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Aberdare District Council


Glamorgan County Council.

I |Aberdare District Council…


Aberdare District Council Election. (BY OBSERVER.) On Monday, (Polling Day) the excite- ment did not reach fever pitch during any part of the day. Things were exceedingly quiet in all the Wards. In the Gadlys Ward some busy hands had been at it early in the morning, chalk- ing pavements, walls and bridges. "Vote solid for Labour," and references to the dismissal of the sexton, formed the burden of the injunctions written. The latter was "one up against Mr Thomas Lewis, who, it will be remem- bered, wished to retain the services of the sexton when certain charges were made against him some months ago. In the Llwydcoed Ward the result was a foregone couclusion. No one, not even Mr Harris himself, entertained the least doubt as to who would be elected. But the contest became interesting inasmuch as it provided Mr Llewelyn and Mi T. Walter Williams with a splendid opportunity of racing for first place. Three years ago Mr Williams fell far behind Mr Llewelyn, I though 6 years ago, when the barrister made his first bid for a seat on the I Council, they ran a neck-a-neck race. In March, 1907, the figures for No. 1 'I were:— R. Llewelyn 1034 T. Walter Williams 795 D. Jenkins (Lab.) 456 Mr Williams has pulled up immensely —he has gained, 360 votes, while Mr Llewelyn is within two votes of his previous position. In the Gadlys Ward Mr T. Lewis holds top place, which goes to prove beyond any shadow of doubt his great popularity. Three years ago he fought with the I.L.P. at his back. This time he fought with the I.L.P. doing its utmost to dis- credit and defeat him, but he still stands firmly on top, with the I.L.P. candidate at the very bottom, Mr H. H. Evans has done well. In this ward the Young Liberal's League carried their two can- didates triumphantly. Mr Idwal Thomas was new to public life, and outside the I.L.P. and the Windber Colliery, was limost a stranger. But he polled re- markably well, and the figures go to show that the Trades and labour Coun- cil vote is fairly strong in this ward, Mr Parker, who has repeatedly tried to captivate the electors of this ward, fared very badly. In the Town Ward some people ex- j pressed a fear that. Mr D. P. Davies might be discovered at the bottom when i the votes came to be counted. But it was a groundless fear. He polled much better than he did three years ago, when the figures were Edward Morgan 1104 D. P. Davies 747 Samuel Williams (I.L.P.) 459 Mr Davies has gained 239 votes, while Labour receded 45 votes. Mr A. P. Jones polled within 5 votes of Mr Edward Morgan's figures. ? It was thought that two Labour men, running in double harness, were bound to win in No. 5 ward. But the electors are obviously satisfied with things as they are—one Capital and one Labour mem- ber. There was no contest here three years ago, but six years ago Mr Hann was on the top of the poll, with Mr C. B. Stanton taking second place, and the Vicar of Aberaman third.



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