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---------81. Peter's Christmas…

Crops that Paid Well.


Crops that Paid Well. Mr Ernest Parke, of Iv.netor., Yvorwick- shcie, records the results cf his sixth year's expenmeruto in the manuring of arable crops nanneh, oat 5 and miangolds. The oat crop (Black Tartar) of last season followed a. root crop. Without any direct application of manure it gave 55* bushels of oats an4 28 cwt of straw per acre. Superphosphate alone (3cwt. per acre) raised the yield to 771. bu-die's of oats, with 33cwt cf straw. When the superphosphate Mas followed by lewt of nitrate of soda (applied early in Mav) the crop was 84 bushels of oats, with 41cwt of straw, and where a second dress'ng of nitrate was applied later it. was as much as 96 bushels of oa-is, with olcwt. of straw. The heaviest crop, therefore, shows an increase of bushels of oats and 23cwit of straw per acre for an cult lay of not more than 32s in fertilisers, shoeing the economy of manuring well on land which, although naturally poor, is responsive to good treat- ment. The experimental mangold crop (yellow Globe) wtas Jast year taken after a crop off beans, and was a particularly fine erne. With-iut direct manui'inirr it gave between 18 and 19 tons of per acre Four cwt of superphosphate per acre raised the mop to 2;, tons On three other portions cf the fie.d sirperpho >i>h>ate was .followed by nitia. e ch s,da at the respective rates cf 2, 4 and 6 cwt. per .acre, and on theso plots the yield of mangolds e 36 11 0^.1 u?x p-iM!eei1.,ng fractions, nW +1? I S ];°r acrc- 0,1 three J. 5 f r;crease of loots over the un- anured plots was, ilicrofcre, approximately aul 'J(' 'to!1s per acre, while the cost of 'irauur;ng was 34s, 58, and 82s respec- tYeh., w:;nc:i makes the ii^fire'aeod wte'mlit of crop work out- at frcui 2s to 2s 9d per*ton a price at .winch most farmers would be ea^er to buy roots. Dr Dyer continues to ad rise u 1 arko in the conduct ef his experiments,