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Joint POlloties Assizes.

Mr. Alfred Davies in Parliament.


Mr. Alfred Davies in Parliament. THE POPULATION OF CARMAR- THEN. In the House of Commons on Monday, Mr Alfred Davies asked the President of the Local Government Board (Mr Long) if he would state the population of Carmarthen as given in the last census. Mr Long replied I am informed by the Registrar General that the population ot the Borough of Carmarthen at the last census was 10,025. These figures will be contained in the Census Report for Carmarthenshire, which will be issued in due course. They differ slightly from those given in the Preliminary Report, which did not include the population of a detached part of the Borough. THE EDUCATION BILL. The following is an abridged account of Mr Davies' remarks (as it appeared in Hansards) to the Committee of the House of Commons on the question of the post of Assistant-Masters in Denominational Schools being thrown open to persons of all denominations, and their being elected by the Local Education Authority instead of by the Managers. Mr Alfred Davies (Carmarthen Boroughs) hoped the Prime Minister after his warm speech would reconsider the matter and try to accept the Amendment. Many hon members sent their sons to our public schools where there were Nonconformists as under masters. As they did that why should they not consent to have Nonconformists as well as Conformists as assistant teachers in all schools maintained from rates and taxes throughout the country. He would give one out of several instances of Nonconformists being under masters at out great public schools. Now, at Rugby, for some years Mr Paton, a Nonconformist, was one of the under masters he is now head master of University Colleg9 School. Further, he was informed that in our public schools, under masters were elected without any reference to religion. Is this opposition to the Amendment, therefore, real on the part of some Members ? It was an unjust Bill, and it was imnossible to make it acceptable I A i, to Nonconformists unless it could be completely changed from beginning to end. Did a Tory party remember the time when a Bill, unacceptable to them, was before the House, they said, Ulster will fight, Ulster will be right." Nonconformists were too patriotic to fight with the sword, but they would protest against the Bill in every way possible. The Prime Minister was so amiable at the Welsh dinner the other day, that he confidently ventured to appeal to him to mete out justice to the majority of the people outside the State Church in the matter of education. If the Prime Minister's amiability could be assured on all occasions. he ventured to believe that they would cheerfully entertain him once a week instead of once in six years. Nonconformists only wanted their just rights. He hoped the House would consider whether it would not be an act of justice to the people of this land to allow the best assistant teachers to be appointed witout reference to State Church religion.

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