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Aberdare Rochafoitlsm.

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A Gruesome Discovery.


A Gruesome Discovery. TRAGIC DEATH OF MR. DOBSON, BOOKSELLER. A gruesome discovery was made on Friday afternoon in one of the rooms of a house, No. 87, Upper-street, Islington, the dead body of a man being found where it had apparently lain for a period of close upon two months. The deceased man was Mr. Joseph Dob- son, who had up to about eight weeks since kept a second-hand book shop at that address. Jfibout that time the pre- mises were closed, and it was thought that the occupant had gone away to Wales, where he had previously acted as colporteur and had dealt in cheap goods as an auctioneer. On Friday afternoon, in consequence of complaints from residents in adjoining property of an offensive smell of gas emanating from No. 87, a Mr. Reed visited the house for the purpose of in- vestigation. Finding the side entrance padlocked and the front door barricaded by the shutter, Mr. Reed entered the shop by means of a back window. The room at the top of the building in which Mr. Dcbson lived he found locked on the in- side, and on breaking the door open he (Mr. Reed) discovered the dead, un- dressed, and partly-decomposed body of Mr. Dobson lying on the bed. A rubber pipe was in his mouth, and this was con- nected with the gas bracket in the pas- sage. The body was removed to the mor- tuary in Holloway-road to await an in- j quest. The deceased was a native of South Wales, where he was well known. He had travelled in the majority of; towns in the Principality, and at one time was in business at Swansea as an auctioneer of books and antiques. He frequently visited Aberdare, where he sold second- hand books by action. It is stated that he made a fortune while in Wales, and at the time of his death had a considerable amount to his credit at a London bank, besides possess- ing house property. Mr. Dobson was a great authority on books, and was generally well educated. Two weeks previous to the closing of his shop he engaged an assistant, who be- longed to Newport. He dismissed him at the end of the week, wired for him to return the week following, and then closed up the shop.

Mountain Ash Police Court.

Cwmdare Cage Accident.

Unquestioned in Aberdare


Mountain Ash Schools.