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Carmarthen Board of Guardians,


ICarmarthenshire Needlework…


I Carmarthenshire Needlework Guild. The exhibition of work was held at the Guildhall, Carmarthen on Monday, Nov. 17. The show of garments was good. both in quality and size. and included 9 or 10 pairs of blankets, also some quilts, the total num- ber sent in being 2.274. or 22 more than last year. The President's meeting was held at 2.45 p.m., the following being present: Mrs W. Gwynne Hughes (in the chair). Mrs Owen, Mrs Lewis. Mrs Protheroe, Mrs Soppitt, Mrs Buckley Roderick. Mrs Walters. Mrs Howell (Penrheol). Mrs Angell Evans, Mrs Lewis Bishop. Miss Hancocke. Hon. Sec. It was decided to send a third of the gar- ments to the following societies and chanties --Carmarthen Infirmary, Llanelly Hospital, The poor at Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire Blind Societv, Poor of the Parish of St. Peter's, Carmarthen, Clothing Club of the Parish of St. Davids. Diocesan House of Mercy. Do. Training Home for Children. The Orphanage, G west fa, Carmarthen Maternity Charity, Mothers' Union St. David's Parish Carmar- then. and Clergy Aid Society. and that the rest should be retunned to the Presidents for distribution among the poor in the neigh- bourhood of the different groups. Mrs Lewis and Mrs Dudley Drummond having resigned Mrs Harries (Bryntowy). and Mrs Gery con- sented to become presidents of groups four and six. Tea was kindV rrai-ide dby some of the vice-presidents and associates, and was much appreciated by all. The following numbers were sent in by each grouip: Group l.Mrs W. Gwynne- Hughes 128: 2, Mrs Morris 91 3, Missies Saunders, 408; 4. Mrs Lewis. Ill; 5. Mrs Owen, 104: 6. Mrs Dudley Drummond, 155 7, Mrs Protheroe. 413; 8. Mrs Parkinson, 68; 9, Mrs Soppitt, 86; 10. Miss Prothero, 144; 11. Mrs Buckley Roderick, 98; 13, Mrs Walters. 80; 14. Mrs Richardson. 193; 15, Mrs Pryse Rice. 194. The Hon. Gladys Rice one pair of blankets.



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