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A Visit to Ireland.


A Visit to Ireland. ADDRESS BY THE MAYOR OF KIDWELLY. The memlbers of the Loyal Gwenllian, Lodge of the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows were greatly entertained and edified by an address delivered to them Oil Saturday evening last by one of the fraternity, P.G. and Trustee W. AVilkins, Mayor, who took as his suibject, "A Visit to Ireland." He prefaced his re- marks by saying that his experiences during hisi years of office had 'been, quite an educa- tion, and had been the means of broadening his views oin matters in genera 1. Nothing, he added, was so conducive to a right appre- ciatioii, of men and things as travel—going amongst strangers and learning at first hand their customs, prejudices, and peculiarities. He then briefly described his journey in August of :last year to Dublin. How, accom- panied by his present Deputy (Mr D. Row- Lands), he proceeded to Fishguard, proceed- ing thence -by the s.s. St. David to Rosslare, which was reached after a pleasant, but un- eventful passage in three hours. The run by rail from Rosslare could not be described as exhilarating, but the tedium was relieved by the appearance on the scene at Kildare of an officer of the Royal Forces, who proved not only an agreealble travelling companion, but also a. friend. 1 hanks to his good offices, they secured splendid accommodation at the Ormonde Hotel, whither they were accom- panied by their new comrade. The journey had taken 14J hours to accomplish, and they • were quite ready to .avail themselves of the provisiollsma,de for satisfying the inner man. after which repose for the night was Soligilt. Next day was devoted to sight seeing, amongst the places of interest visited bein"- Trinity College, with its 1,600 students, the Museum and St. Stephens Park, with its wonderful orn.amentat grounds. Sackvi-lle street called for special attention it is the finest street in DuibiiQ and oontaiins several imposing monuments, including a Nelson column and a statue of O'Coimell. The exhibition 'was next visited, and all inspec- tion made of the various exhibits, particu- latiy that of Messrs Mansfield, whose patent lighting plaint it was at that time intended to introduce into xvidwellv. Everv facility was afforded the speaker to acquaint himself with the various appliances used in connec- tion with this method of lighting, and he was thoroughly satisfied with the system, which could be utilised in addittiom for cooking and heating p,url).o,s.e. His only regret now was that the Kidwelly Town; Council had not thought it advisable,to- adopt the Mansfield scheme. In Donegal, where it had been installed, he could say, on the authority of the local Roman, Catholic priest who was at first a decided opponent of the new system, it had exceeded the anticipations of its most ardent supporters. Sunday morning was set apart for seeing the Dublin citizens at wor- ship. An. early cob brat ton, of the Mass in the Roman Catholic Cathedral drew form His Worship a tribute to the intensely reverent and devotional spirit of the mem- bers of that religious community. Would that more of the self-same spirit were introduced into Protestant, and particularly Noncon- far mist services, Lie was greatly impressed with the musical portion of the morning er- vice, the singing u about the best li has heard. The entire absence of class distinc- tion inside the sacred edifice was also a matter which could not fail to strike a Pro- testant stranger like himself. The after- noon of an Irish Sabbath is not devoted to religious observances, but all forms of recrea- tion are indulged in. and these might be wit- nessed in Phoenix Park, which he visited, and where his guide led him to the spot where that i,.otis crime—the murder of Lord Cavendish and Mr Burke-was perpetrateil. Glasnevm Cemetery, containing the tombs of Ireland's most renowned sons, v. as the next centre of attraction. Here he stood above the mortal remains of the two greatest Nationalist leaders—Daniel diaries Stewart Parnell. St. Patrick's Cathedral, a magnificent pile, claimed his attention, on Bank Holiday. The environ- ment. however, is a striking contrast to tho beauty of the structure, as here ho encoun- tered the lowest type of humanity he had seem in Dublin. Dublin Ca-tle a 'd the Law Courts wi-ee amongst the iiitorestiw Wooes seen and in connection with the former he could not refrain from exnmssino- his gnat surprise at the possibility *-of removing the Regalia, seeing how many soku-or, deiec- fives, and ether officials are o.u duty nio-ht and day guarding the place. The return I journey called for Ilo comment. A few eii-o anecdotes added to enliven the address, wnieh was listened to with interest bv the tairiv large audience that had .a.ssembVd. His Worship concluded with an appeal .to his young hearers to husband their resources, I and iii,-)t to squander their inoiiev on pa sine pleasures, so that they might. have theVopoi" tanity of tasting the real sweets that enlv he who travels can ever possibly enjoy. Tiie Secretary (Bro. Tiro. \t > ■■■) said that he had listened to tht- nd'l-c v. i "i <2>-oat interest, and he felt very gr;Ke'"ul i > i! e flavor for- giving them an hour o: his I able time as he had dene that ni-drr. H" j complimented him en boMie th • m:tf a d I manner üf hi, delivei-A-, and felt ;j j | present would associate themselves w'Ui th'■ compliment, Pro I). 0. Jones, like the pits-ions spaker, \\as pleased with -the i'ddress. He wnn a truck i with His Wor.ship'.s re-.euiti-ve memory, wh.ish ha(l-i -lit "I 1J to give details of everything lie had sei n. He was also a keen observer, and tin's. w.'Hi his other good qualities, was a i'ac or in a listing i him to attain his t -t-li-at )f Chief -Magistrate of h \s .isat-ive toivn Ho (the speaker) was glad to find the Mayor, strong Plot( sta.iit andNoriieonifoimiis.t that he is. broad minded enough to pay the tribute lie did to the Catholic wor- shippers. v present to hear fiueh an interesting- address i He hoped as_ a result of the Mayor's eJ.serv: tiolis tli-,it more spirit I would pervade our .serv K*es. A -III, desirable in ibis direct ion more os-pec-pally in, the -N :Hieonior'u- ist bedies, the Church of England being 'le-s giri-ty o.f this aok of .reverence. He t-lioueht j our Mayor ,should be made a Justice of the Peace, and felt sure if the powers that elevated hiim to the Countv Bench, they vvould be meeting the wishes" of aM classes of the community in Kidwelly. A heaity vote of thanks was given to the Mayor, on the proposition of the Secreta-rv! seconded by Bro. John Davie-. In reijuvid- ing;, His Worship explained he had only just returned from Cardiff, If(-, I'll a:cl I)e attending the functions in (-unecticn with the presentation of the fr-e; (lorn cf that eitv to the Right Hai. D. Lloyd George, He had been pressed by his friends to prolono- his visit over Sunday, but he would not dji- appoint his Brother Oddfellows on account, tpr j i


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