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Fox Hunting.


Fox Hunting. CARMARTHENSHIRE CAPTURE THREE I BRUSHES. The Carmartliejishire hounds were respon- sihle for the, despatch of three foxes in the Llamboiiidy district last week. The first quarry was [ound secreting himself in the ' at Pen'brook, and upon being bolted made straight ahead for Wauwmawr, then verging (back over the dingle, he crossed the river down to Bailey. After a couple of I mings he made back over Bailey and Dyffryn, and crossed over to Cilannw on his way to the dingle at Maesgwynne-issa. Near here he ran into a ralblbit hole, followed by one of the pack just before the terrier could he got in. Just at this <nioiment a fresh fox was started, aini(I hounds gave chase so hurriedly that within (three fields the varmint had to yield his 'brush. Meanwhile the hound who bad got himself into difficulties in the rabbit hole was released, and the fox was eventu- ally dug out and thrown to hounds. A move was then, made to Ffoeswyii, whore hounds marked a fox underground. Terriers soon 'bolted him out, and he turned his mask for Castle, then to the left for Maesgwynne-issa, down for Forrestfach and Cileiiignos, where he was bowled over. Hunt- mg was then suspended, with houndsfifteeil1 males from home. The fielkl on, this occasion included Mr R. H. Hairriies, M.F.H. Mr Price, Clyn- gwynme; Mr ,D. G. Protheroe, M.O.H. Mr E. So ProtherOe, Glyntaf; Dr R. L. "Thomas, Mr and Miss Hutchinson, Whitland; toge- ther with Mrs R. L. Thomas, Miss Protheroe, Mrs Phillips, and Master Lawrence, of Lam- peter Velfrey. At their second day's meet at Pass-by, on the St. Clears road, the hounds had one very good run, of nearly two hours. The master was aceompainiied by Mr Parkinson,, Mr J. Parkinson, and Miss Parkinson, of Castell Pieyii; Mr Phillips, ClyngwJnne; Mr D. H. Thomas, Starling Park; Mr W. J. Williams., Picton terrace, Carmarthen.; Miss Francis, Myrtle Hlil; Mr Carver and Miss Carver, Wenallt; Mr Jack Carver, Treca- dwgan the Misses Barker, Oaklands Mr Percy Thomas, Derllys Court; Mr Jack Richards, Patnyrathro; Mr J. Ll. Thomas, Gilfach; Miss Brown. Training College; and Mr Harries, jun., Picton terrace. On moving on to Wemddu a find was made, Reynard breaking away for Waumcor- gam, ifrom where he doubled back short through the covert to Wemddu, BerthJwyd, amd back to Cwmcoch. Here he went into the covert with hounds close upon, him, but managed to get clear away for Lan. Later on, scent becoming fainter, hounds lost all trace of him just above Sarnau Railway Station.

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