that the itching of eczema is stopped immediately. People who have itched and scratched for years find sleep and rest as soon as Cadum is used, and in ordinary cases a complete restoration of the skin to a healthy condition is reached in two or three weeks, The soothing, healing effects of Cadum are almost instantaeoas Cadum is sold by all chemists at 7 td, and l/lid a box. It cures eczema in all its forms, also hives, pimples, blotches, I tetter, itch, acne, herps, scaly skin, rash, chafings, psoriasis, ringworm, eruptions, I sores, scabs, itching piles, scurvy, etc. ¡

IWedding at Persrhiw-I ceifoer.…

Pretty Wedding. -


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No Quorum.


Presentation at Aberdare

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:_--!!!'t.-.,:-Taff and Cynon…

I------------,---I What Aberdare…

Aoereynon Companies Profits.