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A Book that Brings Fortune.


A Book that Brings Fortune. HOW AN 1 READER OF THE 'CARMAR- THEN WEEKLY REPORTER" MAY TURN t5 INTO £ 8,000 WITHOUT RISK. Within the last few weeks there has been an overwhelming demand for a remarkable Blue Book dealing with a subject of absorb- ing nterest, that appeals to young and old, rich and poor alike. This book has 48 pages, and cant-aims the Official Particulars furn- ished by Foreign Government and Munici- palities as to the distribution of Premiums. You may obtain a presentation copy free and it may be the means of makimig your Fortune. We all desire riches. We all desire the comforts and the pleasures that the posses- sion of money brings, and this desire can be fulfilled, the opportunity—tfcliat (magic key that unlocks the gate of success-is here. It is given by this book—this book which is of more value to its reader than many times its weight in gold. "You don't have to doiok for luck," said a welll-known financier the other day, "it is looking for you. Alll you have to do is to know iifc when you see it, get aboard, and ride to success." When, we first heard these words we were somewhat doubtful. Them orume this book.. We opened it and read its pages, first carelessly, then with ever in- creasing interest-, and iiiow we know that the magnate's remark was perfectly true. Here luck; here was opportunity; all that the reader had to do was plainly indicated. And then-riches, (perhaps great riches, and riches, too, earned without the slightest worry, aind withoult any Risk! Everybody knows that fortunes can be made iin; business or on the Stock Exchange. But what everybody does not know is that it is quite possible to invest any money from R5 -cash upwards, or to deposit any money from 2s 6d a week upwards in a SAFE GOVERNMENT SECURITY FREE FROM ALL RISK, to earn a fortune, maybe, of £ 24,000. Yet such is tÃhle case. The facts are shown i,n the (book we have mentioned. And if you will write to the Secretary of the Anglo- American Finance Corporation, 41, King Willilia,m st., London, E.C., you may obtain a copy of this marvellous work free of all charge or obligation by mentioning the "Carmarthen Weekly Reporter."


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