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Aberdare District Council


Glamorgan County Council.

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Letters to the Editor Letters on any subject of public interest are invited.. It bhould be understood that we do not necessarily agree with the views expressed therein. Corres- pondents will oblige by writing on one side of the paper, and must invariably enclose their names and addresses, not j necessarily for publication, but as a J guarantee of good faith. j THE GLAMORA CUP. Sir,—Kindly allow me to point out a few things in connection with the Glamora Cup Final Match, played at Aberdare, March 31st, 1910, Aberdare Thursdays, v. Mountain Ash Thursdays. I write simply in the interest of sport and fair play, I understand this is the first year of the league, and the hopes are that the league, or the Glamora Cup competition "will be continued, But if that is to be so; a few things will have to be altered. For instance, all through the season the referees of the district J I have been thought good enough to hold the whistle in league and cup matches, but when the final comes along a referee is appointed from outside the district Now sir, I think the honour should have been given to one of our own referees who have worked hard all through the I season. I ha'.e no quarrel with the referee of i&st Thursday's match, who is undoubtedly a gentleman, but his rul- ing could be questioned on several occasions. Take for instance a corner which was given against the Mount. The ball was kicked out on to one of the Aberdare player's head. From him it was headed to another Dare player, and from him into goaL A goal W>AS awarded, but I maintain it was not a goal. Any- one who inoy question this should look up the rule. If the ball had been played by one. of the opposing team then it would have been a goal. At another lime, a corner was given, but immedi^tdy after the decision was given, the- reteiee suddenly changed his mind, and gave a goal kick. Again, a referee should nos wear glasses. I say this without any intention of hurting anyone's feelings but I maintain that a referee should have a clear vision to see things at a glance. Little things count, and if things had been more efficiently controlled in last Thursday's match the result would not have bt-en the same. Lastly, the matter of the ground for ihe final. Would it not be wise for the eommitteet.) have the final played on neutral ground .uexfc year ? I under- stand it was arranged in the beginning to have the final played at Aberdare, but the rule is to play on neutral ground. —I am, UNBIASSED.