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National Fire Brigades' Union. a1 HE .NORTH WALES DISTRICT. ANNUAL MEETING AT RHYL. The annual meeting of the orth TTaLes District of the. National Fire Brigades' Union was held at the Alex- andra Hotel, Rhyl, yesterday, wh-en Captain. W Conwy Bell presided, and -there were also present Captain Edward •Williams and Councillor G Perkins, hergele and Pensarn Lieut Oldfield and Lieut J 0 Hughes, Bodrhyddan and Jthuddlan; Capt T Roberts, Cnlwyn Bay and Colwyn; Capt Edward E Jones, Dolgelly: Capt J Inglis, Mos- tfyn Hall; Capt G AN- Lacey, C.E., Oswestry; Capt Greenwood, Presta- ,*tvn Capt H Bairstow, Queen's Eerry Chemical Works Lieut Griffiths, San- ely croft; Capt Owen, Llandudno: ( apt T Tones, Blaenau Eestiniog, and Capt J 0 Knight, Menai Bridge. The un- represented Brigades were Bangor, Beaumaris, Carnarvon, Conway, Den- bigh, Llangollen, Mold, Portmadoc, iRhyl, Ruthin, and Wrexham. APOLOGIES. Letters of apology for inability to attend were read from Lord Mostyn (the President) and Mr T Byrne (one of .the Yice-Presidents). AXFAL REPORT. The Hon. Sec. (Lieut J 0 Hughes, 1 1 Rhuddlan) read the following annual aeport: — Your Council, in presenting their report for 1905, have great pleasure in stating that '2 Brigades were affilia- ted, namely, Portmadoc and Carnar- von, and the year has been a most suc- cessful one in every respect. The an- nual demonstration and competitions "were held at Dolgelley on 12ilh July, 1905, and although it was rather an (inaccessible place, your Coucil desire to express their thanks for the excel- lent attendance. Your Council also desire to place on record their very hearty and cordial thanks to their Yice-President, G F icOtt, and the Dolgelley Reception Committee, for the excellent arrange- ments and prizes offered. The events 'were, owing to their generosity, more numerous than ever, and the prizes valuable. Below is given the times and list of prize-winners: Inspec- tion of Brigades: 1, Sandycroft 2, Rhyl. Steamers.: 1, Llangollen 2, Blaenau Festiniog. Manuals: 1, Bodrhyddan 2, Dolgelley. One iMan Manual Drill: 1, Dolgelley, 41-4 2, Bodrhyddan, -r--1. Two Men Manual (Dry: 1, Dolgelley, 24; 2, Llandudno, 27-1. Four Men Manual (Dry): 1, Llandudno, 24-1: 2, Colwyn Bay, -30-1. One Man Drill (Officers): 1, Dolgelley, 42-2; *2, Abergele, 4-5-4. Hydrant Drill (for the Byrne Challenge Shield): 1, Colwyn Bay, 14-4: 2, Bodrhyddan, 15-2. Four Men Wet Drill (for the Dolgelley Challenge Shield): 1, Dolgelley, 45-2; 2, Abergele, Five Men Steamer Wet Drill (for the Mostyn Challenge Cup): 1, Colwyn Bay, 2;>-2 2, Llandudno, 25. To- tal number of officers and men atten- ding, 120. The Council also wish to acknowledge the very kind gift of three CUDS, given for the Dolgelley competitious by friends residing there. The financial state of affairs is most: satisfactory, and the balance in hand is £ 1S lis lOd. There are still a few Brigades in the District which the Secretary has for some time ibeen trying to affiliate. It is hoped that individual members will also try and influence these Brigades to be- come members. The Autumn y en-^ tral Council Meeting, held in L^ei- pool, was attended by a few of your delegates,- and the deliberations proved of great use, and were very interesting. Your Coucil again have pleasure in reporting upon the ini- provement m drills, and unIformIty generally, which were very apparent 1 at the Dolgelley meeting." FINANCES. The statement of accounts showed re- ceipts totalling £44 12s 4d on the gen- eral account, and expenses amounting to £:2,(j 18s. The competition account displayed the fact that the sum of £ (>9 1Gs (;<1 was received, and X-51 4s Gd spent, so that there was a balance in hand of £ 1S lis lOd, as against £ 1S 15s 2d last year. A-ND ORPHANS' FCXD. With regaid to this fund, the follow- ing report was presented: It is felt that very little is being done in our District for the above ex- cellent object. The amount collec- ted during the year 1905 in this Dis- trict is as follows :Bodrhyd(lall, £ 1 lis lid Abergele, 15s. It is hoped that the suggestion made by the See- retary some time ago will be earned out, and he appeals for support to thist worthy fund. If the proposition is carried out, the aid given by this District would be very considerable. The En ion has only the sum of' £ 2,->09; lis 7d (invested in Consols), and the Governors are most anxious to raise this sum to £ 20,000 in order to en- able them to grant about ED-00 perl annum. Owing to the enormous and 0. growing strength in membership, it may incur a possible increase in the number of claimsJ so let us help others by helping ourselves." Capt Lacey, in proposing the adoption of the reports, congratulated the district upon the satisfactory statements they had just heard as to its financial condi- tion, etc. ('apt Greenwood seconded, and it was unanimously carried. VOTES OF THANKS. Capt Conwy Bell, in proposing a vote of thanks to the President (Lord Mostyn) and the Y ice-Presideu, remarked that they all realised how well Lord Mostyn worked on their behalf. He was not only a president in name, but was also a working president (Applause). As regards Capt Sc-otifc, they were aware how well lie worked at Dolgelley, and they could readily understand that his pocket, must have suffered, seeing the great interest he took in the demonstra- tion. Capt T Roberts seconded, and it was carried. On the proposition of Capt Inglis, se- conded by Lieut Griffiths, the Council and other officials were heartily thanked. ELECTION OF OFFICERS. The following officers were then re- elected District President, the Right Hon. Lord Mostyn; District Vice- Presidents, Sir R Williams Bulkeley, Bart., Mr Thomas Byrne, and Lieut.- Col. G F Scott; Council for 1900, Capt W Conwy Bell (Bodrhyddan), Chairman: Supt J Owen (Llandudno), Viee-Chaii mau Capt Thomas Roberts (Colwyn Bay), and Capt Ed E Tones! (Dolgelley): Hon. District Surgeon, Surg. Lieut.-Col. Ed Williams, V.D., A.M.R., Mold: Hon. Auditor, C 1) Copley, L. & P. Bank, Rhyl Hon. Sec. and Treasurer, Lieurt .J 0 Hughes, lihuddlan. THE NEXT DEMONSTRATION. A communication was received from the Abergele and Pensarn t- roan Dis- trict Council stating that they had de- cided to extend a warm invitation to the district to hold their next annual demon- stration at that place. There was no other written request to the district to hold their annual demon- stration elsewhere, and Mr Perkins assured them that if they decided to come to Abergele they would receive a most. cordial welcome, and would not have occasion to regret their decision. ('apt Edward Williams also added a few words of invitation on behalf of the Abergele and Pensarn Brigade. Capt Roberts proposed that the offer foe accepted, and Capt T Roberts having seconded, it was carried. Mr Perkins suggested that if the CounHess of Dundonald was approached in the proper manner she might possib- ly give them permission to hol(I the de- monstration in HWITCh Park. The Committee spent some time in fixing a date for the demonstration, and eventually June 28th was agreed upon.

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