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Carmarthen Town Council.

Fports and Regatta at St Clears.

No Surprise to Carmarthen.…

i !St. Clears Garden Show.


St. Clears Garden Show. The St. Clears Gardeai Society held their 23rd annual show at the Council School, St. Clears, on Friday, August 9th. It was orig- inally intended that the show should be held in a marquee in the Market Ground, St. Clears, but unexpected difficulties arose, and the Committee doc-ided to hold it, as in the past, at the school. Considering the ex- tremely unfavourable season which has been experienced and the early date oil which it was held the show was on the whole a fairly goed one. The judges were: Garden pro- duce, -Mr D. Walters Bankyfelin birds, Mr T. OhaiS. Davies, King st., Camiarthen; dogs, Mr Lewis, Llanmiloe; butter, etc., Air W. J. Williams, St. Clears; pigs, lambs, etc., Mr D. Evans, butcher, St. Cleat's. The secretarial duties were discharged by Mr H. Lyons, Green Meadow, St. Clears.Duriaig the afternoon the Llanelly Town Band rendered selections of music. Awards :— FLOWERS AND FRUIT. Specimen window plant: 1, D. Thomas, Clifoni Mill; 2, Wm. Evans, Gatefach. Three window plants: 1, Inspector H. Evans, St. Clears; 2, D. Thomas, Clifon Mill. Apples, dessert 6, apples, kitchen, 6, plum, 6, and I collection of frn it, Tom John, St. Clears. I Pears, 6: 2, J. S. Thomas, Glaspant. YEGETABLES. Broad be-aii, 12: 1, D. Evans, butchej; 2, Mrs Saer, Tho Rivulet. Beans, runners, 12: • Leonard, Teasant Hill; 2, Evan James, saddler, St. Clears. Carrots, long red, 6: 1, J. Kill a, Templetcvi. Oarrots, short red, 6: 1, J. Davies, Biyncaerau 2, J. S. Thomas, G las pant'. Cahbage, table, 3: P.C. David Davics..St. Clears; 2, 1). Thomas, Clifon Mill. 3: T. Killa, Templet on. Onions, pickling silver skm), 12: J. Howells, Ostrey-ucha, Onions, potato, 6: 1, J. S. Thomas; 2, J. Kill- i 6: 1, J. Killa. Potatoes, round, 12: J. Potatoes, kidney, 12: 1, J. KilHa; 2, J Howells, Ostrey; Potatoes, (i different varieties, 4 of each: 1, J. Killa; 2, J. T. Phillips, Templeton. Peas, 24 pods: 1, J. Davies, lliymcacrau; 2, J. Killa. Rhubarb, 3 sticks: 1, Tom John; 2, J. Saer, Capel Mair Villa. Turnips, garden. 6:1, H. Yoylo Morgan, Baehe; 2, J. S. Thomas. Sample of shallots, 12: 1, David Evans, butcher; 2, J. S. Thomas. Specimen of parsley: 1, Rd. Lewis, Templeton,: 2, J. l Hwol'ls, Osii-ey. Cauliflowers. 3; 1, David Evains, butcher; 2, Tom John. Beetroot, 3: 1, J. Saer, Capel Mair Villa; 2, J. T. Phillips Templeton. Radish, 3, J. T. Phillips; 2, R. Lewis, Templeton. GENERAL EXHIBITS. Duck and drake: 1, D. Thomas, Mill; 2, Tlieo- Jones, La-nlwyd. Paw of pigeons, D. C. Davies, Pretoria Buildings. Goldfindh: 1, Herbert Davies, Butchers Arms; 2 Mrs James, Wallsall House. Swedes, b: 2, —. James, Castlegorfod. Maingolds, 6: 1, James, CasUegorfod. Walking stick: 1, Jas. James, Bannal; 2, Tom Isaac, Parenewydd. \Uiite loaf and Brown loaf: Tom John, Pentie Stores. Plank loaf: 1, Mrs S Davies Llain. Six cakes of Bara Ceirch: 1, Mrs Lloyd, Ddol- fawr; 2, Mrs" S. Davies, Llain. Cat: 1, and 9 Herbert Evans, Butchers Arms, lib ot fresh butter: I, Tom John; 2 W. Leonard, Teasant. 12 white eggs: 1, Jot ham Iliillips, 2, Mrs Evans. Cwmbrwyn. 12 brow* eggs: 1, J. R. Thomas, Pantyrhead; 2 J. b. Thomas, Gliasipant, Canary: 1, D. C. Davies Pretoria Buildings; 2, Mrs James, Walsall House, Pair of fat ducks wind pair ot fat fowls (dressed), J. S. Thomas: Collie: 1, PC Dd. Davies, St. Clears. Spaniel: 1. Herbert Evans, Butchers Arms; 2, J. Davies, Brvncaerau. Terrier, 1, John Evans, Llan- Vbri- 2 J. R. Thomas, Pantyrhead. Cur do«:'l, John Howells", Ostrey 2, Tom Jcflin, Pentre Stores. Setter or pointer: 1, Mrs James, Walsall House, Greyhound: 1, Dr J. Phillips; 2, Mr 31. W. Jenkins, chemist. SPECIAL PRIZES. Fat lamb: 1, J. S. Thomas; 2 Tom Jdhn. British bird, amy variety (given by Mr Ben Williams): 1, Howell Williams, Masons Arms; 2, Ben Williams, Masons Anns. Fat pig fen on'Thorley's food (priae value £1 Is), John Howells, Ostrey; 2nd, .10s 6d, David Tito mas, Clifon Mill. Fat pig fed on barley meal (given by St. Clears Bacon Factory Company, 1, John Howells, Ostrey; 2, Dd. Thomas, Clifon Mill.

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