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BENTALL'S CHAFFCUTTER, WITH SAFETY LEVER AND FLY-WHEEL COVEH, Tolmeet the requirements of the ChafIcutter (Accidents) Act, 1898. /f Jj-r 1r=|L T LYSAGHT'S BEST BRANDED SHEETS. I. 4 1,; i," The New ALPHA-LAVAL Separators, Winner of the FIRST PRIZE in a Classes atfl the Maidstone Royal Show, 1899. AGENT FOR RICHMOND & CHANDLERS AND ALL OTHER LEADING MAKERS. rir. tim I k k AMERICAN WOODEX PUMP Cheap and durable. POSTAL AND TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS— WILLIAM THOMAS, I Ironmonger, Carmarthen. BENSON'SGOLD & GEMJEWELLERY An Gold & Pearl Lace Pin, 10/- Fine Gold Chain Bracelet, L3 3s. SELECTIONS SENT ON APPROVAL. Fine Gold Brooch, 21/- Fine Gold & Pearls, 37/- LARGEST STOCK OF RINGS IN THE WORLD; ouip ^pagai^ ^|||^ G Brilliants and Ruby Pearls, 25/- Brilliant, £ 10 Pearls & Rubies, 28/- Brilliants, B12 10s. or ^pp Koto A.W.CENIDN lip BENSON'S ^I OOICQ Marble,'NOrmolu, vLUvrVO, Wood) etc., for DINING, DRAWING ROOM, LIBRARY, or HALL, £2 to aClOO. Estimates for Clocks for Churches, Factories, cr Public Buildings, free of charge. To Visitors to UndoB.s^^rrs°iSTn«gJ; WATCHES and JEWELLERY SENT FREE at our risk to VY all parts of the World for Cash or P.O.O., payable at G.P.O. OLD WATCHES AND JEWELLERY TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. BENSONS BOOK of CLOCKS, WATCHES from D 92 to 9500. CHAINS, ENGAGEMENT RINGS BROOCHES, IMPERIAL PLATE and CUTLERY, Post Free. J. W. BENSON, Ltd., The Steam Factory, Q2 & 64, LUDGA IE HILL, LONDON. Mahogany Brass Striking Clouli, M/^TTST Order Form & Particulars of THE TIMES" « £ D IX w I IC ■ System of Purchase, Post Free. (I E O ]i (} E S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. THE GREATEST SUCCESS OF MODERN TIMES ,tt .11 the Testimonials published that have been received in favour of this Remedy, tliey would fill a Volume of nearly One Thousand Pages of the ordinary size. 'THEY ARE MORE THAN GOLD TO ME,-THEY SAVED MY LIFE." If you suffer PAIN in the BACK and LOINS, or between the SHOULDERS, thisRemedy will effectuaiif remove th^^ IRRTTATI0N o{ the BLADDER, SUPPRESSION and RETENTION of the «riJRwVi STONE, or GRAVEL, the ONLY SAFE and EFFECTUAL REMEDY OFFERED TO ffi wORLD is GEORGE'S PILE and GRAVEL PILLS. If the Water is HIGH COLOURED, THICK, and depositing much SEDIMENT, loseno time, a ftboi of GEORGE'S PILLS, and you will soon be RIGHT again. pr°cur KIDNEYS and LIVER are sluggish auu i at of order, this Remedy will gently STIMIT- T A FRO important organ?, open up their CLOGGED PASSAGES, and promote the secretion of THY BILE and other VITAL FLUIDS. If you are a martyr to INDIGESTION, BILIOUSNESS, and CONSTIPATION:you have a SURE ^Two^suffe? from any Bowel Disorder, such as PILES.CONSTIPATION, FLATULENCE, COLIC, {"J. a, Remedy you can always rely upon. *° Tf aulier from PALPITATION, and are afraid that your HEART is affected, you will find these ^/Efficacious REMEDY. ^If you sufier from HEADACHE and GIDDINESS, George's Pills will remove these PAINS sooner other known medicine. Ifyou have PAIN AFTER EATING, and feel DROWSY and LISTLESS, one dose of George s Pill* win act like a charm. If your FOOD TURNS SOUR and ri8 nto the mouth, a few doses o this Remedy will make your troubles a thing of the past. If you feel NERVOUS, EXCITABLE, and LOW SPIRITED, » perfe ANTIDOTE will be found ■ Qff,?ouhav^"a DISAGREEABLE TASTE in the mouth,a SINGLE DOSE of George's Pile and Gravel rills at bed-time will cbarthe tongue before the dawn of another day. 1 If SLEEP fails to give you REST try George's Pills. They will make your bed easy, sleep refreshing, KiPViVE vour STRENGTH. MiU RE V » fi {or EXERTION, WEAK, and LIMP, this Remedy will RESTORE your ENERGY J n n ana will maise liabour and Exercise the ENJOYMBNT of your life, and troubled with NAUSEA and VOMITING at the thought of eating, a box of George's Pills ■11 ^vn^meatand drink both SAVOURY and PLEASANT. ™ -ZZ U1 nni) is impure, it will keep open all the important outlets of the body, and thus give free nPfliW HUMOURS, and no more BLOOD IMPURITIES will be seen bursting through the ixit to all uituoo nBL0T0HJfls SORES, or BOILS. *tohthoSofcMM ithas removed from the Blood root and branch, RHEUMATIC, SCORBUTIC, .-A KC'KOKULOUS TAINTS that had defied all other Remedies ff you have a tenaency to DROPSICAL SWELLINGS,this remedy, by its action upon the KIDNEYS *Ud if^whavemFFICULTY of BREATHING, this Remedy will prove a friend to you in the hour of "e* It will change your CONSTANT AILING to FREEDOM FROM PAIN. U will change the SALLOW COMPLEXION to the BLOOM OF HEALTH will change your SICKLINESS to VIGOUR; your LANGOUR to ACTIVITY and your VFIUNERAL DEBILITY to firmness of SINEW and MUSCLE. It is A1JEK1EJNT, and therefore will remove CONSTIPATION. It is AN'i'llilLiOU ii, and will, therefore, correct all inegularities of the LIVXJ rt. It is DIURETIC, and will, therefore, keep open the WATER.PASSAGE3. -TO, It is TUNIC, and will, therefore, give TONE and VIGOUR to the DIGESTIVE ORGANS) it its BLOOD-PUKl* tfliNG and NERVE STRENGTHENING. It ltl, therefore, ALL YOU WANT. iHESfc WORLD-RENOWNED PILLS ARE trJLL) EVERYWHERE in Boxes, Is. 1-id. and 2e. 9d. each. By Post, Is. 3d. and 3s. 2 I* liOPili EI OR—J. E. GEORGE, M.K.P.S., IIIRVIAIN. NOTICES TO QUIT From Landlord to Tejuant and Tenant to Landlord, may be obtained at the Reporter Office. Price One Penny. CURRANTS 2id lb RAISINS 3d lb SULTANAS 4d Ib LEMON PEEL 4-1 d lb AT T. SMITH & CO., KING STREET BAKERY CARMARTIJEN.1 PRINTING! PRINTING! QOOD CHEAP, AND JGXPEDITIOTJS pRINTING "PIXECUTED AT THB "WEEKLY REPORTER" PRINTING & PUBLISHING OFFICES, 3, BLUE-STREET CARMARTHEN. POSTERS (COLOURED OR PLAIN HANDBILLS TRADE CIRCULARS MEMORIAL CARDS (IN GREAT VARIETY BUSINESS CARDS PAMPHLETS ANNUAL REPORTS PARTICULARS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE PROGRAMMES (BALL, CONCERT, OR SPORTSF BILLHEADS MEMO. FORMS CHEQUE BOOKS, &c. Orders by Post receive prompt and careful attention. p R ICE SON Ap PLICATICIN. The Carmarthen Weekly Reporter PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY EVENING, Circulates throughout South Wales generally, and has the LARGEST CIRCULATION IN THE COUNTY OF CARMARTHEN, PRIOE ONE PENNY; POST FREE 1/9 PER QUARTER THE BESTJADVERTISING MEDIUM FOR ALL CLASSES'OF ADVERTISEMENT^. Carmarthen County Schools. THE GRAMMAR SCHOOL. HEADMASTER: E. S. ALLEN, M.A. (CANTAB). COUNTY GIRLS' SCHOOL. HEADMISTRESS: Miss B. A. HOLME, Late Open Scholar of Girton College, Cambridge; Senior Optime, Mathematical Tripos. FEE :-Boys, £1 15s.; Girls, 21 8s. per Term (Three Terms in the year.) .Reduction for brothers or sisters. Boarders can bejreceived it both schools, The Half-Term began Nov. 4th. THE OLD COLLEGE SCHOOL AND THE Carmarthen School of Commerce. R, F REV. JOSEPH HARRY. PRINCIPALS j MH WILLIAM ROBERTS. PREPARATION for University Matriculations, t Theological Colleges, Civil Service, Professional and Commercial Examinations, including the London Chamber of Commerce Examinations. N.B.-SHORTHAND, BOOK-KEEPING, and TYPE-WRITING taught. Day And Evening Classes. For Terms List of Successes, &c., Japply to Principals. MR ERNEST COLLIER, if-.S.A. ABOHITEOT AND SCBVETOB, QUAY STREET .CARMARTHEN. MORTIMER'S COUGH MIXTURE, For Coughs, Colds, n Croup, and Whooping Cough, Bronchitis, and all Chest Affections. N.B.—See that this Picture appears upon the wrapper. TAKE NO OTHER. MORTIMER'S ONLY. THE CARMARTHEN BILL POSTING COMPANY, 13, BRIDGE-STREET CARMARTHEN. BILLPOSTING and ADVERTISING, in all it J) Branches, throughout the Counties of Carma then, Pembroke and Cardigan. R. M. JAMES, Manager F^ure^HAYE YOU A COUCHf^o [ COUCH J or TAKEN COLD ? I cold I USED PROMPTLY IHAYMAN'S RELIEVE [STOPS 1 AND CURE. F ^URESL I COLD J Invaluable in Nursery. L COUGH J jN Cash Frites, HI I 1 THE NEW REMEDY! To the Mentally or Physically overworked Coleman's Phosphorous, Quinine & Pepsine Pills Have a wonderful effect in restoring Strength. especially when Debility sets in from overwork or anxiety, or from whatever cause it may be due. Phosphorus soothes the brain Quinine increases the appetite and Pepsine (one of the greatest discoveries of the age) assists Digestion. One trial will suffice to prove the marvellous effects of this medicine. It is invaluable in cases of Neuralgia, and prevents Influenza. j UNEQUALLED AS A TONIC AND BRAIN RESTORER, As A STIMULANT ASSISTING DIGESTION, FOR WEAKNESS OF THE NERVES, FAILING POWER, j DYSPEPSIA, NEURALGIA, AND GENERAL COMPLAINTS. Sold in Bottles, Is. lid., 2s. 9d„ 4s. 6d., 9s., and 21s. each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors in the United Kingdom, or sent fr?e on receipt of in the United Kingdom, or sent frte on receipt of j 14, 33, 54, or 108 stamps, or P.O.O. for 21 ls. There I is a great saving in taking the larger sizp. SOLE AQENTS- J. CHAPMAN & Co,, Limited, QUEEN STREET, NORWICH. KERNlCKS VEGETABLE y PILLS. 0 J ANOTHER CURE. This heading is quite unnecessary. Thousands of Sufferers have been cured by the use of KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS. They are quite different to others, being compounded of herbal extracts, which have a specific action upon the liver and kidneys. Their curative effect in such disorders as Biliousness, Head- aches, Sluggish Liver, Indigestion, Wind, Con- stipation, Depression of Spirits, Impure Blood. Tic or Rheumatism, is something marvellous. DOSE.—ONE PILL ONLY. Use KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS, and they will Cure you. They are sold at most Chemists and Stores, or will be sent direct on receipt of 'Jd., 13id., and 2/9, by the sole proprietors, KBRNICK « So*, Ltd., Cardiff. CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS are warranted to cure in either sex, all acqu;r,.rl or Constitutional Discharges from the Dr oar, Organs, Gravel and Pains in the back. Free from Mercury. Established upw.Aidg of 0 years. In b -xeg. 4s 6d each, of all Cheir ists and Patent Medic; tie Vendors throughout th-i World, r sent for sixty stamps hy the makers, the Lincoluoitn(I Alidlftnd Counties Drug Company Lincoln. W. T. ROGERS, R.P.C. I (Member of the Registered Plumbers' Company), Plumber, Gas-fitter | Wire & Electric Bell-lianger, 9, NOTT-SQUARE, CARMARTHEN. All kinds of Bath Room and Lavatory Requisites supplied and fixed. L Newest Designs and Prices on application. Repairs executed on the shortest notice SPECIAL ATTENTION PAID TO ALL CLASSED OF COUNTBY WORK. COMPETENT WORKMEN SENT TO ALL PARTS. GOOD WORKMANSHIP COMBINED WITH REASONABLE CHARGES Wedding, Keeper, and Engagement Rings. All Sizes, Sbr-pes, and Weights. in tock. The Largest and Choicest Selection in K Mlc United Counties. JOHN WILLIAMS, M Slop Y MODRWTAC, 9 & 10, LAM MAS-STREET, CARMARTHEN. W8:, > Without doubt THORLEY'S CAKE is the Cake of the Age. ALL STOCK THRIVE ON THORLEY'S CAKE. AGENT W. CROSSMAN, 19 & 21, BLUE STREET, CARMARTHEN. THORLEY'S CAKES are manufactured in the best fitted mills in the world. JEREMY'S PRIVATE COMMERCIAL HOTEL, 3, St. Peter's Street, u AR MA R TjH E 1ST. I'OSTIXG I ALL ITS BRANCHES. T. JEREMY, Proprietor. TO VISITORS. WESTMINSTER HOUSE- .GROSVENOR ROAD, llandrindod WELLS. FURNISHED APARTMENTS AT REASONABLE TERMS. HOME COMFORTS. ELECTRIC LIGHT THROUGHOUT. Terms &c. on Application. I PROPRIETRESS-MRS. ROGERS DENTAL NOTICE. MRi J. MACPHAIL SURGEON DENTIST, 19, KING-STREET (OPPOSITE LLOYD'S BAXK CARMARTHEN. LLANELLY EVERY THURSDAY. ïccurSULTATION VRIZ. ESTABLISHEDOVBB 22 TEABS l t | OLD HARNESS & BELTS j ~iST Repaired with Bifurcated Rivets. 8 rW 1 Driven and Clinched with any » l| ■ M hammer. From all Ironmongers, fi ■ 11 in assorted Boxes, Jin. to ^in. Gd. j ■ 1 II i,n- to i'n" l8, unobtainable 11 1. feeud Stamps to BIFURCATRD RIVET Co- LTD 10, WOOL T EXCHANGE, LO A DON, E.O. | Tht "Wonder" Sainea Parcel F R "iiM ISK KFIE 03 aTAFFORIP. J Contains— (Cof'vn^H Registorcd.) t Pair White Witney Blankets, large size, beautifully -finished, soft and fleecy. 1 Pair White Twill hemmed rfiady for use, 21 yds. by 2 yds. 1 Handsome Satin-iinished White Quilt, beautifully raIsed woven floral design, a yds. long by 21 yds, wide. 1 Pair White Calico Pillow Cases. lull size, good quality, buttoned ends, ready for use 1 White Marcella Toilet Cover, 45 in. long, 9 m. wide pretty raised floral design. 1 Set of 5 White Duchcsse Toilet Mats. 1 Pair Strong Huckaback Toilet 'Towels. I Very useful and handsome Striped Austrian Rug, suitable for Bed, Sofa, or Travelling Rug. '0 < a Sent Carnag. Paid on receipt of P.O.O. va. BROOKFIELD'S, Market Square, Stafford ESTABLISHED OVER 150 TEABi* V

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