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Vunaal Treat to the Carmarthen Poor. PLEASANT FUNCTION AT ZION SCHOOLROOM. On Thursday, the 9th inst., the third anutal treat was given to the poor of Carmarthen at Zion (ajchoolrodm. This is the third year that the event has been organised, and yet so quietly has it been earned out that only the organisers, the subscribers, and the guests have been aware that such a function has taken place at New Year's time during 1906 and 1907. A few energetic friends have talkeu. up the imatter, collected funds, sought out the deserving recipients, and got the helpers together necessary -to make the affair a success. On Thursday evening the schoolroom pre- sented a VØ1 pleasing spectacle. Seasonable mottoes & decorations ornamented the room and the 80 or 90 guests who assembled were attended to in a most satisfactory ma-niiei. They were mostly old people, and were as varied a lot as could be found at any other gathering in the town,. Some were bom and had lived in poverty; others had been ill good positions and had gone down. Undoubtedly, there was a very cheerful air pervading the place. Most of the recipients that afternoon ,and evening partook of the only two "square meals" which they had had for some time. At the commencement of the proceedings, each had plenty of tea, bread, roast beef and plum pudding. After the speeches and tJhe miscellaneous (progiiaimime the (proceedings concluded with a coffee supper. The chair after tea was occupied by Coun- ciUar William Thomas. He said that it gave him greac pleasure to be present amongst them. This was the first time that they had been present at that gatheeirng which he understood was an annual one. He hoped that havintg had the pleasure of attending that evening, he would be able to come there again. He was sure that they had all enjoyed themselves very 'much. Looking at the programme, he felt. quite sure that there was another treat in store forthern in it and he felt sure that after the coffee supper they wouid all go hlome feeling they had had three treats in one. He hoped that they would all enjoy themselves very much. This was the third event of the, kind; he hoped that it would not be the last, 'but that it would be an annual one far years to come. It was very gratifying to see such a large number present, It was not really known, who pro- vided the treat, but great gratitude was due to those who gave it and to all who had assis ted in any way, aiijd he trusted they would be able to go on year after year so that there, would be no check, and that they would be ruble to 'make it as successful in the future as it had beeiyin the past. Addresses were delivered by the Rev. B. F. Richards, Mr Jo/nes, Mr Parke Jones, Mr Jaimes John, Rev. H. T. Atkins, Rev. T. N. PTiillipsoii. and the Rev W. D. Rowlands, Mr George Thomas (Harddfan). r Solos were given by Misses Lizzie Jones, H. J. Jones, Ray Evans, Gwladys and Myfy TiV.nric lirl Af i- T flnnwil Tijv.nns ? rAritntmriiR by Miss Lewis and Miss Blodwen Jones, and a pianoforte solo by Miss Evelyn Anthony, Miss Gwladys Evans acted as accompanist. Miss Gwladys Evans acted as accompanist. Amongst othefjg who assisted in various Ways were Miss Lewis (Market Hall), Miss L. Rees, Mrs Owen Jones, Miss Edward Da vies, Miss S. Jones, Miss Morgan (Brodawel), Mrs John (PrioTy street), Mrs Thomas (Waterloo terrace), Lane (Mill street), Miss Lizzie Jones, Miss Blodweni Jones, Miss Evans (Water street), Miss Gwladys Evans, Miss Evans (Dark Gate), Miss Evelyn Thomas, Evelyn Anthony, Rev B. F. Richards, Mr Edwards (the Avenue), Mr D. H. Thomas, Mr Owen Jones, Mr David Daviesi (Nott Square). Mr Parke Jones this year and last year, made arrangements to convey to and from their homes tlhe poor people who were not able to walk. Thotse who could not he removed, had liberal portions of the fare sent to them at their own homes. The affaiir was a great success from begin- ning to end, and thoie who took part in pro- moting it have the satisfaction of knowing that they have introduced one bright spot at any rate into the dull grey lives of the poor. _f,