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Miscellaneous. POTATOK.S, 500 tons, for planting at once. p Duke of York, 5s. 112 lbs. Sir John Uewellvn, 4s. 112 lbs. Snowdrops, 4s. 112 ]bs • Karlv Rose, 5s. 112 lbs. Duchess ot < "orn wall, 7s. 112 lbs. Beauty of Herbron, 5s. 112 rL) s. Xortlteirn Star, 3s. 112 Ibs. 10 .,ther earl-; sorts. Sendfor list at onc'e-Ct.o:S Oc SO'X, Daffodil Xiusrsuries, Wisbech. Pili AiXOI-'OiRlT/ECienitleman leaving England :mu>st sell at once his Magnificent, I'p- -,ht, S.teel, Oversitrung (iramd, fitted with check repeater, underdamper action, superb Chippen- dale case;, lovely tone and touch matchless, bargain, nearly new. Xo finer instrument could he desired, fit for any drawing-room. Original price, 70 guineas 20 years warranty transferable take 19 guineas. Sent on ap- proval for three clear days. Carriage p.nci both ways if not approved.—CiAlSiA'X.O', 86a, l.ocks-lev Streec. Limehouse, London, K. Notice. T. persons having assets belonging to or /» cliaJms against the estate of Harriott late of Pyracan,ha, Denbigh, in the af Denbigh, formerly of 13, El-wy Street, [Rhyl, in the County of Flint, Widow, deceased, re requested to send full particulars thereof forthwith to me, the undersigned. Dated this 2nd dav of March, 1906. J. Town llal.l, Rhyl, Solicitor to the Executors. Rhyl May-Day Demonstration. mC'RiSD-VY, MAY 3rd, 1906. runt: Committee invite Tenders for Teaching X the Sing.ing. Choruses will be required >r the afternoon, and a varied programme for evening. lenders to be sent to me bv M'ondpv, March 12th. J. D. T'O-LKTX(iIHOiRiXE, cjec.retary. 105, Wellington Road, Rhvl. To the Electors of the East Ward IX THE U'RiBiAX" DISTRICT OF RiHYL. LLAnIES AND (;EN'TL.E,M>EX,—T have been asked by many of the ratepayers in your ■Ward to again place, at the forthcoming Elec- tion, my services at your disposal, my term 01 office then expiring. It is with the utmost regret that I am unable to do so, at all events this year. As you are possibly aware, I am taking" a very active part in. the new scheme for Advertising Rhyl, a scheme which entails an enormous sacrifice of time, but one which T feel is of vital import- ance to the whole town's interests. This, coupled with work on various committees in the town*, is mv sole reason for being unable to find time to discharge the duties as one of ur representatives, in the way they should be discharged. If, when the Advertising of the Town is on firm ground, you again wish me to seek re-election, I shall be only too glad to avail myself of the honour. Thanking you for your past confidence, I am, Yours obediently, PERCY J. ASHFTEiLD. Craig I.ea, Rhyl. Rhyl May-Day Demonstration. THE AXXCAL DEMONSTRATION and FESTIVITIES Will be held at Rhyl on THURSDAY, MAY 3rd. Demonstration at noon. Crowning Ceremony in Ooieen's Palace in the afternoon. Varied Entertainment in the evening, followed 10Y a Dance. Special Railway facilities are being arranged. Prize Lists and fuller details will shortly be readv. J. D. POT.KIX.i VTIOPNE, Secretary, Rhyl. The Committee give notice that they will onlv be. responsible for goods ordered direct by the Secretary on a signed order. TO ADVERTISERS. We would ask our Advertisers to kindly see that their Advertitemeats are properly changed, but all copy for change of Ad- vertisement must be to hand not later than 12 noon on Wednesdays, otherwise it can- not be attended to until the following week.



------.--Arranging for May=Day.



Clwyd Street C.M. Chapel.


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