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""Football Notes.

Local Football Tables.


Local Football Tables. COMBINATION TABLE. Goals, P. W. L. D. F. A Pts. Whitchurch 18 ..15 1 2 ..62 ..24 ..32 Chester 16 ..13 1 2 ..55 ..13 ..28 WigtnTown.. 17 ..10 2 5 ..33 ..23 ..25 Tranmere R. 18 9 7 2 ..27 ..22 ..20 *Birk«nheadj.. 19 9 7 •• 3 «»47 »»46 ••I9 Nantwich 17 9 7 1.034 -o1 ••I9 Oswestry 18 7 8 3 ..34 ..27 ..17 Wrexham ,20 ..10 3 ..33 ..38 ..17 Druids 21 5 ..10 6 ..24 ..53 ..16 Chirk 21 6 ..12 3 ..31 ..52 ..15 Bangor 21 5 ..12 4 ..29 ..43 ..14 Rhyl 20 6 ..12 2 ..25 ..42 ..14 Crewe Alex. 14 4 8 2 ..27 38 ..10 Wrexham Vies. 16 4 ..12 o ..16 ..25 8 The Whitchurch v. Nantwich match (Dec. 26) has been ordered to be replayed, thus the points have been struck out of the table. *Birkenhead deducted two points for playing an ineligible man. 00000 Results at a Glance. Combination. -Druids. I Rhyl o "Crewe 2 Chirk. I 00000 NORTH WALES COAST LEAGUE. (Division I.) *Colwyn Bay. 5 Conway I 00000 NORTH WALES COAST AMATEUR CUP SEMI-FINAL. Bangor 1 Holyhead. I OOOOO FLINTSHIRE LEAGUE. *Rhyl Vic- 5 Buckley 2 SHROPSHIRE CUP.-SEMI-FINAL. Oswestry 5 Shrewsbury I Denotes home ground. OOOOO NORTH WALES C.. FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Division I. Goals. P. W. L. D. fe A P Holyhead 7 6 o 1 ..38 7 ..13 Llandudno A. 10 5 3 2 ..15 ..17 .,12 Colwyn Bay 10 4 3 3 "22 ..21 ..11 Conway. 10 4 4 2 ..23 ..27 ..10 Carnarvon U. t) 4 4 I ..18 ..20 9 Bangor Res. 8 1 5 2 ..16 ..22 4 BlaenauF 8 1 b 1 i o ..26 3 Portmadoc have resigned record expunged. OOOOO DIVISION II. Goals. P. W. L. D. F. A. P Rhyl Victoria 9 7 I ..35 6 ..15 Denbigh. 4 3 1 ..I2 ..17 ..10 Ruthin 8 5 3 o ..19 9 9 Rhyl C. Guild 7 2 3 2 ..10 ..14 6 Llandudno R. 7 3 •• 2 • •11 ••I7 •• 6 Rhuddlan C. ;0..7..0..5 ..27 0 00000 A CLOSE GAME AT RUABON. I The locals were at Ruabon last Saturday playing the Druids in the Combination, and from all accounts the game was a very evenly contested one. From the start the Druids monopolised matter?, forcing fruit- less corners. Owens eventually scored magnificently for the Druids. Rhyl after this reverse wakened up and were all over their opponents but they had no luck, and try as they may they could not score. Final result: Druids 1, Rhyl o. 00000 WHITCHURCH v. WREXHAM. In the Semi-final of the above com- petition played at. Chester before a tre- mendous crowd, the game resulted in a draw cne goal each. 00000 THE VICS BEAT BUCKLE Y. The Vies last Saturday were at home to Buckley in the Flintshire League, and be. fore the game had been in progress very long it was plain to be seen that the Vies were the better side. On the other hand Buckley tested the home defence on several occasions, but could not break through. The Vies transferred the play to the other end and had hard lines on more than one II occasion. But before the interval scored twice. Tn the second half the locals scored three and Buckley 2. Final: Vies 5 goals, Buckley 2. 00000 I To-morrow (Saturday), Rhyl play Nant" wich in the Combination, and as the Cheshire men are the only team to defeat Chester, the probable champions, we can safely look forward to a good game. 00000 RHYL VICS v. LLANRWST. The nnal tie in the North Wales Junior Cup Competition will take place at Colwyn Bay, on the 23rd March, between Llan. rwst and Rhyl Vies. The Llanrwst team are a much heavier team than the Vies, and will want a good deal of shaking off, the Vies will have to go all the way to I win right from the start. Play the game, keep cool, play to win, and no doubt your efforts will be rewarded. 00000 I THE CHAMPIONSHIP. The Vies have now their eyes on the championship of the North Wales Coast Junior League, as they have only ONE more game to play. This will be the second time in succession they have held the cup, and I only hope they will also bring home the cup from Colwyn Bay. 00000 Morgan-Owen, captain of the famous Corinthian team, whilst playing against Newcastle United last Saturday in the final tie of the Sheriff of London Charity Shield, played a grand game for his side at I centre-half, but unfortunately he strained the muscles of his right leg, and then it was all U P., and the Corinthians tried a big change in their formation, Hunt going centre-half, Mclver left half, and Morgan- Owen right outside, and Young right in- side. The change proved disastrous, for Newcastle afterwards scored 4 goals, and won 5 to 2. 00000 It is rumoured that Tommy Roberts the Rhyl forward, has been reinstated and intends signing as an amateur for the Vies for next season. 010 memor7 13 1bad> Perhaps, but I can tell you two secrets that will cure the worst fprpsfpj" Th^' a sukject when in- terested The other is, not only to read, but think. When you have read a paragraph or a page, stop, close the book, and try to remem- ber the ideas on that page, and not only recall them vaguely in your mind, but put them into words and speak them out. Faithfully follow these two rules, and you have the keys of know- ledge. Besides inattentive reading, there are other things injurious to memory. One is the ha £ >it of skimming over newspapers all in a confused jumble, never to be thought of again. thus diligently cultivating a habit of careles3 reading hard to break. Another is the reading of trashy novels. Nothing is so'fatal to read- ing with profit as the habit of running through story after story and forgetting them as soon as read. I know a grey-haired woman, a life- long lover of books, who sadly declares that her mind has been ruined by such reading. Men of mind rarely are captivated by a face merely very beautiful, but what it represents or what they imagine it does. Woe be to the beauty who has no better capital than her face. With it she can allure someone into marrying her, but if he married for an intel- lectual companion, he is likely to prove the mo.t disappointed and indifferent of husbands on discovering the fraud. The world will never g-t over its old belief that a fair face is the index to graces slightly veiled, and ready to, be revealed when the right to know is gained In nursery rhymes, in fairy tales, and the average novel the beautiful heroine is always lovely, and so, in spite of adverse experience, the world will ever expect wisdom and truth from red lips, till they say too much-tih the red lips themselves prove the contrary. Then come the anger and disgust which men ever visit upon those who deceive and disappoint them. Beauty is a dainty and exquisite vesti- bule to a temple, but when the worshipper is beguiled into entering only to find a stony and "nisshapen idol and a dingy shrine, this doea ..ot conduce to future devotion.—E. P. Roe.

--------St. Asaph.


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