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Rhyl County Court.

- ■ - o§o Welsh News in Brief.


--Y Golofn Gymraeg.




YANKEE HUMOUR. HAROLD AND HIS PA. "Say, pa, I heard mamma talking yesterday about the servaut-girl problem. Is that like tho problems we have at ,iclioul "No, not exactly." "But what is the difference?" "The problems you have at school, Harold, can all be solved." "But mamma said she thought she had solved this one." "Oh, Yes-hut that was yesterday, when the new cook came. To-day, when the new cnok packed up her duds and lit out t o restore the balance of power at the Servants' Agency, your inumma doesn't feel that she is any nearer solving this problem than she ever was." ''Oh, my, how funny: Tell ine, pa, what is a balance of power?" "It's very simple, my son, when applied to the servant-girl problem. You see, 'voti li,-lve a cr-ok, which sometimes happens, she 'nas the power. You've noticed tl:at, haven't you "Why, yes, pa. I've noticed that you and ma speak low, and act sort of isvelc and humble. But tell me, what do, -tlic- cook do with the power when she bus it "She turns it on, slowly at first, and then a little more, until the safety-gauge begins to get uneasy and lift up. "liut I don't see where the balance comes in." "That's bec1!usP, my boy. you have not yet experienced the joys and sorrows of married life. The balance is what you had at the banl; to begin nrlf h II < "Then you don't always have it?" "Oh, no. After you have bought a few dinner sets and paid some agents' fees, to say nothing of car fare and wages, your balance begins to fade away." "hut tell me honestly, pa, don't you think the servant-girl problem will ever be solved?" "Certainly it will, Harold. When the millennium comes." "Millennium! Why, pa, what is a mille-iniui-n ? "A millennium, my dear unsophisticated little boy, is a place where you don't have to wash your own dishes. -Collier's li'eek'y. MATHEMATICAL GEMS. Mathematics is usualiv not an amusing study, but a lesson rausfc be considerably enlivened by such examples as the following "A straight line is any distance between two places." "Parallel lines are lines that can never meet until they run together." "A circle is a round straight line with a hole in the centre." "Things which are equal to each other are equal to anything else." "To find the number of square feet in a room you multiply the room by the number of the feet. The product is the result. WISDOM WHILE YOU WAIT. If the streets were paved with gold there would still be objections raised to the dust. Misery loves company, perhaps, but society at large does not reciprocate the affection. The pen-and-ink artist may be classed among those who draw the colour line. When a man is a "good fellow down town his wife usually wears her straw hat all winter. An old woman sometimes evolves into a new woman. Brevity may bo the soul of wit, but there is nothing humorous in a short answer. Lazy people like to imagine all the world's a stage, so they may ride. The most brilliant jewel among gems is a sunny disposition. A man's tongue betrays him as frequently as ha is betrayed by the tongues of others. The self-made man is not always a well-made man. Divorce is not an evil when it separates manhood and liquor. When things go awry, rye is sometimes to blame. Smoking may be a pernicious habit, but fuming is worse. The political pot frequently emits unsavoury odours. Frost is a good thing so long as it is impersonal. When contestants wade into the political pool they usually stir up a quantity of mud. An immaculate shirt-front frequently poses in lieu of a spotless reputation. A cocoanut is not always what it is cracked up to be. Some men whe boast of holding the key to tnB situation seem compelled to knock. Many a younj: woman with golden hair wouldn dare face the a; oyer's test. Inches do not constitute the only measure smallness. Vanitv causes strong men to appear weak- 1 —Collier's U eelcc.1I. '_I


Connah's Quay.