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Carmarthen Board of Guardians,



INDICESTION Mr means torturingpain, in- cessant weariness, wretched \^SKBT days and wakeful nights. It means being done tip," "good-for-nothing" all the day and every day. It means starved iSL blood, starved muscles, a starved jSjj body and a starved brain; in short, W it means shattered health and a fx "jg|| broken constitution unless you root it KIT j||| out without delay. Mother Scigel's Xa Curative Syrup is the national remedy K& JRj for indigestion in sixteen countries, fir 2f| Its unrivalled reputation is backed by K thirty-three years' unbroken success in 6 ► curing Indigestion. It cured Mrs. E E F§ MORRIS. It will cure you. Read hex ■ H testimony: I would rather be short ft £ 38 of food than without Mother Seigel's B >- •^1 Syrup in the house. For three months K I suffered acutely from indigestion, E accompanied with dizziness and great E bodily pain. It cured me then and E has never failed me since. — The BS, Royal Oak, Llangollen, July 11th, jEjL 1902." UL SYRUP DRYSLWYN. SMALL PoX.—Dr Glanville Morri< has reported a ca-p of small pox at Velindre, near Dryelwyn Dr R W Rees (the :medical :officer of health for the district), Dr Glenville Morris, and Mr Jones, the Sanitary Inspector, are doing all that is possible to prerent the spread of the disease. Dr Glanville Morris is making arrangements to re-vaccinate any person so wishing every evening after 6 o'clock, at his snrgery. It is earnestly hoped that everyone who hrs njt been vaccinated should opply at once I to the rublic vaceinnator for the distiict who will vaccinate free ot charge. OLD CASTLE TEA I Y]6 rRAor6 MARK. ABSOLUTELY PURE 1/10, 2/ 2/2 per lb. of all Grocers. Kiectro Stiver Tea Service FREE.

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