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Places of Worship. ENGLISH WESLEY AX CHURCH. BRIGHTON ROAD. RHYL. Preacher next Sunday: REV. GEORGE SEARLE, Pastor. Morning at 11; Evening at 6 30. Week Evening Service, Wednesday, at 7 p.m. Prayer Meeting on Friday at 7 p.m. Collections at each Service. ALL /RE WELCOME. ESGLIH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL. REV. W. LEWYS DAVIES, Prestatyn. Services, Morning at 11 Evenio: at 6 30 Collection after each Service. CHRIST CHURCH, ECLISH '.RE( rtATION AT., WAT ER STREET. Preacher next Sunday: REY. J. PAXDY WILLIAMS, Pastor. STRANGERS HEARTILY INVITED. Services, 11 a.m. and 6 30 D.m. To Be Let. TO BE LET—VICTORIA HALL, High J- Street, Rhyl, .from. 1st June next. Full particulars apply to FRANCIS GEARY, Auc- tioneer, Market Street, Rhyl. TO LET.—Modern SEMI-DETACHED JL VILLA in Sit. Asaph Street, containing 2 Reception and 5 Bed rooms. Also, 4, SOUTH AVENl E, containing 2 Reception and 4 Bed- rooms. For oarticulars and ke.- to view, ap- ply DAVID GRIFFITHS SOS, Builders, JÔyl. TO LET, from 1st May next (on lease if -L required!, 1, TOTTENHAM BUILDINGS, High Street, very large Dwelling-house, with Batfh-roam, Large Yard, and Warehouse; also Douibleifromted Shop would make an excellent Restaurant and Private Hotel. 1 Rent. £75.- Apply, JOSEPH WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, or W. VAUG-HA'N JOXEf; & Co. Accountants and House Agents. 1, Wellington Chambers, Wellington Road, Rhyl. TO BE LET—STOI'RP.RTDGE HOUSE, 3, JL Brighton Road. with Garden at Possession 1st May, 1906.—Apply, WILLIAMS, Golden Boot, Rhyl. HorsES in MARLBOROUGH GROVE. JLJL Rent, £ 22.—Apply, JOSEnH WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, Rhyl. MONTROSE., ButteTton Road.—3 Sitting 1" Rooms, 8 Bedrooms. Kitchen, Scullery, Bath fh. anld c.), and W.C. Rent, £30. Im- mediate possession. CECIL HOUSE, Wellington Road.—2 Sitting .Rooms, 7 Bedrooms, Kitohen. Scullery, Bath Room (h. and c.), and W.C. Rent, £28. Immediate possession. TRE.NA.NCE. Hiighfield Park.—Semi-detached Villa, 2 Sitting Rooms. 5 Bedrooms. Kitchen, SculleTy, Bath, and W.C. Real, £38. Pos- session February. 27, EDWARD HENRY STREET.-2 Sitting Rooms. 7 .Bedrooms, Kitchen. Scnllerv, Bath- room 'h. and *c.), and W.C., Wash-house. Rent, £28. Appiv to— vEDWIN JONES 8. SONS. Morley Road, Rhyl. HIGH FIELD PARK—Modem VILLAS, just completed, To Let.—Apply, J. FOULKES, Hfghfield, Rhyl. NO. 1, PLASTIiR IO N TERRACE, Rhyl, .1. with immediate possession.—Apply, JOS. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, Rhyl. RANGEMOIRE, 62, West Parade, Rhyl,7 Reception and 18 Bedrooms, possession at once. EXCELLENT CONNECTION GUARANTEED.— Apply, JOS. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer. Rhyl. rpO LET —No. 12, WINDSOR STREET, at 1.. once. Rent, 6s. 6d. per week.—Apply, JOSEPH WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, Rhyl. TO LET —7, OSBORNE GROVE, at once. L Rent, £ 17.—Apply, JOSEPH WILLIAMS, Auctioneer, Rhyl. REST £ 1S.—Convenient House, with Sitting 11 Room. 3 Bedrooms, Kitchens, Src. Also .2DOth House, 2 Sitting, 4 Bedrooms, Bath, &c. £22. Immediate possession. And se- veral Boarding Houses to be deposed of as going concerns.—Apply to HATWOOD & CO., Agents and Brokers, Rhyl. OFFICES TO LET in Bodtfor Street, near Station. lmmedialte possession.—Ap- ply, JOSEPH WILLIAMS, Auctioneer. TO BE LET ttNFURNISHED HAFOD ELWY, ST. Semi-de- JLJL tached residence, containing 2 Entertain- ing Rooms, 5 Bedrooms, Bath, Lavatory, &c. Vacant 1st November. Rent, £ 20.—Apply, FRANCIS GEARY, Auctioneer. Rhyl. TO LET.—HO'UiS-E and SHOP, with Bake- house, Stable and Coach-house, known as Liverpool House, in the best part of Pres- tatvn. Rent, j350. Also a newly-erected DOUBLE-FRONTED HOUSE standing in its own groundts in Linden Walk, Prestatyn. Rent, JB30. Immediate possession can be had of both. —Apply, PIERCE-LEWIS, Solicitor, Rhyl and Prestatyn. Wanted. o OOrD GENERAL—Plain Cooking. Two in X .family.— Apply, 25, QCFJE.N STREET. Miscellaneous. FOR SALE. or TO LET.—Freehold stone- built Shop, Dw el la nig-house, extensive Outbuildings, and 2,400 square yards of excel- lent Building Land with frontage of 65 yards to .rai:1 Road, situate and known as BOD- HYFRlYD," DYSERTTL— Apply, B-ROiMLEY, JONES CO., Solicitors, Rhyl. THROUGH an oversight, the advertisement JL stating that W. H. Danks is the Proprie- tor oJ the Fish and Chip Business carried on at 49, Kiimmel Street appeared after the Busings had been acquired bv Mrs. E. Taylor, who has been in possession since September 1st, 1905. "TYYiSEfKTiH.—To be Sold or Let, in this ris- XJ inig locality, 10 minutes from Station, LARGE, NEW HOnSE, suitable Boarding- house (much needed) or Shop; 7 bedrooms, Ibat'n, h. and c. Rent. £30. Good outbuild- ings if desired. SlmaHer House, £20.lag-nificent views, mountain and sea air.—G. H. EDWARDS, Dyserth. TO BE SOLD.—Freehold Property in "The J- St. Asaph fSmall chief renti, con- sisting of HOUSE & SHOP, with BAKE- HOUSE also 7 COTTAGES. Major portion of Durchase can remain on mortgage. Parti- culars at 70, COLLING WOOD STREET, Liver, pool. UERNSEY: Gem of the Channel, Garden X of Flowers and Fruit.—To secure Apart- ments, Houses, etc., advertise in the 'Guernsey Evening Press.' 12 words, once 6d., three times Is., one week Is. 6d. extra words, id once, Id. thrice, ld. week. The only local daily, most widely read, and unrivalled as an advertising medium. Copy of jourmu. post free on application to the Manager. I TASTE and TRY before you BUY. <« //j j Are of the VERY Car 1/6 and 2h rJL PI .EST Samples on Application at MTW TT r <0 ntt NOTED MM & CO BRMDSIOP 2, Queen Street, RHYL. Telephone Xo. 4. SDJAJT. F. & J. Heathcote ITI&HB Coach Proprietors, "TALLY HO" STAND: H, WEST PARADE Rhyl Coaching Offices: ROYAL HOTEL, HIGH STREET AND VICTORIA HOTEL, VALE ROAD Hearses, Mourning Coaches and Wedding Equipages Supplied on the shortest notice. n Miå OWENS & SON £ (Purveyors by Appointment to Her late Majesty Queen Victoria and H.R.H. Prince of Wale..) Wholesale, Retail, and Family Butchers, 9, WATER STREET, RHYL. The old-established business is noted for excellence of quality, moderate prices, and prompt attention. Nothing but the best-selected British-Fed Beef, Mutton Lamb, and Veal being offered for Sale, customers can alwaya rely upon the uniform quality of the meat. OUR SPECIALITY IS PRIME WELSH MUTTON. And Visitors who have been supplied during their stay in Rhyl continue their ordei throughout the year, the parcels being despatched by evening Mail, and delivered fresh at any part of England next Morning. Orders per post promptly attended to. CORNED BEEF AND PICKLED TONGUES ALWAYS ON HAND. WILLIAM ROBERTS Coal, Corn, and Seed Merchant 41, HICH STREET, RHYL. TELEPHONE No. 31. For Best Parlour, Kitchen, and Steam Coal Cobbles, Nuts, Slack and Coke. Hay, Straw, Provender, Poultry Corn, Bird Seeds, Dog Biscuits. Best Baking and Pastry Flour. Best Scotch Oatmeal. FARM AND GARDEN SEEDS Of the best reliable quality, at lowest market prices. "What About This." -)0(- 21bs JAR Plum & Apple JAM FOR 5d. WE INVITE YOU TO CALL & INSPECT OUR SAMPLES. J. H. PARRY, TEA EXCHANGE, HIGH STREET, RHYL. PICTURE POST CARDS in endless variety FANCY GOODS of every description High-class Tobaccos, Pipes, &c. C»:Jr1'S Cambrian House, 72, High Street, Rhyl. -——————-—-—-—-——-——-———————————— ALL REQUISITES FOR THE 3j|fk FARM, GARDEN OR ESTATE, /SfejsSv Of the Best Quality and at Reasonable Prices, May be obtained from JWSg McHATTIE & Co. SEEDSMEN, NURSERYMEN, AND AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT MERCHANTS CHESTER. FARM SEEDS of vigorous growth, ioc'ndingr selected ctraiDS of CLOVERS, GRASSES, TURNIPS JC MANGOLDS, &c., &c. ARDEN SEEDS of highest germinating power and reliable quality. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS at Makers' List Prices, with a liberal Discount for early payment. LARGE NUBSERY STOCKS of ROSES, FRUIT TREES. CONIFECE HOLLIES, EVER. liREENS, PLANTS FOR HEDGES, &c., &c. Illustrated Catalogues of any of the above gratis and Pose Free on application. A ctv neers. Francis Geary F.A.I. AUCTIONEER VALUER, HOUSE AND ESTATE and INSURANCE AGENT, Begs to announce that he has RE-OPENED his Offices, situate at County Clul) Buildings, Market .Street, Rhyl. Which have been renovated and re-fitted after the Fire, and is now prepared to conduct all Business entrusted to him with promptitude and dispatch. SALES OF PROPERTY & HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE CAREFULLY & ECONOMIC- ALLY CONDUCTED. RENTS COLLECTED. COMPANY AND GENERAL ACCOUNTANT. FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCES effected in the most Reliable Offices. Personal attention given to dl matters, and prompt settlements guaranteed. THE most important point to consider m JL giving instructions for a SALE BY AUCTION is, when will a COMPLETE SETTLEMENT be made ? To be quite certain of an immed- iate and complete settlement give your instruc- tions to Mr. Hubert R. Holbeche. AUCTIONEER, TOWN HALL, RHYT., who is prepared to give a WRITTEN GUARANTEE (not a verbal promise) that he will SETTLE UP IN FULL THE DAY AFTER SALE tor if paeticularlv required the evening of I Sale), otherwise he will forfeit the whole of b i S commission and the expenses of the Sale. CASH ADVANCED (if required) immediately on receiving instructions to sell. FURNITURE or STOCK-IN-TRADE pur- chased outright for cash. FURNITURE STORED until Sale (if Sale ot required on premises). George Perkins AUCTIONEER AND VALUER, RHYL AM) ABERGELE. BUSINESS TRANSFER AGENT, PRACTICAL VALUER TO THE GROCERY, PROVISION, WINE AND SPIRIT, HOTEL, AND DRAPERY TRADES. DISTANCE NO OBJECT. Chas. P. Sheffield AUCTIONEER, VALUER, & ESTATE AGENT (For many years principal Salesman and Valuer for Messrs. Frank Lloyd & Sons, Wrexham). Sales of FARMING STOCKS, PROPERTY, FURNITURE, &c., conducted upon most mo- derate terms, combined with personal atten- tion and Cash Settlements at the close of Sale. VALUATIONS FOR ALL PURPOSES. Offices: 7, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL. Tel. 7. WREXHAM STREET, MOLD. Tel. 20. Businesses. o Preliminary Pees. Private Advances In large o/ small sums (not less than £10 On Borrower's Own Promissory Xote. Established thirty-five years, and noiw lending UPWARDS of £jO,OOO AXXUALLY. Prospectuses, Tennis of Advances, or any in- formation desired, will be supplied, FREE OF CHARGE, on application, either personally or by letter, to: George Payne, Accountant, 3, ORESCENT ROAD, RHYL. Established 1870. M. Evans HIGH-CLASS CONFECTIONER, CI JWYDIA N R E S TAI "R A N T, 56a, HIGH STREET. FANCY CAKES AND PASTRY. Cakes of any description made to Order. Fancy Chocolates in Great Variety. Agent for Tower Tea. TEA AND LUNCHEON ROOMS. Accommodation for Visitors and Cyclists. CATERER FOR PARTIES AND PICNICS. Note—56a, HIGH STREET, RHYL. Richard Williams (.Late of Denbigh,) BOOT & SHOE MANUFACTURER, :35, HIGH STREET, RHYL, Has all kinds of ready->ma.de Boots and Shoes for Ladies, Gents, Youths and Children in Stock. Special lines in Nailed Boots for hard wear by the best Manufacturers. Also all kinds of Boots and Shoes made on the premises by competent men. Home-made Strong Boots for Quarrymen and Farmers a Speciality. Don't forgst the Address— 35, HIGH STREET (Opposite White Lion Hotel), RHYL. Mr. BRYAN E. WARHDRST, PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, Member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, PREPARES Pupils for the Associated Board -L of the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal College of Music, the Trinity College, London,, and! the Incorporated Society of Musicians. ORGAN, PIANOFORTE, SINGING, HARMONY, THEORY, &c. LATEST SUCCESSES: April, 1904, Advanced Sennor, Pianoforte, R.A.M. >> >> JJ Theory „ July, 1904, Advanced Senior, Pianoforte (Hon- ours), Trinity Collage, London. July, 1904, Advanced Senior, Organ, I.S M. Pianoforte, Dec., 1904, Third Grade, "Second Grade, Singing July, 1905, Third Grade, Second Grade, Pianoforte (H'rs), „ (Pass) First Grade, Mr. Warhurst makes a. Speciality of preparing Candidates for the above Examinations, ORGAN RECITALS, CONCERTS, EISTEDDFODAU. For terms, Address— HAYDN HOUSE BRIGHTON ROAD, RHYL. ST. ASAPH (FLINT) RURAL DISTRICT COUNCiL. I Abstract of the Accounts of tIns Council for the Half-year ended 30 th September. 1905 ————————— RECEIPTS. EXPENDITURE. £ S. d. £ s. d. £ d. £ s. cl Balance brought forward IIH'.iIHWAYS. from last half-year 507 13 9 !Miaintenance a:1d ReiJair 1-rom, Overseers:- of District Roads 581 3 9 •or General Expenses. 7o6 0 0 Salaries of Officers 55 9 10 1-nr Special Expenses. 330 o 2^ o ,|stablish,nen.t Charges. 14 5 9 ° 650 19 4 lrom Grant under the Agricultural Rjates Act, I'tiBJ.'K 11 E. .'I II AND 1895 138 10 7 MISCELLANEOUS. Fromi Penalties iN: lines. 0 1 9 Sewerage Works 5 8 0 From National Telephone Sewage Disposal Works. 41 1 0 Co., Rent of Telephone Waterworks 127 2 5 Poles 1 13 0 Disinfectants and other ——————— 140 5 4 Sanitary Work 1 18 5 Fees to Registrars 0 14 8 Loans:— 'Principal re- paid SS 2 4 Interest .0 8 10 118 11 2 Salaries of Officers 94 10 0 Establishment Charges. 19 1 4 (Election Exoenses 377 409 14 5 Balance at the end of the ha.!f- ear, ,.jz. In hands ef 617 3 2 IDa. Highway Surveyor. 24 4 4 Do. Sanitary Surveyor. 2 8 0 673 15 6 ————! —-—— £1134 9 3 L1734 9 3 The Accounts 0,£ the above-mentioned Conn cil, of which the foregoing is an abstract, were audited by William (;riffith, Esq., the District Auditor, on the 5th day of March, 1906. (TIARl-ES GRFMSLiF.Y, Clerk to the Council. Sales. By Wr Joseph Williams 18, Abbey Street, Rhyl. TUESDAY, 13th MARCH, 1906. MR. JOSIFJPII WILLIAMS will Sell by Auc. tion Useful iV Serviceable HOL'SE'IIOLD' FURNITURE iBiriefiy comprising: Polished Oak and .Miahoganv Sideboards fitited with Drawers and enclosed Cupboard's, Walniut Suite in figured plush, Mahogany Suite in Leather, Excelling Dining Tables, Gilt frame Overmantle Mirrors, IBirass-rail Curb- and Appliance's, Hajidsa:n,e Timepiece, Hall Taible, Mahogany Couch, Kitchen Table, Excellent Gas Cooker, Iron and .Br ass-railed Bedsteads, Wire and Wood Mat- tresses, Dressing and Toilet Stands, Mirrors, and Kitchen utensils l\-C., c. Strict,lv Cash Sale at 1.30 o'clock. View morninig of Sale. The Rhyl Water Works. COIMT.IiNUATlOiN OF IIMPORTANT SALE OK OOlNlSTRUCTIOiN PLANT &- MACHINERY. .(On completion of New Reservoir Works.; MIR. JOS'EHH WIILLIAMlS, Auctioneer, Rhyl, has been instructed by the Rhyl Urban District Council to Sell by Public Auction "on THURSDAY, 15th MARCH, 1906, their valu- able CiO.PlAJCTiOR'S PLANT and MACHIN- ERY at the Dolwen Reservoir, Llannefvdd, .Denbighshire. The Pilant compr,ises -Steam Crane, Boilers, Barrows, Tools, Mining and other Timber, etc. The,Sale will comlmence at 11 a.m. ON TIlE WORKS, which can be reached by trap in one hour from St. Asa.ph Railway Station, wb re there are posting facilities. Catalogues and Conditions of Sale can he obta,ined from the AuctioneeT, Countv Cham- bers, Rhyl, Tel.0179, or the Water Engineer's Office, Paradise Street, Rhvl. The Plant may be viewed the day previous to Sale. 24, Butterton Road, Rhyl TUESDAY, 20th MARCH, 1906. ]\/FR. JOSEPH WILLIAMS is instructed to 1V-L Sell by Auction Valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE 6, East Parade, Rhyl. THURSDAY, 22nd MAR.CH, 1906. MR. JOSEPH WILLIAMS is instructed to Sell by Auction very Choice and' Modern Residential Appointments. 22 Edward Henry Street, Rhyl MONDAY, 26th MARCH, 1906. MIR. JOSEPH WTLLTAMS is instructed by Mrs. Willett, who is leaving Rhyl, to Sell bv Public Auction, Excellent bv Public Auction, Excellent Household Equipments Including two Pianofortes, I\:C. 39, Kinmel Street, Rhyl. TUESDAY, 27th MARCH, 1906. MR. JOSEIPH WILLIAMS will Sell bv Auc- tion, Antique HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE Rhydymor, 42, John Street. THURSDAY, 29th ^LARCH, 1906. MR. JOSEPH WIT LLLVMS will Sell by Auc- tion, Superior HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE 4, River Street, Rhyl. TUESDAY, 3rd APRIL, 1906. MR. JOSEPH WILLI AMIS- is instructed by .j. Joseph Hughes, Esq.. who is leaving Rhyl, to Sell by Auction, very Handsome and Valuable Residential Appointments No- 1, East Parade, Rhyl. WEDNESDAY 8.: THURSDAY, 4th and 5th MR. JOSEPH WHLLIAMS is instructed by 'Mrs. Lawrence to Sell by Auction, Su- perior and Valuable Household Appointments County Chambers, Rhy', and Stafford Cham- bers, Prestatyn. Tel. 0179. To be Sold by Private Treaty. The under-merutiored desirable Freehold Properties, namely — ALL THOSE two newflv-e recited semi- detached private residences known as ST. KILDA' and 'SAN REMO,' situate in Sand- iringihia/m Avenue, Rhyil, each conifiainiing two E'rJtentaining Rooms, 4 Bedrooms, 2 Kitchens, Biat'ntloorn, and W.C., and usual Domestic Offices. The Houses are let at L26 10s. and E25 pc<r aimn.um respectively. ALL THOSE two sem.i-deCached private re- sidences known as 'BER:\YYN' and COURT.' situatte in Sandrinigham Avenue. Rhya. aforesaid, co. imp rising- the same accom- modation as the above-described dwelling- houses let at JB25 per anruum each respective- ly. For further particulars and price apply to Mr. 11. L. Price, Incorporated Accountant, No. 15, Fou-ntain Street, Manchester, or tc MR. F. J. GAMLIN, Solicitor, Rhyl. Sale. By Mr. Francis Geary, F.A.I. Francis Geary, F.A.I. Auctioneer and Ksiate A^'cni, Maikct Street, liliy], Has the following premises TO LET, ITiifurnlish,ed WARREN ROAD.—2 Dwelling-houses. Rents, £ 22. Rent, £ 22 10s. SEAiB'AXK ROAD.—2 Dwelling-houses. Rents, J350 and £ 25. :'W,'ESTlBiO;l'jRN;E} AVENUE1.—Dwelling-house Rent, J325. TGDOiR BUTLDINGiS, Wellington Road.— 'House and Shop. 'For ifurther particulars applv to- FRAiNCIS GEARY, F.A.I., Auctioneer, Market Street, Rhyl. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. No. 7, West Parade, Rhyl. MR. FRANCIS G.EARY, F.A.L, will Sell the Surplus HO'USRHOLD FURNITURE On WEDNESDAY, MA.RC.I1 21st, 1906. The Town of Rhyl. VALUABLE; FRE.EHOLD SHOP AND PRE- IMISES SITUATE IX STREET. /^IlIiAS. P: SHEFFIELD has been favoured ) with instructions to Offer for Sale bv Auction at the ATJEXAX:DRA HOTEL, RHYL, on TUESDAY, MARCH 20t'h, at 3-30, subject to (-oi-tdlitionis to be then and tlhere produced, All that Valuable Freehold Double-fronted Shop and Dwelliing-house attached, situate and being number 50, Kimmel Street, Rhyl, and known as TIliL OXFORD TEMPER A XiCE HOTEL. The Premises have a private entrance to the Dwelldn.g-ihouse, and the latter contains Hall, Dininig Room, Front and Back Staircases, 2 Kitchens, and a commodious Warehouse and Tea or Refreshment Rooms on the Ground Hoar, 3 Slitting Rooms., 12 Bedrooms, Cloak Room, Bath Room, and W.C.'s. The Premises are substantially built, most conveniently, and centrally situated, being with- in 1 .niimute's walk of the Station and 5 .min- utes' from the Promenade arnd Foreshore, and .singullarlv adapted for a High-Class Private Hotel or Boarding-house, being capable of ac- commodating a large number of visitors and having a good frontage to one of the Main Streets in this Popular Seaside Resort. Further particulars may be obtained from Mr. R. Beinbow on the pireuniises. the Auctioneer at his Branch Offices, 7, Wellington Road, Rhyl, or 18, High Street, Moikl (Tel. 20), or CO., Solicitors, Castle Street, Liverpool. Miscellaneous I BILLIARDS.^—Cooper's Private Hotel Bill- -D iard-room opened to the public. First- class Table by Burrough and Watts. Rhyl Advertising Association.1 A DANCE Will take place at the Town Hall, Rhyl On WEDXESDAY, 14th MARCH, In aid of the Funds of the above Association. DANCING, 9 to 3. EVENING DRESS OPTIONAL. TXCKJETS (including light Refreshments!, Double, 5s. 6d. Single, 3s. The support of all townspeople is earnestly invited. F. CONN All, LLEW. B. FVAXS, Dance Sees. P. J. A. A. GOODALL, illon. Sees. "Win Parker & Co. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN FANCY GOODS AND GENERAL IMPORTERS, 80, WORCESTER STREET (Near EDGBAST-N STREET) BIRMINGHAM. ClfAS. R JONES, Family Grocer, BAKEIR, TEA & PROVISION DEALER, etc., etc., BROMLEY STORES, 146, Wellington Road, Rhyl Noted Shop for Home-ma,d,e Bread & Butter. All Orders propmtly attended to. BARLEY BREAD A SPECIALITY. SCALE OF CHARGES. SINGLE COT, Line Inh inscr. nser. d. s. Parliamentary Notices, or Notices relating to Government OtTIces 1 0 10 Parliamentary Election Adc -esses 0 9 7 tj ProspcctuHes of Public Companies, Legal Notices, Municipal, Urban and Rural Coun. cils, Statement of ,clOounts, Announce- nwnt. TClldcrs,&e. 0 4.. 3 Sales by Auction 0 3 2 Paragraph Advertisements anions the News 0 G 0 (J Municipal, Frban, anr Rural Council Election Addresses, JJoai'C? jf Guardians and .Educa- tion Committee Announcements, Sales by Railway Co.'s Train Service Announcements 4 3 Lectures, Sermons, Concerts, Balls, Theatrical and Charitable Entertainments, or Sub- scription Lists, Eisteddfodau, Publications, Public Announcements, Ac 3.. 2 THADE ADVERTISEMENTS One Insertion 2s Od per inch Four Consecutive Inser- I Special Casll tio:is is!)d „ perfect Thirteen do ad „ „ /on iU1 ?rder* Twentv-ix to IsOd I Paid Fifty-two do 0s9d ) 111 advance. Double the above Prices are charged for Double Column Advertisements. CHEAP PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. Persans and Situations Wanted, Agency or Traveller. Part- nerships, Land, Business Premises, and Businesses to Let or for Sale, Apartments, or Houses Wanted or to Let, Lost or Found, and Miscellaneous Sales and Wants of every description. Class lied under own headings, are charged as follows :— Number Number uf Ins"1'tion" of Words. 1 3 G 13 26 s (1 s (1 s d s d £ s d £ a ft 12 0r less 0 G 1 0 1 13t o 21 2 4 33 to 10 41 to 4S 3d. extra per insertion for every additional 8 word: BIRTHS, MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Advertisements of Births, Marriages and Deaths.—One Shilling for 20 words, and all. "aeh successive words. If booked, 2,3. Miscellaneous. Ye Olde Fish and Chip Shop. rpm> lirst-( lass Bl'SIXESiS for Sale.—Ap- 1.. ply, 28, Wellington Road, R,hy1. TEETH HAXLOX S ]>]yNTAL CO., LTD., BOYBDALE, KING'S AVEXUE, AVELLI\(tT0X ROAD, RHYL. MR, R. HANLON May be consul tod Dm'] v. Hours 9 to 8. Crown and Bridge Work, Inlays. Fillings in Gold, Amalgam, and Inlay Cement. Extractions with the Late-sit Anaesthetics Artificial Teeth (A Speciality). Repairs in a. few hours. Tel. 7y4. TILL END OF APRIL. C. MATTHEWS, JEWELLER, ■Would strongly advise the public generally to take advantage 0.£ the prices marked, being exact cost of every article. < Businesses. Don't Miss « BODDINGTON'S SALE WINDOW. J. Frimston HIGH STREET RHVL, Is now showing a GREAT VARIETY of Spring Goods See Windows. -4 ASIv FOR AND SEE Y THAT YOU GET JF WILKINSON'S A&S VERY OLD /GY < jT AT ALL JR LEADING- HOTELS —— District Agent— ri mMm? London Offie-CRGTCIIED FRIARS. Can be obtained at the following Hotels: Imperial Hotel, Rhyl; George Hotel, do.; Plough Hotel, St. Asaplh; Xant Hall Hotel, Prestatyn Railway Hotel, do Cross Foxes, Glascoédl; New Inn, Rhuddian Marsh. Hotel, do. King's Head Hotel, ao