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Our New Representatives

! fwleisrstain Ash District…


fwleisrstain Ash District Council. TUESDAY.—Mr. W. Millar, J.P., in the -chair. The other members present were: Messrs. Thos. Jones, D. Rogers, Bruce Jones, Griffith Evans, E. V. Tid- man, J. Charles, Wm. Evans, Evan Morris, Silas Williams, G. H. Hall, W. Lamburn, Wm. Davies, with Mr. H. P. Linton (clerk), Mr. F. Stock (deputy clerk), and Mr. W. G. Thomas (sur- veyor). WATER RATE. On the motion of Mr. Rogers, seconded by Mr. Thos. Jones, it was resolved to nold a special meeting to consider the Water Rate. STONY HILL. The land agent, Mr. Morgan, wrote in reference to the improvement of Stony Hill, Abercynon. Mr. Bruce Jones moved, and Mr. Wm. Evans seconded that a copy of the letter be forwarded to the Abercvnon Chamber of Trade. SUNDAY CONCERTS ILLEGAL. The Clerk presented a report on the Theatres Act, 1843, and the Sunday Ob- servance Act, 1781. He stated that the form of licence granted to Theatres pro- vided that they must be closed every Sunday. They could not therefore re- main open on Sundays, except for the purpose of a sacred concert. This could be held without a, licence from the Coun- cil, provided there was no charge for ad- mission. If an entertainment, concert, or debate were held on a Sunday, at which payment was demanded for ad- mission, then it was an offence against the Sunday Observance Act, and the keeper of the house would be open to heavy penalties. Mr. Bruce Jones The halls are break- ing that Act every Sunday. Mr. Griffith Evans: Not in Mountain Ash. Mr. W. Lamburn: They are not mak- ing a charge-simply silver collection. Rev. E. V. Tidman: They try to evade the law in that manner. Mr. Lamburn mentioned that Moun- tain Ash Institute was closed every Sun- day. Mr. S. Williams: And Ynysybwl. Mr. Hall: And also Penrhiwceiber, so there is only Abercynon left. (Laughter.) Mr. Bruce Jones: Tickets are sold be- fore-hand for Aliercynon Sacred Con- certs. The Chairman was of opinion that no entertainment of any kind should be held on Sunday. There were concerts held in shows. These ought to be stopped. Mr. G. H. Hall: The chapels are doing the same thing. Rev. E. V. Tidman: I should like you to mention one instance. Mr. Hall: At any rate they demand a silver collection. Mr. J. Charles: At the sacred concerts there is generally a hat at the door. Those who don't put something in are turned away. Mr. S. Williams How is it the people want sacred concerts, are there no good preachers in Mountain Ash (Laughter.) Mr. Morris: They are held after the churches are out. Mr. Thos. Jones: The concert is a kind of soothing syrup after the service. (Laughter.) Mr. B. Jones moved that a copy of the clerk's report be forwarded to the secretary of the Abercynon Institute. Mr. W. Davies seconded. Rev. E. V, Tidman: Someone in Aber- cynon ought to take the matter up. Mr. Rogers: I propose we send Mr. Tidman down as missionary. (Laugh- ter.) Mr. Wm. Evans said they ought to take action against shows. Sacred con- certs were often held to relieve injured and necessitous persons, whereas show- men took the money away from the dis- trict. The Chairman suggested that the at- tention of the police be called to the shows who open on Sundays, and this suggestion, together with Mr. Bruce Jones' motion, were adopted. CHURCHES AND COUNTER- ATTRACTIONS. Mr. W. Lamburn said he wanted to raise a question regarding sacred con- certs. He maintained that the churches ought to provide some counter-attrac- tions. They often complained that young people trudged the streets on Sunday evenings. This was quite true, and if they were going to prevent the holding of concerts things would be worse in future. What he wanted to know was: What action was the churches going to take in providing some substitutes for sacred concerts ? Rev. E. V. Tidman: Do you want the churches to provide some rubbish and nonsense similar to what they get at the halls? Mr. W. Lamburn: No, but the churches might do something for the young people. Rev. E. V. Tidman: That has been done, and the young people still prefer walking the roads and streets. Chairman: I am afraid we are getting off the track. Let us get on with the business. PENRHIWCEIBER FIRE BRIGADE. There was a petition from the rate- payers of Penrhiwceiber asking the Coun- cil to provide the local Fire Brigade with a modern fire appliance, alarms, bells, outfit for repairs, uniforms, etc. Mr. Hall mentioned that a committee had been appointed some time ago to go into this matter. He moved that the letter be referred to them, and in the event of the request being granted, that provision be made in the next rate. Mr. E. Morris seconded, and the motion was agreed to. COUNTING OF VOTES. THE CLERK ANGRY. Mr. Lamburn raised a question regard- ing the elections, and spoke in favour of counting the tfotes on the same night as the poll was taken. Mr. Linton: You may appeal as much as you like. You won't get it done. Mr. Lamburn: That is your answer. We shall know what had best be done in future. Mr. Linton: It took us four hours on the following day to do it, with clear heads and in broad day light. It could not be done in anything like that time if carried out the same night. I ask gentle- men who represent Labour whether they would like to be called upon to work for 18 hours in one day. Mr. Lamburn: Yes, if paid extra time for it. Mr. Linton: We cannot do this work properly at night, and you can take it from me that if you want it done at night you must get somebody else to do it. Mr. S. Williams asked the Clerk why he mentioned Labour representatives. Clerk: I mention anybody. Mr. S. Williams said it was quite reasonable that the boxes could not be opened which did not reach the Town Hall till 10 or 11 o'clock at night. But could the Clerk not make arrangements to count the votes recorded say, in Moun- tain Ash and Penrhiwceiber Wards? The Clerk said that the law on the matter was that one box should not be opened unless the whole lot were opened at the same time and place. Mr. Williams: That means you could not count one Ward unless you counted the whole of the contested Wards? Mr. Linton: That is so. Mr. W. Davies said that possibly when there was a bye-election the Clerk would have no objection to count the votes the ,iie evening. The matter then dropped. YNYSYBWL RECREATION GROUND. The owner of the site of the proposed recreation ground declined to alter the wording of the lease. Mr. S. Williams: It is thoroughly bad and quite typical of landlordism. But the place might be better than nothing. Mr. W. Davies moved, and Mr. Bruce Jones seconded, that the offer be ac- cepted. Carried. Mr. S. Williams asked the Surveyor to proceed- with the work of fencing at once. Mr. W. Evans: Not at the cost of ne- glecting the Abercynon Bridge, I hope. Mr. D. Rogers: If we put that bridge right, Abercynon people will have no election err. (Laughter.) Mr. Charles: They will still have Stony Hill. < Mr. W. Davies asked what progress was being made regarding the proposed Miskin Recreation Ground. Mr. Stock replied that an Inquiry was to be held next week? TELEPHONE. An application from the storekeeper to have the telephone installed in his room was refused.



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