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Carmarthen Bay ^ibhery Board.

The Proposed Fisheries Bye-Law:…


The Proposed Fisheries Bye-Law: MEETING AT FERRYSIDE. A notice has been issued by the Milford Haven Sea Fisheries District Board of a petition to amend Byelaw No. 16. This bye law imposes certain restritetiioins relative to fishing in certain parts of Carmarthen Bay, and the proposed amendment is that the bye law shall not apply b-etwe ne'he 1st October and the 30th of April, inclusive, to sailing vessels trawflmg in Carmarthen Bay with trawls of a mesh of not less than six inches or one and a half inches from knot to knot in any part. Meetings have been held by the inland water fishermen interested, and protests have been made against th proposal of th petitioners, on the ground that the fishing industry in Ferryside, Laugbarne, Llanstephan, Kidwelly, Bu,ri-y Port, and Loughor would be seriously affected by its adoption. At a meeting held at Ferryside schoolroom 011 Friday eve.ning last, the fol- lowin.g attended. Mr W. W. Wailton, repre- sentative of the Ferryside fishermen, on the M.H.S.F. district Mr R. A. Nevill, repre- senting the Llanelly and Loughor districts; and Mr J. Morgan, representing the fisher- men on the Board of Conservators (Towy fishery district), and a large number of fishermen. It was unanimously agtecd to protest against the -new proviso. It was decided to ask the Fisheries Board to receive a deputation from Ferryside on behalf of those engaged in both trawlimg and ground fishing.

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