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Carmarthen Bay ^ibhery Board.

The Proposed Fisheries Bye-Law:…

Onr Boy's Food. j ---

Big Blaze at Pontardulias.!


----Llacdilo Board of Guardias…


Llandilo Rural District Council.

Peculiar American Plant.|

Mr. Mfc Kcnra's tj


A Visit to Ireland.


Carmarthea iiorousfli POIICG…

! Carmarthen eounty Pcty Fessiops

-...-Will of Aklermai. Daniel…


Will of Aklermai. Daniel Stephens Kidu eliy. Probate was granted in London on Thurs- day of the will of Alderman Daniel Stephens, of the Arlais, iv dwelly, head of the firm of Step,liens and Siiicia brick manufacturers tw:ee mayor cf Kidwelly, county and borough elderinaiii and magistrate, who died on the 19th of October, aged 62, leaving property {3.GÐ5 gross and tlO,285 -net personality to his soi, Alfred -Stephens.- of BroomhriI:1, KiJd- and 1 homes Oriffihts, ef Bllrry Port, to each ef whom was left a legacy of £ 50 for e>oeutor: bin. TI I f' testator left'the residue lh> properly to lis uii, life, and The Arbes and ;i!i iiiii'ii!y < L'-l'iO to his daugh- I r, I< •<»!•« iic Stephens, ami 3Iountairr 'M « imonies, and all a,' nni-ity ol t'300 to las daughter, Pris- ciilla Smart, and the ultimate residue to his sou, A^'rcd.