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The Welsh Coast.

Merthyr Board of G«ar*dl&ns.

- -------!A iYSIEBY SOLVED.

IWedding at Persrhiw-I ceifoer.…

Pretty Wedding. -


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A Grand Grown EISTEDDFOD TO BE HELD AT A BE RAMAN, on Monday, October 17, 1910 WHEN UPWARDS OF RI 20 will be offered in Prizes. Chief Items Mixed Choir.—" 0 Father whose Aimigbtv Power." 1st Prize, 120; 2nd Prize, X5. Male Voice.—"Spartan Heroes." Prize, £20. Juvenile Choir.-III sing because I love to sing." Prize, £5 5s. Od. Brass Band Contest, Class B.—" Spanish Carni- val." Prizes total X17. Prvddest, Prize X2 2s. Od. and a Crown value X3 3s. Od. Ambulance, Recitations, Solos, Duetts, etc. For full particulars see Programme now ready from the Secretaries, H. Harris, 62E Brook street; Jonah Hees, 114 Cardiff road, Aberaman. Price 2d., by post 2id. _< F. E. 11K K Wholesale Cabinet Works, 5, Herbert St, Aberdare 17, FFORCHAMAN ROAD, CWMAMAN. HOUSE PROPERTY AND FURNITURE REPAIRED. UPHOLSTERING AND POLISHING. ALL WORK PERSONALLY ATTENDED TO, jyps J £ ELLY Gives the best price for all kinds of LADIES' & GENTLEMEN'S Cast-off Clothing, Boots, Shoes, &o. Letters and Orders promptly attended to Distance no object. 23, DYFFEYN STREET, GODEEAMAN. Parcels may be left at 34, Canon 8tt, Aberdara OH, DEAR DOCTO-B! XOH, DEAE DOCTOB W STOP ONE MOMENT, A MUST MY DARLING DIE? THEE! IS VERY BUT TRY Tudor Williams' Patent Balsapyi of Honey WHAT IT IS! Tudor Williams' Patent Balsam of Honey Is an essence of the purest Md efficacious herbs, gathered on thi; Weliii Hills and Valleys in the proper m&soj)., when their virtues are in full perfeotioa. and combined with Pllrø Welsh All the ingredients are perfectly pure, .WHAT IT DOES! Tdor WilSSams' Patent Balsam of Honey Cures Coughs, Colds, Bronchitixt Aotlia" Whooping Cough, Croup, and all diao?" ders of the Throat, Chest, and L',Ulkffg- Wonderful Cures for Children's Coufkl after Measles. It is invaluable to weak* chested men, delicate women sad ckiS* dren. It succeeds where all other riuu8- dies fail. Sold by all Chemists aIll Stores in Is., 2s. M., and 4B. ltd. bottle Sample Bottle sent by post for 111. 14i-; 2s. 9d., and 5s. Great saving by purchas- ing larger eize bottle. WHAT IT HAS FOR, A Stipendiary and Magistrate m tkl" County of Glamorgan remarks- I feel it my duty to inform you th&t I have been using your Tudor Williams' Balsam of Honey in my family, wldcfe i a large one, for many years, and hav4 proved its great value, having used noth* ing else for Cough during Metal* Whooping Cough, and Bronchitis, &IDA can highly recommend it to ali parents for such complaints. YOU NEED NOT SUFFER! Disease is a sin, inasmuch that if ye* act rightly, at the right time, it can to great extent be avoided. is a pre- ventative. The first moment yon with Sore Throat, take a dose of Tudor Williams' Patent Balsam of Honey It has saved thousands 1 It will save yo* = It is prepared by a fully flualit.. chemist, and is, by virtue of its compool, tion, eminently adapted for all easel °* Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, etc.? it exercises a distinct influence upon fch* mucous lining of the throat, windpipe and small air vessels, so that nothing bo* warmed pure air passes into th hmJ", The Children like it. It's the product of the Honeycoi»k< chemically treated to get the best result DON'T ACCEPT SUBSTITUTES- THEY ASK FOR IT I So different from most; Medicines. Nice to Take! Cures Quickly. For vocalists and public speakers it ha- no equal, it makes the voice as clear a bell. Be not deceived The popularity øl Tudor Williams' Patent Balaam of Ho* has resulted in many imitation* placed on the market. When buyipo, therefore, see that the name Tnd^ Williams is on each bottle, end any preparation advanced as being as good," or A little cheaper. In'1** on TUDOR WILLIAMS'. MANUFACTURER. TUDOR WILLIAMS, M.E.P.S., Analytical and Consulting Chemi?*n and Druggist, by Examin»^° MEDICAL HALL, ABEBDAEH. i LADIES SHOULD KNOW | BlancMs Apl & Steel Pills I have obtained the largest sale of any medicine | Blanchar s Apiol & steel Fills I have obtained the largest sale of any medicine I Women. Merit alone made this record p"381 i f 1/H per tax fum all OiemittM, or post free 3 The ABffBDAEB LJBAD1K ruaranteed largoot circulation •» per m tiu Aberdare Vau-y,


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Presentation at Aberdare

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I------------,---I What Aberdare…

Aoereynon Companies Profits.