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Mr. Me Kenna's ( SPEECH BY MR LLEWELYN WILLIAMS MP. On Friday night a meeting of Liberals was held at Zion Chapel, Llanclly. Mr T. Jones, J.P., in the chair. A resolution was sub- mitted in appreciation of the work of the present Administration. It was supported by the Rev Daniel Hughes, formerly of Calfaria Baptist Church, and carried. A rote of confidence was passed in the borough member, iMr Llowey 11 Williams. Mr Llewelyn Wiiiia<ms, M.P., referring to the question, of secondary school grants said nal grievance felt by Welsh people was tiblt while a child in an English secondary school received a grant of £ 5 for four, five, oi e. Oii eight years, a child in a Welsh inter- mediate school would only receive a grant of .£ t p" ell; an average for four years. The nir.qua.ity was iso startling that it really re- qur'rrd no argument to force it home to the mind of any impartial man. He thought it was a pity that the deputation which waited on Mr McKenna on Thursday had not been content with einiphasising this one simple point. He was glad to Bee that Mr McKenna had made an offer of exactly equal treatment for Welsh children tin. the future, and he (the speaker) could n'ot quite understand why there should be any reluctance at all on the pa.rt of the deputation to accept that offer. Mr Willi aims highly commended Mr Mc- Ivenna's action in regard to the training colleges. There were 26 Church of England training colleges built between 1842 and 1872 at a cost of £ 230,000, and of that sum, -tg-d,ooo, cr one-third, was defrayed by Gov- ernment grants. Let them take the Car- martheiii Training College -as an instance. It was founded in 1848 and enlarged in 1861. The total cost was £ 14,000. Of that sum £ 4,845, or more than one-third, represented grants frotm the public treasury. During the years 1863 to 1905 the Government grants to the college had gone up froan tl,280 to 3,433. During these veal's the average volun- tary subs-eiipticiis only amounted to -6393 a year, while the Exchequer's grants on an average came to £ 2 198, and yet it was said tc be an intoierable hardship that the Minis- ter of Education should say to these colleges that they should not receive any more public money unless they allowed the Nonconform- ist candidate the same fair play as tlhe Church of England candidate for admission into the colleges. In. conclusion, Mr Willi aims i-eip,ri-ed to the forthcoming Education Bill, which he said he was glad to see had been described as "short and drastic" bv Mr Asquith, but lie (Mr Williams) was afraid that until some Government was courageous enough to introduce a Bill for purely secular education the problem of education would never be finally solved. At the end of his speech, Mr Williams was questioned by Mr Tom Harris, a local Socialist, as to the votes lie had given during the last two sessions. Mr Williams said he did not claim to have voted with the Labour party on even- occasion, but was in full sym- pathy with the aspirations of the workers of his country. A resolution of confidence in the hon member was carried unanimously.

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